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THE PROMISED LAND: The Spiritual Founding of America By Robert Mt. Sion
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Sixteen hundred years after Jesus preached the Sermon on the Mount, a new 'Promised Land' was opened up to the Puritans of England. Just as the Jewish people living during the time of Jesus,... More > believed they were living in the 'end-times' of Biblical prophecy, and because of this they purified themselves; so too were the Puritans in England convinced of this as well. They believed that the prophesied time of persecution by Satan, the great red dragon, had just passed and that God was about to create a 'New Heaven and a New Earth', and to initiate the kingdom of God on earth. They were convinced that He would accomplish this in the newly discovered New World, when they fled from persecution in England, left everything they knew behind, and set out to establish God's kingdom on earth. This spiritual battle for the soul of 'the New Israel' would last for 170 years and it is this we will discover in: “THE PROMISED LAND: The Spiritual Founding of America”.< Less
THE GREAT APOSTASY: The Hidden History of the New Testament By Robert Mt. Sion
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The key to understanding the truth of the Great Apostasy is the proper dating of the book of Revelation chronicling the Great Apostasy, which was written before the death of Nero in 67 A.D. The... More > Council in Jerusalem is dated at 50 A.D, when the apostles imposed four restrictions onto the new Gentile believers; three of them having to do with eating impure food: animals that had been strangled, bloody meat, and food offered to pagan idols. The split in the church between Jews and Gentiles occurred two years later when Peter and his Jewish brothers came up to Antioch and refused to eat at the same table as the new Gentile converts who were not following the apostle's teaching from the council in Jerusalem. How was it that Paul had gone so far astray from the apostle's teaching and what was it that he taught that was so blasphemous and heretical? This is what we will discover in “THE GREAT APOSTASY: The Hidden History of the New Testament”.< Less
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The book of Revelation is seen by most Christians as a book steeped in mystery, and difficult to understand; and this need not be so. The Revelation is not an original revelation from God but was... More > compiled by John the apostle, from all of the prophetic books of the 'Old Testament'. The Revelation is all about two churches: one which is pure and undefiled, and is clothed in fine linen white and clean [the church that Jesus founded in Jerusalem]; and another that is filthy, which sits upon the dragon Satan [which Paul founded in Rome] and is called 'the Great Whore of Babylon’. It also contains a failed prophecy of when John expected the return of Jesus. [see ch.17] And finally, it tries to answer the question of: “Who exactly was Jesus Christ?”; with some pretty amazing answers to this question. The mysteries of the Revelation await! Sit back and enjoy! You're in for the ride of your life on your journey thru “THE REVELATION OF JOHN”.< Less
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Three great world religions, Judaism, Christianity and Islam, declare the 'truth' of the coming of a Jewish Messiah before the Day of Judgment begins. The role of a prophet of Israel was to preach... More > repentance to the people when they had gone astray from YAHWEH's commandments, however, some of them took their divine calling further than this and began to speculate about a wonderful world of peace and righteousness that would someday come about for the Jewish people; even tho God had promised that this would only happen thru obedience to His commands! This book: “THE MYTH OF THE JEWISH MESSIAH”, is all about how this popular worldwide myth came about.< Less
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The book entitled “The Acts of the Apostles” was written by a disciple of Paul’s named Luke, for the express purpose of connecting Paul, the apostate from the Jewish church in... More > Jerusalem, to the Gospel stories of Jesus written by his disciples, Mark, Matthew and John. The first half of the book of Acts fits in well with Luke's gospel, but in the second half, which is entirely devoted to Paul's ministry, the author purposely omitted the split between Peter and the Jewish disciples and Paul and the new Gentile believers in Antioch [Gal. ch.2], in which Barnabas, Paul’s teaching companion for fourteen years, sided with Peter and the other Jewish believers, and from that day forward they never walked together again. Here then is “THE UNTOLD STORY OF THE ACTS OF THE APOSTLES”; for all with ears to hear what really happened in the days when the true apostles of Messiah Jesus walked the earth!< Less
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During the reign of king Nebuchadnezzar, he had a frightening dream of a terrible image of a man composed of five different metals. A Jew named Daniel interpreted the dream to mean that the head of... More > gold was the kingdom of Babylon; the chest and arms of silver, the kingdom of Persia; and the belly and thighs of bronze, the kingdom of Greece. The legs of iron was the Roman empire and the feet, partly of iron and partly of baked clay, is 'the divided kingdom of church and state' of Roman Christianity. In “THE FALL OF ROMAN CHRISTIANITY” we will discover how we are living in the last days of the false pagan religion of Roman Christianity and how 99 percent of Christianity has been deceived into taking the mark of the Beast and worshipping Satan!< Less
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Contrary to popular belief, the New Testament contains six distinct gospel accounts of Jesus' 'Good News'. The first account to be written down was the 'Gospel of Grace', written by a man named... More > Paul, who never met Jesus or heard him preach. The next five gospel accounts represent the beliefs of different teachers and faith communities within the early Christian church; and each one contradicts Paul's teaching, as well as each others in many different ways! However, modern day Christianity has mashed them all together into a new 'hybrid religion'; something that was completely unknown of in the early days of the Christian church. In this book “THE SIX GOSPELS OF JESUS CHRIST” we will explore of these divergent views and teachings.< Less
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The modern day religion of Christianity has very little in common with the religion practised by Jesus' Jewish disciples, called 'Messianic Judaisim'. Gentile or 'Roman' Christianity began to take... More > root and to develop after the death of the apostles and the destruction of the Temple in 70 A.D. It was at that time that the last three gospels were written, each of them having their own particular reason for wanting to 'improve' upon Mark's 'primitive' gospel. When we begin to understand the thinking of the early Jewish disciples we also begin to see how Roman Christianity came into being after the failure of Jesus' return during the lifetime of his apostles, the great disappointment of the destruction of the Temple and the disbanding of the Jewish church in Jerusalem, and the failure of John the Revelator's prophecy of Jesus' 'soon' return. All four of these traumatic events set the stage for the creation of an entirely new cultic religion called 'Roman Christianity'.< Less
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There is no other person in the Hebrew Bible who is spoken about as much as King David; how from a lowly shepherd boy, he became the shepherd of all of Israel. And this so for a reason. King David's... More > story is a parable and a warning about a man who started out good and ended up bad. It is the story of how the desire for sensual pleasures corrupt a man and turn him to unrighteousness, where he becomes morally bankrupt. And if people reading his life story didn't quite get it, there is a sequel in the story of his son Solomon. It is also a warning that: Whoever curses his fellow man, God will curse; regardless of his rank or position; and that the measure that you measure out to others will be measured back to you! “THE RISE AND FALL OF KING DAVID” illustrates this simple yet profound spiritual teaching as no other book has done before!< Less
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“KINGS AND PROPHETS” is the second volume of a series of three which places the events of the history of Israel in their proper chronological order: from Abraham to the destruction of... More > the second Temple. The original compilers of the Holy Scriptures separated the history of the kings from the writings of the prophets, and while this might have originally served a purpose, it also resulted in a disconnect between the sins of the kings and the messages of the prophets. This book is divided into four sections: THE KINGS: from king Saul to king Asa; ELIJAH/ELISHA: from king Ahab of Israel to king Uzziah of Judah; The four minor prophets JONAH, AMOS, HOSEA, MICAH, and ISAIAH: from king Uzziah to king Hezekiah; and finally the five minor prophets ZEPHANIAH, NAHUM, HABAKKUK, JOEL, OBADIAH and JEREMIAH: from king Josiah to king Zedekiah.< Less