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Jack the Ripper : The Long Arm of the Law By Fusty Luggs
eBook (ePub): $2.95
This is a work of fiction but this work isn’t based on fact; it is fact. Jack the Ripper, The Long Arm of the Law, contains no false trails. Every detail quoted is documented and verifiable.... More > From his base, south of the river at Lambeth, the murder scene locations radiate outwards from his home as if spokes on a wheel. With the advantage of using a fictional format Fusty Luggs takes the reader into the killer’s mind. There is little reason to suppose the Ripper’s victim were limited to the canonical five. Brutal killings and attacks didn’t tidily begin and end in the three month period of 1888. Arguments raged between experts to the exact number the killer both slew and assaulted. Meticulously researched the author uses contemporary accounts to illustrate the horror surrounding the Whitechapel killer. Fusty Luggs highlights the lives of the murdered women, so often portrayed as mere bit part players in the drama that is Jack the ripper, with sensitivity and humour.< Less
Mercedes Marie: The Story of Mary Jane Kelly By Fusty Luggs
eBook (ePub): $2.93
Mary Jane Kelly, youngest victim of Jack the Ripper, sustained a murderous assault so horrific her lover could only identify her by her hair and eyes. She travelled from Ireland, to Wales and France.... More > She lived in the West End of London, wore gowns of embroidered silk, and rode in fine carriages. Jack the Ripper ended her life in a squalid room, in the meanest street, in the most overcrowded, and deprived borough of London – Whitechapel. This is the Mary Kelly story.< Less
Heaven Won't Wait: Purgatory By Fusty Luggs
eBook (ePub): $1.44
Elspeth burns at the stake. Her beauty melts before the mob’s gaze as if she were a scented candle. Matthew, the witchfinder, strives to achieve his ambition. His solemn pledge is to rid the... More > world of the infernal necromancers infestation. Elspeth’s family misjudge their enchantment. Elspeth rises on the heat from the pyre and tumbles to Earth from the seventeenth to the twenty-first century. Louis, Elspeth's soul mate, holds the key to the gates of heaven. Not all may climb the silver stair to paradise. Loosely based on ‘A Matter of Life and Death’ with Davis Niven. ‘A deliciously dark fairytale, brimming with humour as black as a witches’ cat.’< Less
London Vampire : Bloody Streets By Fusty Luggs
eBook (ePub): $1.33
A vampire stalks London’s Victorian Streets. The year is 1888. Master George, newly arrived from a European tour, carries within his veins a contagious disease – but he must feast.
Merry Begotten By Fusty Luggs
eBook (ePub): $3.04
Edwardian Portsea slumps against the dockyard walls. It’s isolated from the mainland by a strip of sea to the north, and the hot walls to the south. The Pompey accent isn’t the soft... More > Hampshire burr, but a harsh peculiar hybrid dialect. The hardness of the dialect reflects the toughness of its people. Charlie price is a criminal. His daughter, Fanny Price, is pregnant after a one-night stand with Walter Rackett. She tells Walter he has to marry her. Walter didn’t ask Charlie for his daughter’s hand in marriage. Taking, without asking is theft—in anyone’s book. Emily doesn’t know who the father of the child she carries is; she knows it isn’t her husband’s ... Charlie gives Emily the benefit of his doubt—for now. Walter could be the father of Emily’s child...< Less
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