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Once Lost, Now Found By Anne .E. Clayton
Paperback: $11.19
Prints in 3-5 business days
5,000 years have passed and the descendants of the Draconian who had left wish to return to Alcyone where they belong. They are welcomed by many Draconian and Elvish, the two tribes that call... More > Alcyone home, the Dragon riders Anya and her beloved Cal too. But there are those known as The Bringers of Light, who would wish nothing but death to come to them. Anya, an empath, discovers the fears that they hold but she can tell no one for she has a secret that must always be kept. Dreadful deeds occur to many, leading Anya onto the only course she can take. Follow her as she journeys to the Greater Central Sun where her life as she knows it changes completely, and where Great Father has devised a plan for many of his children.< Less
Paperback: $18.39
Prints in 3-5 business days
The second wave of ascension begins. The lost cities of Earth must return for the sleepers who have awakened at this time need to return to their rightful place, to the cities that were so cruelly... More > taken from them, Heliopolis and ancient Jericho just two of several that will return. The Seeker and her companions go in search of the Messenger for he has led many to the dark path, but they are stopped in the nick of time by Gabriel, an Enlighten One who tells of seven new travelling companions that are now on their way to meet with them, sleepers that are more aware, but there is one within their midst with treachery on her mind, seeking out an Enlighten One, for she worships another, the Darkest of all the Sentinels that only now comes into the game, proclaiming he is God and that Earth is his domain.< Less
Emergence By Anne .E. Clayton
Paperback: $11.91
Prints in 3-5 business days
The Seeker discovers an ancient prophecy: 'Through a Dark Lord, another will come who will bring peace to all within the dimensions of Earth. With his coming many will be herded as cattle, for the... More > Light shall be upon them'. There is a new way, a third path that all must embrace if the sleepers are to return. No more ascension, declares the Seeker, Emergence is the only way, assures the Legend. It is a grand plan the Seeker and her companions have, bringing the Wisdom of Light to stand in equal measure beside the Dark Chalice of Power within the hearts of the Dark and Enlighten Ones. There is one who will thwart their plans at every opportunity, Baal the Darkest Sentinel of them all. Two armies must come together for the final battle, the Dark Ones led by Axal the betrayer, and the Legends led by the Seeker.< Less
Michael's Army: The First Wave By Anne .E. Clayton
Paperback: $8.54
Prints in 3-5 business days
The first wave of ascension has begun. Many felt the Earth tremble as the Legend came into being, and with the trembling of the Earth, some had awakened. There is a new knowing, an understanding of... More > where they must go for their time has arrived, it is time to journey homeward for much has been accomplished. But there is a new enemy, the Messenger, bringing his message to many within their dreams, their nightmares that Zebulon will return, and with his return much blood will be spilt by those who do not believe. Follow the awakened ones as they travel to the pyramids of Giza, to the great white bird that they will become and Epping Forest where a wondrous door of Light appears to transport them back to the City of Light where the chosen few must face their greatest fears within the clutches of the Sentinel of Fear.< Less
The Seeker's Ultimate Journey By Anne .E. Clayton
Paperback: $9.98
Prints in 3-5 business days
The Elders had told him he was too innocent, that he required many more experiences so that one day he would fulfil the task required of him, but now the Seeker must leave the White City, to jump... More > once more upon the wheel of reincarnation, to the 3rd dimensional world called Earth. Follow the Seeker on his travels along many paths as he learns and experiences the simple universal truths that we all forget. The Magician who helps him to follow his heart, the Angel that assures him that there is no judgement, that there is nothing to fear except fear itself, that to tolerate all pathways will only lead to enlightenment, and much more as he journeys toward his final destination, the Rainbow Bridge. Travel with the innocent Seeker, and watch him grow as more understanding and simple truths come his way.< Less
The Seeker's Ultimate Journey: Home at last By Anne .E. Clayton
Paperback: $9.96
Prints in 3-5 business days
Awakening within the City of Light, the Seeker begins another journey, one of enlightenment and awareness that will eventually set him upon a path where only he can tread. Meeting new travelling... More > companions Theodore and Gideon, he comes to know the true meaning behind many of his experiences within the 3rd dimension. Reminded of their true beginnings, the Enlighten Ones speak of the Darkness that lives within the Void. Travel with the Seeker and Michael, a warrior of great power who takes him to the 4th dimension, a favoured place of the Dark Ones, to rescue lost souls, and learn that one should never trust just what the eyes see.< Less

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