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THE PROMISED LAND: The Spiritual Founding of America By Robert Mt. Sion
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Sixteen hundred years after Jesus preached the Sermon on the Mount, a new 'Promised Land' was opened up to the Puritans of England. Just as the Jewish people living during the time of Jesus,... More > believed they were living in the 'end-times' of Biblical prophecy, and because of this they purified themselves; so too were the Puritans in England convinced of this as well. They believed that the prophesied time of persecution by Satan, the great red dragon, had just passed and that God was about to create a 'New Heaven and a New Earth', and to initiate the kingdom of God on earth. They were convinced that He would accomplish this in the newly discovered New World, when they fled from persecution in England, left everything they knew behind, and set out to establish God's kingdom on earth. This spiritual battle for the soul of 'the New Israel' would last for 170 years and it is this we will discover in: “THE PROMISED LAND: The Spiritual Founding of America”.< Less
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As a Messianic Jewish disciple of 'Jesus Christ' every Sunday I visited various Christian denominations and I would inevitably ask the Gentile believers: “What is the New Covenant to the... More > Gentiles?” Much to my shock and the pastor's shame, nobody seemed to know what it was! Sometimes believers would tell me that: “It is the covenant of grace”; but this is not so! Grace is God's undeserving favour, in that while the Gentiles were yet sinners, He invited them to be part of His people if they repented of their previous sins and obeyed the apostles' New Covenant to them. So if Gentile believers are not under the 'covenant of grace' then what exactly is the New Covenant that the apostles gave them and why is it not being taught in the churches? This is what this book is all about; with some very shocking revelations!< Less
THE GREAT APOSTASY: The Hidden History of the New Testament By Robert Mt. Sion
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The key to understanding the truth of the Great Apostasy is the proper dating of the book of Revelation chronicling the Great Apostasy, which was written before the death of Nero in 67 A.D. The... More > Council in Jerusalem is dated at 50 A.D, when the apostles imposed four restrictions onto the new Gentile believers; three of them having to do with eating impure food: animals that had been strangled, bloody meat, and food offered to pagan idols. The split in the church between Jews and Gentiles occurred two years later when Peter and his Jewish brothers came up to Antioch and refused to eat at the same table as the new Gentile converts who were not following the apostle's teaching from the council in Jerusalem. How was it that Paul had gone so far astray from the apostle's teaching and what was it that he taught that was so blasphemous and heretical? This is what we will discover in “THE GREAT APOSTASY: The Hidden History of the New Testament”.< Less
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The book of Revelation is seen by most Christians as a book steeped in mystery, and difficult to understand; and this need not be so. The Revelation is not an original revelation from God but was... More > compiled by John the apostle, from all of the prophetic books of the 'Old Testament'. The Revelation is all about two churches: one which is pure and undefiled, and is clothed in fine linen white and clean [the church that Jesus founded in Jerusalem]; and another that is filthy, which sits upon the dragon Satan [which Paul founded in Rome] and is called 'the Great Whore of Babylon’. It also contains a failed prophecy of when John expected the return of Jesus. [see ch.17] And finally, it tries to answer the question of: “Who exactly was Jesus Christ?”; with some pretty amazing answers to this question. The mysteries of the Revelation await! Sit back and enjoy! You're in for the ride of your life on your journey thru “THE REVELATION OF JOHN”.< Less
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What if the three pillars of the Christian faith: Jesus' virgin birth, his resurrection, and his 'soon' return to rule the earth as the Son of Man, all turned out to be false? The Christianity of... More > today is not the Christianity that the true apostles of Jesus taught and practised. Today's Christianity came about when Emperor Constantine, the head of the pagan sun god cult of 'Sol Invictus' hijacked Christianity in 325 A.D, at the council of Nicea. It was only then that Jesus was declared equal to Almighty God and that Christians had to compromise their faith and worship his birth on the celebration of Sol Invictus on December 25th; and the Passover celebration in honor of his death was exchanged for 'Easter worship' in honor of 'Ishtar', the pagan goddess of fertility. This resulted in the widespread persecution of all non-conforming Christians who kept the original teachings of the apostles.< Less
