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‘The Legend of King David’ is a fictional story of the life of the ideal Biblical king and his band of priestly knights. It is written for youth from 12-17 years of age, but is... More > entertaining and thought provoking enough for adults as well. It teaches youth the danger of drug and alcohol abuse, per-marital sex, disrespect for parents, how to deal effectively with bullies and the danger of cults. The host of characters include a wicked queen, an unjust judge, an evil wizard, a seducing witch, a ‘rebel without a cause’ and his band of hoodlums, a just and compassionate female judge, brave and noble priestly knights, a just and righteous king and an evil genius. It also contrasts the ideal Biblical society based on Biblical laws with the contemporary kingdom of Greece and modern day society as well. It teaches the importance of honesty, integrity and forgiveness, care for the poor and helpless, and care for animals and the earth as well.< Less
THE PROMISED LAND: The Spiritual Founding of America By Robert Mt. Sion
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Sixteen hundred years after Jesus preached the Sermon on the Mount, a new 'Promised Land' was opened up to the Puritans of England. Just as the Jewish people living during the time of Jesus,... More > believed they were living in the 'end-times' of Biblical prophecy, and because of this they purified themselves; so too were the Puritans in England convinced of this as well. They believed that the prophesied time of persecution by Satan, the great red dragon, had just passed and that God was about to create a 'New Heaven and a New Earth', and to initiate the kingdom of God on earth. They were convinced that He would accomplish this in the newly discovered New World, when they fled from persecution in England, left everything they knew behind, and set out to establish God's kingdom on earth. This spiritual battle for the soul of 'the New Israel' would last for 170 years and it is this we will discover in: “THE PROMISED LAND: The Spiritual Founding of America”.< Less
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As a Messianic Jewish disciple of 'Jesus Christ' every Sunday I visited various Christian denominations and I would inevitably ask the Gentile believers: “What is the New Covenant to the... More > Gentiles?” Much to my shock and the pastor's shame, nobody seemed to know what it was! Sometimes believers would tell me that: “It is the covenant of grace”; but this is not so! Grace is God's undeserving favour, in that while the Gentiles were yet sinners, He invited them to be part of His people if they repented of their previous sins and obeyed the apostles' New Covenant to them. So if Gentile believers are not under the 'covenant of grace' then what exactly is the New Covenant that the apostles gave them and why is it not being taught in the churches? This is what this book is all about; with some very shocking revelations!< Less
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Thru out the ages many Christian Bible scholars and theologians have purposely interpreted Bible prophecy with the goal of confirming their denominational beliefs, rather than ‘telling it just... More > as it is’; and this has led to some very strange and bizarre interpretations. An early 18th century Baptist minister named William Miller, who combined the two prophecies of Daniel chapters 8 & 9, came to the conclusion that Jesus would return to earth on October 23rd, 1844. In the 1890’s a Christian group called the ‘Jehovah Witnesses’ predicted Christ’s return after the battle of Armageddon, which they falsely predicted would happen in 1914.. But does the Bible really teach any of these things? Obviously not! Because none of these prophecies came true! So with this in mind, let us take a fresh new look at the entire writings of the prophecies of the kingdom of God, with the sincere desire to discover the truth, and only the truth, of what they teach us!< Less
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IMAGINE a society where men were noble and gentle and ladies were pure and fair, crime was relatively unknown and jails and prisons did not exist; where each and every family possessed their own... More > plot of land, banks and mortgages did not exist, and instead of people having to declare bankruptcy, all debts were forgiven in the seventh year. The truth of the matter is that this ideal society is not 'the stuff of myths and legends' but it was located in a time and place called 'Israel'. The narrative of our story follows the Children of Israel as they were miraculously freed from slavery in Egypt and led thru the barren wilderness to a mountain, where they were taught that: “Man cannot live by bread alone but by every teaching that proceeds from God's mouth.” Along our journey of discovery we will 'dare to compare' the laws, statutes and judgments that God gave to Israel in the wilderness, with the ones that exist in our society today; with some shocking revelations!< Less
