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Cooking with Nettles - 101+ Ways By Marcus Harrison
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In some parts of the world members of the nettle family are used as a common food, cooked in similar ways to spinach. From Nepal and Northern India, to the Horn of Africa and country folk of Italy,... More > Romania, and Estonia there are still traditions of using nettles for food. In Britain use of nettles is largely within the foraging community, or by chefs looking for an edge over their competitors. Not all nettle greens are equal when it comes to quality, and the recipes allow you to experiment with nettles in a variety of cooking styles and get to know nettle greens as an ingredient. The recipes are based on single person portions so you can learn how to cook nettles without committing large amounts of time, and money on ingredients. Cooking with Nettles is the first comprehensive English language nettle cookbook. The author is one of the UK's best-known foraging authorities having had an interest in wild food plants for nearly forty years and teaching wild food enthusiasts about the subject since 2004.< Less
Cooking with Seaweeds 101+ Ways By Marcus Harrison
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For a Limited time only - A Special Early-Bird launch discount price. For many people the nearest they get to seaweed as a food is the crispy fried side-dish served in Chinese eateries. However,... More > that menu item is usually made from fried green cabbage or kale, and is about as far removed from the true vegetables of the sea and sea life as one could possibly get. Cooking with Seaweed is a cookery book designed for anyone wanting to explore the world of edible seaweeds - mainly in northern temperate Europe. Over one hundred recipes and ways of preparing edible seaweed are covered; ranging from the inclusion of seaweed in soups and salads, to meat dishes and breads.< Less
Plants and the Plague: The Herbal Frontline By Marcus Harrison
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Plague has gone down in history as one of the terrors of humanity, and if there was perhaps but one word that conjured fear in the minds of people centuries ago it would have been that of 'plague'.... More > Without any understanding of germ theory physicians could only attempt to deal with the visible symptoms of a plague attack and not overcome the bacterium at its' heart, Yersinia pestis. Plants and the Plague looks at around three dozen plant species used in the herbal medicine response to plague and pestilence in past centuries. It also looks at the clinical background to the disease, past medical thinking on the subject, courses of treatment formerly used, and numerous plague remedies that the selected plants found their way into. It is a story of superstition, tragedies of error, and faith in misguided medical precepts, but also one of incredible bravery on the part of those physicians and doctors who stayed behind to treat the afflicted and dying in the face of this killer disease.< Less
Armageddon Cookbook and Doomsday Kitchen By Marcus Harrison
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Reference book and methodology guide for sourcing food and water in times of disaster or emergency. Hungry, thirsty, cold. Imagine a natural, catastrophic, disaster has occurred; that giant tsunami... More > or mega-meteor strike sometimes talked about. Supermarket shelves are bare, there is no water in the taps, no electricity to cook by or charge your mobile phone, and you may now own nothing more than the clothes you stand in. Infrastructure is virtually non-existent and no one is coming to assist you, since there are millions of other people prioritized for help by whatever government that still remains before they even begin to think about you. Welcome to a post-industrial Stone Age. The entire focus of this 147,000 word book is on the acquisition and storage of foraged food and water sources, raising small animals for food, details on cooking with fire and other food-water related topics, plus ‘alternative’ recipes that use every scrap of food.< Less

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