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Christmas In Philipsburg By Bethany Sefchick
Paperback: List Price: $9.63 $8.67 | You Save: 10%
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In the all-new novella, "Christmas in Philipsburg," old flames Olivia Fox and Zack Ellis do battle over Christmas lights at Presqueisle House, the rambling country estate that Olivia has... More > inherited and Zack wants to buy. Both of them have wonderful memories of the estate, but neither wants to admit that the attraction growing between them is hotter than anything they remember from their youth.< Less
An Earl For Hire By Bethany Sefchick
Paperback: List Price: $22.96 $18.37 | You Save: 20%
Prints in 3-5 business days
Facing a dire lack of funds, Lord William Davenport, the Earl of Blackthorne, is about to do the unthinkable for a man of his station. He is about to sell his body to one of the wealthiest married... More > Society matrons in all of England. The idea of becoming some bored, rich woman's plaything is abhorrent to him, but he has no other choice. Born with a lame leg, Lady Miriam Bexley has no desire to marry. In fact, she doesn't much care for people at all. All of her life she has been pointed at and whispered about due to her infirmity, particularly by the gentlemen of London. She is better off with her stars and her telescopes for they, at least, are always in perfect order. The moment Miri accidentally overhears someone make Will a scandalously indecent proposition, however, she suddenly sees an opportunity she might be able to use to her advantage. If she has enough coin, perhaps she can pay Will to court her. It seems like the best decision she has ever made. Or quite possibly the worst.< Less
Time's Mirror By Bethany Sefchick
Paperback: List Price: $22.49 $15.74 | You Save: 30%
Prints in 3-5 business days
Ghosts, Inc. – where the paranormal is normal! Paranormal researcher Tesla Dane has never known her father. She doesn't even know who he is! The only connection she's ever had to him is a... More > huge, gold gilt mirror he once owned where shadows seem to move deep within its silvery surface in the dark of night. So she's more than a little surprised when, one night, a sinfully handsome man emerges from those very shadows - a man who has the power to turn Tesla's world upside down. Inventor Alexander Hartfield had been working for Tesla's father in a parallel universe since the early 1900s. But now, The Inventor, as her father is affectionately known, has gone missing. Alex hopes that by bringing the beautiful Tesla to Avalon, she can coax her father out of hiding - especially since the man has never met the daughter who bears his name. He also hopes that he can keep his hands off of Tesla. Because she's the boss' daughter. And Alex isn't quite who he claims to be.< Less
At The Stroke Of Midnight By Bethany Sefchick
Paperback: $9.75
Prints in 3-5 business days
Lady Jane Ashford has been known as "Plain Jane" for as long as she can remember. She has remained on the fringes of ballrooms for years until one night at the height of the season, she... More > encounters a man who is everything she has ever desired - Lord Sebastian St. Giles and in an instant, her heart is lost. Captivated by Lady Jane, Sebastian is determined to make her his, at least until business calls him out of London. When he returns, he is dismayed to discover that in his absence, his mother has taken it upon herself to select his bride, and she has chosen the worst possible candidate. Now as Christmas fast approaches, Sebastian is forced to attend a house party where he is expected to announce his betrothal to Lady Elizabeth. Except that he cannot forget about Jane, the woman he truly desires.< Less
From The Viscount With Love By Bethany Sefchick
Paperback: List Price: $21.98 $15.39 | You Save: 30%
Prints in 3-5 business days
Consummate rake, Lord Robert Tillsbury, is bored out of his mind and the Season is not yet at an end. So when Frost's good friend the Duke of Candlewood sends him on a mission deep within London's... More > newest brothel to uncover the truth about a woman known only as Ianthe, he can hardly resist the temptation. Except that there is far more to Ianthe than meets the eye and she becomes a puzzle that Frost is almost desperate to solve. Miss Lavinia Tremont, otherwise known as Ianthe, is living her version of hell on earth. The granddaughter of a duke, she has lost her place in Society and though is still chaste, knows that her place in life is now that of a fallen woman. Or is it? For when Frost frees Lavinia from Lycosura and installs her in his home as a long-lost relative, her world changes dramatically. More importantly, she fears that she is falling in love with a man that she can never have. Especially once he discovers who she really is.< Less
The Secret Seduction of Lady Eliza By Bethany Sefchick
Paperback: List Price: $24.48 $17.14 | You Save: 30%
Prints in 3-5 business days
