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Heir to Misfortune (A DI Frank Lyle Mystery) By Juliet B Madison
Paperback: $16.63
Ships in 3-5 business days
WARNING: CONTAINS REFERENCES TO INDECENT ACTS AGAINST MINORS. Winter 1990 Why was Alex Carnegie – heir to a corporate fortune – living rough on the streets of Ashbeck when he was... More > murdered? DI Lyle and his team soon discover that Carnegie was the keeper of a dark secret which, if exposed, could topple pillars of Ashbeck society. The suspect’s identity is clear early on but there is no definite evidence. As the investigation continues, two more murders challenge the status quo. As Lyle digs deeper, he finds that all is not what it seems but the truth is even darker and more sordid than he could ever have imagined. And who is the traitor in the ranks at Ashbeck CID?< Less
DI Frank Lyle's Casebook Vol 1 By Juliet B Madison
Paperback: $6.93
Ships in 3-5 business days
Three stories featuring DI Lyle & his dedicated team. Cry for help. A badly burnt body is discovered at the scene of a suspected Arson attack. DI Lyle also finds an abandoned baby girl. But who... More > is the child and can her identity help bring them any closer to solving the case? Vanished A young Spanish woman, Paloma Marquez, comes to Ashbeck Police station to report her younger sister, Gabriela, missing.The hunt for the missing girl becomes a race against time as Gabriela is missing vital medication she needs for her well-being. There is also notion that a kidnap gang is once more active. Will DI Lyle and his team find Gabriela in time? A Tangled Web When a young woman starts to receive threatening letters, DI Lyle is drawn into a web of lies, deceit, danger and marital infidelity.But it appears she is not telling the whole truth.Can DI Lyle get to the bottom of the murky lies before someone is seriously harmed - or worse – killed?< Less
Unholy Alliance (A DI Frank Lyle Mystery) By Juliet B Madison
Paperback: $15.21
Ships in 3-5 business days
DI Frank Lyle is about to confront the depths of human depravity and despair. It’s autumn 1991 and a horde of Anglican clergy has just descended on Ashbeck for an ecumenical conference at St... More > Luke’s church. DI Lyle and his team are called in to investigate when the mutilated body of curate Martin Hayes is found in the churchyard. They are assisted by Canon Thomas Rice, a former police officer, who is able to see both sides. But who was Martin Hayes, and did aspects of his troubled past lead to his brutal demise? As the team get closer to the truth they begin to understand Hayes. But will too much knowledge prove a dangerous thing? This revised edition features a "taster" excerpt from the next DI Lyle novel Murder in the Wings.< Less
DI Frank Lyle's Casebook Vol 2 By Juliet B Madison
Paperback: $14.46
Ships in 3-5 business days
Five novellas detailing a variety of cases from DI Frank Lyle’s police career. Reluctant Witness A young woman, Kate Martindale, is abducted and the only witness is a frightened young... More > man. Dead of winter A park-keeper finds a mutilated body in the pond. Help from an unexpected source helps solve the mystery, but can it be done before another related murder occurs? The Wasteland When a first year student is found dead,DI Lyle is called in to investigate. Will a diary found at the scene reveal a vital clue? Call of the wild The body of Tony Hickman, a young male volunteer, is found at Ashbeck’s animal welfare shelter. As DI Lyle discovers, the truth is actually far more sinister than he could ever have contemplated. Sanctuary When Reverend Tom Berry, a hospice chaplain with controversial views, is injured in a hit and run, DI Lyle has to find out who is responsible. With the help of a witness and his friend, Canon Thomas Rice, DI Lyle sets about solving the mystery.< Less
Murder in the Wings (A DI Frank Lyle Mystery) By Juliet B Madison
Paperback: $12.28
Ships in 3-5 business days
WARNING: This book contains M/M love scenes. The murder of actor David Marlow is no surprise, since the man was uncouth and arrogant; loathed by cast and theatre crew alike. But there are a lot of... More > questions and few answers. Was Marlow somehow connected to a young woman’s death from a suspected heroin overdose? Or is the reason for his murder much closer to home? DI Lyle and his team must pull out all the stops to unmask the killer before the greasepaint dries and the curtain rises on the chilling final act.< Less
Best Served Cold (A DI Frank Lyle Mystery) By Juliet B Madison
Paperback: $12.25
Ships in 3-5 business days
DI Lyle is about to get a glimpse into the murky world of political activism and hate crime; the murder of a prominent city councillor is just the tip of the iceberg. The city of Ashbeck is on high... More > alert when news breaks that convicted triple murderer and paedophile Bob Kenyon has escaped from custody. Can DI Lyle and his team get to the bottom of this murky mess before another atrocity occurs?< Less
Second Chances (A DI Frank Lyle Mystery) By Juliet B Madison
Paperback: $13.26
Ships in 3-5 business days
DI Frank Lyle is about to investigate the most emotionally harrowing case of his career to date. He just doesn’t realise it yet... 1982 - . A teenage girl’s body is discovered on a... More > deserted canal towpath. Lyle struggles to balance work and the demands of his embittered ex-wife, Sarah, but he is getting no closer to finding the killer. Then the wrong man is arrested and dies in custody. 1987 - Lyle is still haunted by his failure to solve the case. Then the victim’s father asks him to reinvestigate. A second murder occurs. Working reluctantly with newly promoted DI Simon Ward, Lyle and his team cover old and new ground. But when the killer is finally unmasked can Lyle deal with the shocking truth of his identity? This revised edition contains a taster excerpt from Heir to Misfortune, the second DI Frank Lyle Mystery.< Less
Old sins cast long shadows (A DI Frank Lyle Novella) By Juliet B Madison
Paperback: $7.63
Ships in 3-5 business days
It would be advisable to read A Winter Murderland before buying this book. Although he is already emotionally raw from almost dying in the line of duty and having to confront a painful aspect of... More > his past, DS Thomas Fox is soon to be faced with yet another shocking revelation. This time it’s personal as it threatens to blow Thomas’ life irrevocably apart and change the dynamics of the relationships he has with those he loves forever. As Thomas and his boyfriend, James Lyle, reel from the fallout they are forced to revisit the past where an emotionally devastating blow to Dr Barry Fox and his wife, Sylvia led the future Ashbeck District Coroner to make an irreversible choice This volume also contains New life of hope, the official DI Frank Lyle Christmas story 2014.< Less
A Winter Murderland (A DI Frank Lyle Novellas Collection) By Juliet B Madison
Paperback: $14.24
Ships in 3-5 business days
It’s winter and DI Frank Lyle, along with his team, are hoping for a crime-free season. DS Thomas Fox feels threatened after a chance encounter with someone from his past. Can he and his... More > boyfriend, James Lyle, deal with the emotional consequences of both the encounter and a revelation it forces Thomas to make? John Cassidy is found dead. As DI Lyle and his team investigate they uncover sinister secrets and darker motives as they are drawn into the unfamiliar world of pharmaceutical malpractise and the minefield of murder by prescription. A Winter Murderland also includes two DI Frank Lyle short stories, Wishing on a Star and The Dare.< Less

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