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Pedro Gonzales By Burr Cook
eBook (ePub): $1.49
This Novelette is a sequel to “The Hero”. It can also be read as a standalone story. The genre could best be described as Fantasy. It takes place mainly at the Winchester Laboratory... More > Incorporated and returns to Yellowstone Park. The main character is the very mysterious “Pedro Gonzales”. Pedro is a drifter who turns out to be a computer whiz and saves the world from Armageddon brought about by the earth itself in retaliation for being choked by mans pollution. This story does contain scenes of psychotropic drug use in the form of Peyote cactus. The idea for the plot came from my son Burr Jr.< Less
The Hero By Burr Cook
eBook (ePub): $1.49
This is a Novelette which could be classified as Science Fiction. I have tried to make it plausible and called it Science Fiction only because it has never happened before although with a stretch of... More > the imagination one could make it appear real. The author is far from an expert scientist so it may not have appeal to someone with a Doctorate Degree in Physics; I don’t know. It takes place in the small Upstate City of Geneva, New York which is on Seneca Lake; one of the Finger Lakes. I have taken liberties with descriptions of the geography of the area, but this IS fiction. The story line comes from the imagination of my second son, Burr Jr.< Less
If You Meet the Buddha Tell Him a Joke, a Book of Weird Nonsense By Burr Cook
eBook (ePub): $1.49
This book is total nonsense and was written for those who enjoy wasting time. It is made up of old jokes most of which are not original. Having said that, I think that some folks may enjoy reading it... More > even after being forewarned. The jokes are loosely woven into a story about a mental patient who is released from a sanitarium prematurely and by mistake. He has many adventures. He joins a group of Buddhist monks who mistake his stupidity for profundity. He has exceedingly good karma.< Less
Heart In Hand a Western Romance By Burr Cook
eBook (ePub): $1.49
A fast moving fictional romance. The location moves from Buffalo, New York to a Montana cattle ranch. A lonely widow answers an ad in a lonely hearts magazine and gets involved with a hard drinking... More > cowboy.< Less
Gangsters and Mountain Lions By Burr Cook
eBook (ePub): $1.49
This is a book of three short stories, Book 1 “The Witness” is about a man who testifies against a gangster and enters the witness program. When the criminals discover where he is hiding... More > he goes on the run hiding out with Native Americans in Northern Canada. Book 2 “His Honor the Mayor of Hillsboro” is about a city politician who is arrested for accepting a bribe and gets cleared by a chance twist of fate. Book 3 “The Princess of Enid” a young cowgirl meets a strange man who turns out to have some very weird characteristics. They fall in love in spite of a seemingly insurmountable difference in lifestyles.< Less
The Rings of Saturn By Burr Cook
eBook (ePub): $1.49
This Novelette I will classify as Science Fiction with subcategories within the following genres; Philosophy, Adventure, Space Exploration, Ecology, Supernatural fiction or Fantasy. The Story takes... More > place about 20 years in the future and continues for another 25 to 30 years beyond that. A world on the brink disaster was pouring billions into preparation for a war that never happened. The United States, however secretly funneled the money into preparation for a voyage into deep space for the purpose of exploring the planet Saturn. The 20 astronauts returned to an unrecognizable earth, a different planet entirely from the one they had left. A very strange man enters near the end of the tale to provide a surprise ending.< Less
Year of the Gold Rush By Burr Cook
eBook (ePub): $1.49
This Novelette begins on board a steamship headed for Dyea Alaska during the gold rush of 1898/99 when over 50,000 amateur prospectors traveled to the emerging city of Dawson where the Yukon River... More > meets the Klondike. Few got rich and many perished during the great adventure.< Less
The Complete Laramie Series By Burr Cook
eBook (ePub): $3.49
In Part 1 “Six Wagons to Laramie, a Western” a New York family named Hansom moves west by wagon train. The wagon master turns out to be a gunfighter who falls in love with Carla Hansom.... More > “Bart of the Dakota Badlands”, Part 2 is a sequel to “Six Wagons to Laramie” although it may be read as a standalone. In “Lawmen of Laramie”, Part 3, Buck and Bart form a posse to track down a wild gang who killed most of the Riley family. James Riley, at age 16, shoots one of the gang members in Denver. In “Cowboy Cattle Call Songs”, Part 4, James Riley is sought by a bounty hunter and has adventures in Fort Laramie Then The Black Hills of Dakota. He falls in love with a Lakota Sioux Native American. In “The Z Bar Ranch Incident”, Part 5, an outlaw gang takes over a neighboring ranch and plunders the Z-Bar and other nearby ranches. Badlands Bart is called upon to help resolve the situation. In “The Cattle Drive”, Part 6, Texas Long Horns are being driven to the starving Lakota Sioux.< Less
The Neanderthal Man By Burr Cook
eBook (ePub): $1.49
This is a work of fiction; a Novelette. Any names or descriptions of real people are strictly coincidental. The story came to me in a dream and I immediately put it down on paper lest I forget any... More > part of it. The story deals with scientific and historic events but no attempt at accuracy has been considered. The only purpose is to entertain the reader. I hope I have accomplished that.< Less
The Z Bar Ranch Incident By Burr Cook
eBook (ePub): $1.49
This novelette takes place mainly at the Z-Bar Ranch in The Dakota Territory and is a sequel to “Cowboy Cattle Call Songs” making it the fifth in the Laramie Saga. The Z-Bar Ranch was... More > sold to Rex Flintlock by Mary Jacobi, wife of Charlie Burton (Badlands Bart). An outlaw gang takes over a neighboring ranch and plunders the Z-Bar and others. Bart along with James Riley is called upon to help resolve the situation. Although this is a sequel it stands by itself very well. It is a fast moving western adventure story.< Less

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