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The Mysterious Abbey By J W Rogerson
Paperback: $8.24
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What is behind the mysterious little door in the Abbey tower? It is always shut – until one day it stands wide open. Curiosity gets the better of twins Kirsty and Timothy. Walking through,... More > they find themselves in another age – the sixteenth century. There stands the Abbey as it was in all its glory. They meet a young scholar, Thomas, who takes them, disguised in robes, to hear a friar speak about the ‘new faith’. The twins return to their own age, and the door is open to them just once more, this time in the seventeenth century. They are shocked to find the Abbey in ruins, and meet Anna Pegge, a young girl whose family will build the little chapel next to the tower, which is Beauchief Abbey today. During their adventures, the twins learn about the history of Beauchief Abbey and the different times in which it is set. They also learn about the Christian faith and how it is revived over the centuries with renewed vigour.< Less
The Gift of Repentance. Collected sermons of J W Rogerson By J W Rogerson
Paperback: $15.15
Prints in 3-5 business days
Sermons for everyone! This collection of talks by the much-loved Canon Professor John Rogerson, ready for publication at the time of his death, is a precious legacy to his many friends – and to... More > those who never met him. A brilliant biblical scholar and an outstanding communicator – this is a winning formula. The Gift of Repentance is a treasure trove of vintage Rogerson, appealing to the widest possible readership. Challenging, as always, titles include: God chooses us Where there is no vision … Jesus in the gutter Which God don’t you believe in? Martin Luther, theologian of the Cross The problem of plenty Living in the dimension of grace An almighty YES!< Less
Jochen Klepper 1903 - 1942 Christian Poet and Witness in Troubled Times By J W Rogerson
Paperback: $11.17
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A life guided by God through scripture: this was the vision of Christian poet, novelist and compulsive diary writer, Jochen Klepper. Living in Nazi Germany with his Jewish wife became increasingly... More > troubled, and finally led to their untimely deaths in 1942. Yet Klepper continued to believe to the end that ‘the reality in which his life was lived was God’s reality, a reality that was mediated through the Bible, which was not just an ancient text, but a means by which the living God spoke, guided, judged, pardoned and commissioned.’ This book by leading biblical scholar John Rogerson, introduces the remarkable Jochen Klepper and his writing to an English speaking readership for the first time.< Less
Cultural Landscapes and the Bible By J W Rogerson
Hardcover: $61.69
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This volume contains thirty-eight essays published by J. W. Rogerson between 1970 and 2014. Several appear in English translation for the first time. Part one explores the social organisation of Old... More > Testament society, its thought-worlds and its understanding of nature, sacrifice and physical boundaries. There is a detailed engagement with the structural anthropology of Claude Lévi-Strauss and a general discussion of the implications of applying sociology to Old Testament Studies. The second part contains essays on the history of the interpretation of the Old Testament . Part three is philosophical and theological. This volume offers an excellent guide to the range of the author’s thinking and writing, bringing together writing that in some cases is not readily accessible. It indicates something of the intellectual and academic basis of the author’s Christian devotional writings and sermons also published by Beauchief Abbey Press.< Less
Perspectives on the Passion By J W Rogerson
Paperback: $8.15
Prints in 3-5 business days
Easter is the foundation of the church: ● In what way did the early church receive the Easter story? ● How did that understanding change after a thousand years? ● Is Good Friday... More > really ‘good’? ● How do we react to the Passion of Jesus today? ● What should we believe, and who? This short book of public lectures and sermons by John Rogerson explores the differing perspectives taken by the Church on the meaning of Easter through two thousand years of history. It explores what is offered in the crucifixion of Jesus and illuminates ways which in our modern age can discover thoughtful and active approaches to Easter today.< Less
Upside Down Kingdom By J W Rogerson
Paperback: $14.58
Prints in 3-5 business days
Here’s an invitation… to a party in the Upside-Down Kingdom. John Rogerson draws on a lifetime’s experience of research, teaching and Christian ministry, and as an internationally... More > renowned Biblical scholar,to introduce the unexpected, surprising and central offer of faith. With titles such as ��- God’s invitation, a health warning ��- Kingdom of right relationships ��- Loneliness ��- No and Yes ��- The cost of forgiveness this profound collection of short sermons deals head-on with modern life, proclaiming traditional, contemporary Christianity, challenging people within the Church, and people not associated with organised religion, to respond to and explore the dynamic,provocative and daily offers of the ever-present Upside-Down Kingdom.< Less
Unexpected Discovery By J W Rogerson
Paperback: $15.01
Prints in 3-5 business days
● How does God deal with tricksters and fraudsters? ● What is the meaning of the English word ‘Hell’? ● Can we really believe today that Jesus turned water into... More > wine? ● How do we respond to celebrity culture? ● Is it still possible to encounter angels? John Rogerson tackles head-on major issues of faith and church in contemporary life, using his experience as an Anglican priest and leading Old Testament scholar. Unexpected Discovery is a collection of sermons that teach, question, challenge and proclaim traditional Christian faith in the 21st century. Here is a book, written by an international authority on the Bible and rooted in church history that will be welcomed by congregations and non-churchgoers intrigued to explore how faith can be honest and deeply engaging in the modern age.< Less
On Being a Broad Church By J W Rogerson
Paperback: $11.75
Prints in 3-5 business days
The Broad Church tradition in the Church of England owes much to the mid-19th century pioneers F. D. Maurice, Charles Kingsley and F. W. Robertson. Their vision was Biblical, Evangelical and Catholic... More > with a strong sense of the role of the National Church in seeking to bring every aspect of public and private life in England and Wales under the lordship of God. John Rogerson is an Anglican priest and international authority on the Old Testament. This edition of five short lectures provides a fascinating exploration of the history and theology of the Broad Church movement, showing its deep relevance to the life and mission of the Church today.< Less
The Holy Spirit in Biblical and Pastoral Perspective By J W Rogerson
Paperback: $16.31
Prints in 3-5 business days
Language about the Holy Spirit in church worship is confused and contradictory. This can lead to extremes in which the Spirit may appear limited to the ministry of bishops and elders, or is believed... More > to be manifest in signs and wonders which alone are held to be the marks of the true church. This book is written for congregations, clergy and leaders by a leading international authority on the Old Testament(a non-charismatic Christian). He helps readers navigate and understand the church’s perplexing language about the Holy Spirit, using insights from scholarship and his long experience of working as a priest. Based on sermons from his regular ministry, each chapter carefully explores and illuminates biblical references to the Holy Spirit, encouraging readers to believe that God is on the inside of his creation, in the world and the church, even when 'results' are not spectacular in a human sense. Where the Gospel is faithfully preached and heard, the Spirit of God is at work.< Less
The Case for Ernst Lohmeyer By J W Rogerson
Hardcover: $20.49
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Ernst Lohmeyer is one of the heroes of twentieth century New Testament scholarship. His remarkable life and thought deserve to be far more widely known in the English-speaking world. But even those... More > who have heard about his witness in the face of Nazism and his murder by Soviet secret police are often barely acquainted with his critical and creative contributions to the study of the New Testament and Christian origins. John Rogerson has therefore done us a tremendous service. Bringing his renowned knowledge of German biblical scholarship to bear, Rogerson clarifies the philosophical and literary influences on Lohmeyer’s thought before taking us on an illuminating tour through the major untranslated writings. This reveals how a combination of historical, literary and theological interests shaped Lohmeyer’s analysis of a broad range of issues and texts and produced insights that are often ahead of their time. Prof. Andrew T. Lincoln< Less

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