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Undefeated By Shara Azod
eBook (ePub): $3.99
Julia “The Jewels” Vernon was the all-time, undefeated champion in pudding wrestling, the underground sensation that had made her an extremely successfully businesswoman. Together with... More > her best friend, they had stumbled across a cash cow, but now it was time to give something back. What better way to raise money for her favorite charity than to have a match with the undefeated champion of “real” wrestling? Okay so maybe she had ulterior motives for challenging Chauncey Cullens to a pudding wrestling match for charity. And maybe she was teasing him a little in the ring, before she took him down. And yes, she was tweaking him a little by giving in to his request for a rematch, only to take him down again. But a real man could take it, just like it would take a real man to take her.< Less
Shara's Cowboys By Shara Azod
Paperback: List Price: $20.00 $16.00 | You Save: 20%
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Cory's Salvation, Ropin' Eli, Ambushed, The Sheriff's Woman combined into one smoking hot romp on the range!
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A Healing Love By Shara Azod
eBook (ePub): $4.99
Once bitten, twice shy seemed to be the literal story of Mica Richards' life. As a child she'd witnessed something unfathomable and as a woman, the memory had never left her. After rescuing a shifter... More > cub from a trap in the dead of the Alaskan night, Mica receives a bite that changes the course of her destiny forever. Unfortunately it comes in the form of an illness that seems incurable. Accepting that her days may just be dwindling down, she returns to where it all started, determined to spend what she believes to be her last Christmas surrounded by loving memories. There's just one tiny little hitch in her plans, the cub she saved so long ago is back, full grown, and has every intention of finishing what that one brush of his canines started...< Less
Positively Despotic By Shara Azod
eBook (ePub): $5.00
With a fierceness and determination that inhabits most volunteers, Rolanda swelled with pride as she followed her dreams of helping her fellow world citizens as she trekked across the globe to... More > Afghanistan. What awaited her instead was a mysterious sheik that looked and breathed as if he were ripped from pages of the erotic romances which were her guilty pleasure. With her future on the line, she began to spin one tale each night for one thousand and one nights in order to secure her freedom. But what kind of freedom did he mean? Biding her time, Rolanda spun him the First Night's tale while subconsciously plotting her escape... In the land of Frumos, nothing is quite what it seems - as was true with infamous brothers Valentin and Dragoş. The Alexandrescu's, were rumored to be brutal despots, renowned for taking their land and whatever else pleased them, by brutal force. But what Kiana found as she investigated the mystery of these brothers was something beyond all comprehension...< Less
Chemical Reaction By Shara Azod, Shara Azod
eBook (PDF): $1.99
Dr. Ezekiel Soren has encountered an odd chemical attraction. He wanted Shana Wilkins so bad he can’t concentrate on his precious research. The woman stayed firmly implanted in his cerebral... More > cortex no matter what he did. It was past time that he experimented a little. He and Ms. Wilkins will simply have to combine to explore what could be the chemical reaction.< Less