THE GREAT HOAX OF ROMAN CHRISTIANITY: "In this Sign Conquer" By Robert Mt. Sion
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If you were to ask a Christian: “What is the ‘Good News’?” they would inevitably tell you that ‘Jesus died on the cross for our sins and because we believe that he is... More > the Messiah, we are now forgiven and when we die we will go to heaven.’ However, this is not the ‘Good News’ that Jesus preached to the Jewish people during his ministry and is ‘another gospel’ that a man named Paul preached to the Gentiles. According to Paul, if you simply ‘confessed that Jesus was ‘Lord’ and believed that God raised him from the dead, you would be saved.’ [Rom. 10:9] Paul taught his Gentile disciples that ‘broad and easy was the road, and wide was the gate that led to salvation’; and many would enter and be saved by following 'his teachings', which the vast majority of those in Christendom believe to this very day. But what if the three pillars of Roman Christianity: his virgin birth, his resurrection, and his 'soon' return to rule the earth as the Son of Man, all turned out to be false?< Less
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The foundation of Roman Christianity is composed of five false teachings: the Legend of the Virgin Birth, the Myth of the Resurrection, the four failed prophecies of Jesus' return within the lifetime... More > of his apostles, Paul's erroneous teaching of the divinity of Jesus, and his newly invented 'Gospel of Grace'. When these five 'deceptions' are exposed to the 'light of Truth' the entire religion of Roman Christianity falls to the ground like a house of cards. For the longest time the Roman church forbade the people to possess a Bible and forbade it to be translated in the common language of the people, lest they would discover the Truth of their false religion and the false 'god' that they were in bondage to. In this book, “THE FALL OF CHRISTIANITY”, we will uncover how, when and why all of these myths, legends, and lies began, thereby seeing them for what they truly are, and come out of the Dark Ages of Roman Christianity, into the bright light of God's eternal truth.< Less
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There is no person in history more shrouded in mystery than the person of 'Jesus Christ'. If you were to ask a Christian who Jesus is, he would tell you many conflicting and contradictory things.... More > He would say that he is 'the Son of God' [an angel in Jewish theology: Gen.6] as well as God Himself; that he was born of a virgin [by the Holy Spirit] and yet he is ‘the Son of Man’ [born of a man and a woman]; and that he is ‘the Prince of Peace’ the Jewish Messiah who would bring everlasting peace and righteousness, and whose kingdom would never end; and he is also ‘the Christ' who came to die for the sins of the world, whose kingdom is not of this world. It is now time for the Jewish people to reclaim him as 'one of our own', so that he can rightfully take his place among the prophets and teachers of Israel! “The Jewish Gospel of Jesus Christ” is an understanding of the four Gospels of 'Jesus Christ' from a Jewish point of view. This is the life of Jesus as it has never been told before!< Less
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The greatest shock and revelation for a Jewish person who reads the 'New Testament' is that it was not written by Jews but was the creation of Gentiles who knew very little about the Hebrew... More > Scriptures and the God of Israel! Most people assume that when they are reading the gospels of Matthew and John, they are reading the testimony of Jesus' two apostles who were eyewitnesses to everything he said and did; however, modern Biblical scholarship has proven that these two gospels were written after the death of the apostles! And what is even more shocking, is that the letters traditionally attributed to Peter, John, James and Jude were also written after their deaths, by their disciples! So what are we to make of this most bewildering set of books, strung together some 300 years after their creation into what we now call the 'New Testament'? This is what we will discover in “THE CREATION OF THE 'NEW TESTAMENT”.< Less
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There is no other person in the Hebrew Bible who is spoken about as much as King David; how from a lowly shepherd boy, he became the shepherd of all of Israel. And this so for a reason. King David's... More > story is a parable and a warning about a man who started out good and ended up bad. It is the story of how the desire for sensual pleasures corrupt a man and turn him to unrighteousness, where he becomes morally bankrupt. And if people reading his life story didn't quite get it, there is a sequel in the story of his son Solomon. It is also a warning that: Whoever curses his fellow man, God will curse; regardless of his rank or position; and that the measure that you measure out to others will be measured back to you! “THE RISE AND FALL OF KING DAVID” illustrates this simple yet profound spiritual teaching as no other book has done before!< Less