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Three great world religions, Judaism, Christianity and Islam, declare the 'truth' of the coming of a Jewish Messiah before the Day of Judgment begins. The role of a prophet of Israel was to preach... More > repentance to the people when they had gone astray from YAHWEH's commandments, however, some of them took their divine calling further than this and began to speculate about a wonderful world of peace and righteousness that would someday come about for the Jewish people; even tho God had promised that this would only happen thru obedience to His commands! This book: “THE MYTH OF THE JEWISH MESSIAH”, is all about how this popular worldwide myth came about.< Less
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The greatest shock and revelation for a Jewish person who reads the 'New Testament' is that it was not written by Jews but was the creation of Gentiles who knew very little about the Hebrew... More > Scriptures and the God of Israel! Most people assume that when they are reading the gospels of Matthew and John, they are reading the testimony of Jesus' two apostles who were eyewitnesses to everything he said and did; however, modern Biblical scholarship has proven that these two gospels were written after the death of the apostles! And what is even more shocking, is that the letters traditionally attributed to Peter, John, James and Jude were also written after their deaths, by their disciples! So what are we to make of this most bewildering set of books, strung together some 300 years after their creation into what we now call the 'New Testament'? This is what we will discover in “THE CREATION OF THE 'NEW TESTAMENT”.< Less
THE HOLY BIBLE: The Greatest Story Ever Told By Robert Mt. Sion
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The 'Holy Bible' is the best selling and most read book ever written. It is the story of mankind's turning his back to the instructions of His loving Creator and his refusal to become God-like. The... More > premise of God's moral instruction to wayward humanity is that because all of us are created in His image, we should love our fellow brothers and sisters as we love ourselves. To do anything less than this would be an act of 'losing our right mind' and becoming 'in-sane'; in short, to create a living hell of our earthly paradise. Each story reveals God's justice to us thru His Divine law which states: “The measure that you measure out to others, will be measured back to you.” With this all-encompassing law in mind, the lessons taught within the Holy Scriptures become crystal clear to us. So, with this in mind, let us take a fresh new look at: “THE HOLY BIBLE: The Greatest Story Ever Told”.< Less
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IMAGINE a society where men were noble and gentle and ladies were pure and fair, crime was relatively unknown and jails and prisons did not exist; where each and every family possessed their own... More > plot of land, banks and mortgages did not exist, and instead of people having to declare bankruptcy, all debts were forgiven in the seventh year. The truth of the matter is that this ideal society is not 'the stuff of myths and legends' but it was located in a time and place called 'Israel'. The narrative of our story follows the Children of Israel as they were miraculously freed from slavery in Egypt and led thru the barren wilderness to a mountain, where they were taught that: “Man cannot live by bread alone but by every teaching that proceeds from God's mouth.” Along our journey of discovery we will 'dare to compare' the laws, statutes and judgments that God gave to Israel in the wilderness, with the ones that exist in our society today; with some shocking revelations!< Less
THE GREAT HOAX OF ROMAN CHRISTIANITY: "In this Sign Conquer" By Robert Mt. Sion
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If you were to ask a Christian: “What is the ‘Good News’?” they would inevitably tell you that ‘Jesus died on the cross for our sins and because we believe that he is... More > the Messiah, we are now forgiven and when we die we will go to heaven.’ However, this is not the ‘Good News’ that Jesus preached to the Jewish people during his ministry and is ‘another gospel’ that a man named Paul preached to the Gentiles. According to Paul, if you simply ‘confessed that Jesus was ‘Lord’ and believed that God raised him from the dead, you would be saved.’ [Rom. 10:9] Paul taught his Gentile disciples that ‘broad and easy was the road, and wide was the gate that led to salvation’; and many would enter and be saved by following 'his teachings', which the vast majority of those in Christendom believe to this very day. But what if the three pillars of Roman Christianity: his virgin birth, his resurrection, and his 'soon' return to rule the earth as the Son of Man, all turned out to be false?< Less