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How to Stop a Hurricane, & Some Other Things You Might Like to Know By Allan R. Manchester
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Dismissing the models and hypothesis that defines so much of our societal norms, I ouutline clear, simple and decisive plans to render the impossible quite possible. The thoughts and models of... More > Einstein, Newton, Moses, Adam Smith, that shape our world view are logically challenged, and simply dismissed. The bigotry, elitism, and intolerance of these models are soundly condemned. Government must be socially responsible. Its existance is not to make the powerful more powerful, but to level the playing field and be the custodian of the social fabric. The abdication of social responsibility promoted by Adam Smith and found in the rhetoric of all right wing politicians is absurd. On top of the simple weather control plans which will be proven, and other observations contained here, I am certain that this book is destined to be one of the more important books to influence our future society. I do hope that you find it educational far beyond your expectaion< Less

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