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A Gentleman By Moonlight By Bethany Sefchick
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Not yet wed, Lady Sophia Reynolds is still utterly and completely ruined. Abducted by the man she thought was her one true love and forced to suffer at his hands, she knows that she will be shamed... More > by Society if the truth is discovered. The best way to keep her secret? Find a husband. The only problem is, how can she ever trust a man, any man, again? Lord Lewis Blackmore is currently in the employ of Bow Street and no woman's hero. He simply happened to be at the right place at the right time to save Lady Sophia from a lifetime in exile in Scotland. However, he never imagined that he would see her again until his job forces him to her family's doorstep. When he is spotted departing Reynolds House, tongues across London begin to wag. Can Sophia turn the gossip surrounding her and Lewis to her advantage? Moreover will Sophia be able to resist his charms? Or is there more between them than a shared secret from a dark night several months before?< Less
The Kiss Of A Rogue By Bethany Sefchick
Paperback: List Price: $23.50 $16.45 | You Save: 30%
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There was a time when the Duke of Hathaway was a title to be respected. However that was before current duke, Lord Adam Reynolds, made an utter mess of his life by throwing over his betrothed,... More > dallying with unsuitable women, and generally behaving like the rogue he now believes himself to be. However, Adam has one final chance to redeem his reputation by attending the Devil Duke of Enwright's annual summer house party. Miss Abigail Northrup is the daughter of a wealthy merchant who is tired of being pursued for nothing more than her dowry and fortune. Her final social event will be her friend's grand house party before she officially declares herself a spinster. However when she encounters Lord Hathaway - in a rather questionable state of undress, no less - the morning after her arrival, she quickly discovers that he is far from a disreputable rogue. Is there more to this "Dastardly Duke" than Society sees? Or is Abigail risking everything for a man who is not quite as he appears?< Less
A Midsummer Night's Delusion By Bethany Sefchick
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Better known as Oberon, King of the Fairies, Julian Wexford is in big trouble. His royal court is in an uproar, his entire kingdom is trying to marry him off, and he's running for his life across... More > the globe to escape the bounty hunters hired by his stepmother so she can gain control of the Fairy Kingdom. A country girl at heart, Kelly Harcourt is a failed sculptor with men issues. Living alone and running an antique store isn't exactly the life she dreamed of as a little girl, but it's the only thing left for her now. Or it is until Julian crashes into her life and she's forced to save him from a determined bounty hunter hot on his trail. Forced to remain with Kelly until he can safely return to the Fairy Kingdom, Julian finds that life among the humans isn't as easy as it appears. Can the two of them live together peacefully until it's safe for him to return to his kingdom? Or will sparks ignite between the two of them as the long, hot summer grows hotter by the minute?< Less
My American Marquess By Bethany Sefchick
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Lord Daniel Weston, the new Marquess of Lansdale is something of a curiosity. Born in England before being whisked off to America by his mother when he was a child, Daniel is a mix of both the land... More > of his birth and his adopted homeland. However his golden boy looks and suave ways forgive many a sin. Except that beneath this illusion of perfection lurks a man that no one truly knows. The recipient of one of the highest honors a London debutante can aspire to, Lady Anna Davenport is thoroughly enjoying being celebrated by Society. However her good fortune only lasts for the length of the Season, so she must select a husband - and soon. However the man her head knows she should marry is in love with another, and the man that makes her heart race is the one she should avoid at all costs. Can Daniel prove that he has conquered his demons and is worthy of a woman's love? Will Anna choose with her head or her heart? And will their decisions be ones they can live with for the rest of their lives?< Less
One Forbidden Night By Bethany Sefchick
Paperback: List Price: $24.50 $17.15 | You Save: 30%
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American-born , Lady Pearl Weston is miserable in England. Though she is English by blood, she was born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland. When her brother became the latest Marquess of Lansdale,... More > she was compelled to follow him to London and begin life anew. The only problem is, she is far from being as easily accepted by the ton as he is and is relegated to the very fringes of polite Society. The bastard son of a peer and a maid, Jacob Beeston is known as the "Barrister to the Peerage." Well respected by everyone, he has had eyes only for Lady Pearl since she first came to England with her brother the previous year. However, Jacob knows his place in Pearl's world, and it is not in her bed. Still, circumstances have a way of drawing the two of them together repeatedly until one lonely night, he can no longer resist the temptation she poses. Will Pearl and Jacob find a way to break free of what is expected or are they destined to keep to the roles that Society has defined for them?< Less