Popularly known throughout England as "The Bloody Duke," Lord Nicholas Rosemont is not a spy. No matter what anyone thinks. He is just simply terrifying. Even though he is not truly that... More > bad. Really, he's not. Lady Eliza Deaver, daughter of the Marquess of Framingham, has known Lord Candlewood for years. Eliza's brother Stephen was one of Nicholas' best friends. That was, until Stephen walked away from his duties and his family to join the army and never returned. Now a man has appeared claiming to be Stephen, but is he really? Neither Eliza nor Nicholas think so. Still, bringing this man back into the Framingham family is a risk, one Eliza is not willing to take without some little bit of confirmation that the man is truly her brother. Can Nicholas use his vast resources to determine if this man really is his long-lost friend? More importantly, can he resist the sweet charms of the suddenly very delectable Lady Eliza?< Less
Dream Date By Bethany Sefchick
Paperback: List Price: $21.95 $15.37 | You Save: 30%
Prints in 3-5 business days
Moving back home to Ohio after her grandparents are killed in a car crash, Jillian Morgan believes she'll never be happy again. Not even a bag of "gypsy gold" gifted to her by a local... More > fortune teller can change Jillian's mind. One evening, while wishing for a white knight, Jillian accidentally spills the gold over an old book of paper dolls, and suddenly, the man of her dreams is standing right before her - in the flesh! The only problem is that just moments before, he was a drawing on a piece of paper. And he certainly wasn't this human. Or this sexy. Daniel Carrington, otherwise known as "Daniel The Dream Date Doll," is every woman's fantasy! Created by Jillian's grandfather twenty years before, Daniel has existed in paper doll form for a very long time. Now that he's human, he must convince Jillian that she's ready to heal her broken heart and find love again. He also needs to convince her that he's been designed for one purpose - to be her one and only dream date!< Less
A Viscount Of Mystery By Bethany Sefchick
Paperback: List Price: $19.98 $16.98 | You Save: 15%
Prints in 3-5 business days
Lord Marcus Cheltenham has returned to London at the height of the social season. Marcus has long been a favorite target of match-making mamas and their title-grasping daughters. However, that was... More > before the fevers that ravaged his body. Now the worst gossip in town has pronounced Marcus the "catch of the season," despite his physical flaws and seems determined to find him a bride. Lady Caroline Turner was Marcus' best friend for years and had high hopes of eventually settling into marriage with him. Now, Marcus has returned, but he's not the same man who departed London. Caroline, under her guise as gossip columnist Lady X, is determined to make Marcus the most sought after bachelor of the season. However, Caroline quickly realizes how painful it is to watch women pursue Marcus. Unfortunately she's also afraid that the secrets of own her past may return to ruin them both. Can Marcus and Caroline overcome their secrets and fears, and finally find their happily ever after?< Less
The Earl of Heartbreak By Bethany Sefchick
Paperback: List Price: $23.52 $17.64 | You Save: 25%
Prints in 3-5 business days
Lord Brook Bexley is known by many names, but to the women of London Society, he is known as the Earl of Heartbreak. However, there is one woman who also refers to him as nothing more than a friend.... More > Unfortunately, she is also the only woman he has ever desired, even though she is most decidedly off-limits to a man like him. Lady Sarah Tillsbury has known Rayne nearly all of her life - and believed him to be out of her reach for just as long. Even if Rayne was not more family to her than potential husband, he is also known for the trail of broken hearts he has left littered across much of polite society. However when a misguided letter sends Rayne chasing Sarah across the English countryside to her family's country estate, neither of them can continue to deny what has been brewing between them for so long. Will Rayne finally come to terms with the fact that he gave away his heart long ago and will Sarah be brave enough to claim the love she has desired for so long?< Less
Heart Of Shadows By Bethany Sefchick
Paperback: List Price: $15.00 $12.00 | You Save: 20%
Prints in 3-5 business days
Sometimes, the past comes back to haunt you. Mia Thorpe is living her dream. As the head of her own paranormal investigation agency, Ghosts, Inc., she seems to have everything she’s ever... More > wanted. However she's also harboring a terrible secret. Tim Hawthorne has loved Mia since they were teenagers and now working side by side with her is driving him insane, unable to crack her icy shell. When GI is called upon to find a kidnapped child, Mia is forced to face her past and confront her feelings for Tim. But if she confesses everything, will Tim still care about her or will she destroy the last good thing in her life?< Less

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Our World Our World By Deleah Payne
Paperback: $21.60