A Season For Romance By Bethany Sefchick
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Lord Beaufort McCandless, the Marquess of Kingsford, has lived much of his life kept away from proper Society. Born with mismatched eyes, Beau’s parents thought him the product of a gypsy... More > curse. Hidden away at his family’s ancestral home along the Suffolk coast, Beau has grown up nearly alone. Beautiful but penniless, Lady Dinah Crestfield is on her way to become governess to the unruly children of a duke in the wilds of Norfolk. The daughter of a baron, she was once pampered and celebrated for miles around until her father died in debtor’s prison over unpaid gambling debts. When her carriage overturns near the entrance to the notoriously reclusive Marquess of Kingsford’s home, Dinah is forced to either seek shelter with the so-called “cursed marquess” or freeze to death. Can she swallow her fear long enough to spend a few nights beneath the man’s roof and is she brave enough to see what lies beneath the man's appearance?< Less
The Pleasure Of His Kiss By Bethany Sefchick
Paperback: List Price: $22.95 $16.07 | You Save: 30%
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Lady Aurelia Tillsbury is infatuated with Lord Hugh Hunt and has been for over a year. However, so much stands between them and marriage. Still, she believes those obstacles can be overcome. That... More > is until her mother, in a fit of madness, demands that Aurelia either wed the man of her mother’s choosing or face the consequences. For Lord Hugh Hunt, the future Marquess of Strattfield, it was love at first sight the night he encountered Lady Aurelia, the youngest sister of one of his best friends. Hugh desires her for his wife, except that as a spy for the Crown, Hugh’s work is too valuable to allow him to simply walk away from his duties, no matter what he desires. When Aurelia is sent away from London and from him, Hugh knows that he must act quickly or lose her forever. However secrets from his past threaten both his happiness and her life. Can Hugh somehow make Aurelia his forever? Or will others come between them, costing them everything?< Less
A Lady To Desire By Bethany Sefchick
Paperback: List Price: $22.97 $17.23 | You Save: 25%
Prints in 3-5 business days
Desperate to wed the man she loves, Lady Charlotte Cleary has done just about everything she can think of to push the man of her dreams to the altar, including tempting him in ways no decent lady... More > should! However nothing she does garners a proposal and her time is running out, for if her father has his way, she will be wed to an ancient duke before the Season ends. Lord Francis Deaver, Viscount Underhill, wants nothing more than to make Charlotte his wife. However there is one very large complication standing in his way – since he can’t remember his past, he doesn’t know if he is already married or not. When Charlotte’s father sends her off to a house party to catch the eye of Lord Snowly, the ancient duke’s much younger heir and nephew, Francis has no choice but to follow her. Francis must convince Charlotte to wait until he can locate the mysterious woman from his past who might have the answers he seeks while somehow keeping Charlotte out of Snowly’s bed at the same time.< Less
Bewitched, Bottled, and Bewildered By Bethany Sefchick
Paperback: List Price: $22.51 $16.88 | You Save: 25%
Prints in 3-5 business days
Hoping for a fresh start after her messy divorce, Maddie Stewart has returned to her hometown of Penn’s Hollow to run her family’s historic bed and breakfast and is in no way ready to... More > date again. That is until she meets Noah, the jinn she accidentally releases from his bottle. Condemned to life as a jinn back in 1955, former farm boy and ex-Air Force pilot Noah Foster has served quite a few masters over the decades. However, he's never had a mistress quite like Maddie. Not only is she smart, sexy, and beautiful, she's also not afraid of him. Maddie is also thoroughly modern and has some very strong opinions about what jinns and mistresses should and shouldn’t do together. As Maddie struggles to decide upon her three wishes, Noah must pretend he’s a travel writer and attempt to live outside of his bottle without anyone discovering his secret. Can Noah find a way to be with Maddie or will his love end up costing him more than he could have ever imagined?< Less
One Night in a Lord's Bed By Bethany Sefchick
Paperback: List Price: $23.49 $16.44 | You Save: 30%
Prints in 3-5 business days
Lady Violet Denton has been all but forgotten by her wastrel brother at a boarding school for nearly two years! She has been stuck there for so long that she has been forced to take employment as... More > the school’s new French instructor. Out of all of the Bloody Duke’s men searching for the missing Miss Denton, of course it should be Lord Alexander Huffton, the Marquess of Buxton, that stumbles upon her in a remote section of Hertfordshire. A known rake and an avowed libertine, the marquess is more comfortable in a courtesan’s bed than in the company of an innocent young woman. However now that he has found her, Alex is duty-bound to return her, not to mention somehow break the news to her that her brother isn’t really her brother at all. As Alex and Violet travel toward London – and her brother – the desire growing between them flares until one night, it can no longer be denied. Is Alex willing to release Violet from his arms when the time comes? Or will he do what is necessary to claim her as his?< Less

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