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MEM05005B Carry out mechanical cutting By Warren Blackadder
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This unit covers setting up and operating a range of mechanical cutting and holing equipment and applies to sawing, shearing, cropping and/or holing and includes setting up and operating a range of... More > equipment. Examples of machines that could be covered include guillotines, croppers, cold saws, band saws, automatic saws etc. Typical applications of this unit may include cutting for manufacture, production cutting and cutting of materials selected from stores in a maintenance environment. The unit does not cover hand or hand held power tools used for cutting e.g. circular saws, nibblers and side grinder. These skills are covered by Unit MEM18001C (Use hand tools) and Unit MEM18002B (Use power tools/hand held operations). This unit does not include the skills required for operational maintenance of the equipment used. Topics include: Cutting Methods, Metal Turning, Drill Press, Metal Shears, Cold Saw & Band Saw.< Less
MEM09005B Perform Basic Engineering Drafting By Warren Blackadder
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This unit covers producing drawings to Australian Standard 1100 or equivalent where the critical dimensions and associated tolerances for components and/or materials are selected from... More > supplier/manufacturers' catalogues using design specifications. Manual drafting or drawing equipment is used or where a CAD (Computer Aided Design) system is used, Unit MEM09009C (Create 2D drawings using computer aided design system) and/or Unit MEM09010C (Create 3D models using computer aided design system) should also be considered. A CD containing the skill practice drawing templates can be obtained by contacting for $10 plus postage.< Less
MEM09002B Interpret technical drawing By Warren Blackadder
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this unit of competency you will have developed the knowledge and skills to select the correct and interpret a technical drawing. As a result, you will be able to apply these skills to interpret... More > technical drawing.< Less
MEM09003B Prepare Basic Engineering Drawings By Warren Blackadder
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This unit covers identifying the drawing requirements, preparing or making changes to engineering drawings, preparing an engineering parts list and issuing the drawings. The unit can be completed... More > using manual drawing techniques or CAD. Topic 1 – Drafting Basics: Topic 2 – Arrangement of Views: Topic 3 – Standard Drawing Sheets: Topic 4 – Dimensioning Techniques: Topic 5 – Sections & Conventions: Topic 6 – Auxiliary Views: Topic 7 – Technical Lettering: Topic 8 – Engineering Scales: Practice Competency Test:< Less
MEM30007A Select common engineering materials By Warren Blackadder
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This unit covers recognising common materials used in engineering, assisting in the selection of a material for a specific application, and using test results to evaluate the properties of... More > materials. Topic covered include: Topic 1 – Properties of Materials: MEM30007-RQ-01 Topic 2 – Properties Data: MEM30007-RQ-02 Topic 3 – Materials Testing: MEM30007-RQ-03 Topic 4 – Structure and Properties: MEM30007-RQ-04 Topic 5 – Processing of Materials: MEM30007-RQ-05 Topic 6 – Selection of Materials: MEM30007-RQ-06 Topic 7 – Safety Parameters: MEM30007-RQ-07< Less
MSATCS302A Detail bolts and welds for structural steelwork connections By Warren Blackadder
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This unit covers the skills and knowledge required to detail bolts and welds for structural steelwork connections consistent with design specifications. This unit applies to a structural steel... More > detailer who has to detail various types of bolts and welds for structural steelwork connections. The detailing may be done manually or by using CAD and/or proprietary steel detailing software. The unit may apply to structural steel detailing carried out for residential, commercial, industrial or mining fabrication and construction projects. The unit assumes that knowledge of basic technical drawing conventions and procedures such as view, dimensioning, drawing layout, etc. is already held. Work is conducted according to defined procedures. This unit requires the application of skills associated with planning and organising to complete structural steel detail drawings. Topics include Bolts, Bolt Holes, Welding Symbols & a Practice Competency Test< Less
MEM30012A – Apply mathematical techniques By Warren Blackadder
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This unit covers applies the concepts of mathematics to appropriate and simple engineering situations within the individual's area of engineering expertise This unit applies to technician level work... More > that requires basic algebraic, trigonometric and statistical knowledge and skill. Topic 1 – Learning to Understand Formulae Topic 2 – Using & Applying Formulae Topic 3 – Indices & Scientific Notation Topic 4 – Algebra Topic 5 – Polynomials Topic 6 – Pythagoras Theorem Topic 7 – Trigonometry Topic 8 – Coordinates & Statistics Topic 9 – Straight Line Geometry< Less
MEM15002A Apply Quality Systems By Warren Blackadder
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A Quality Management System (QMS) is a collection of business processes focused on achieving quality policy and quality objectives to meet customer requirements. It is expressed as the... More > organizational structure, policies, procedures, processes and resources needed to implement quality management. This unit covers working within a quality improvement system, either individually or in a team situation. This unit is applicable for any work within a quality improvement system in a manufacturing, engineering or related environment. The definition of customer is wide and applies to the next person or organisation receiving the product or service. Application may include quality inspection of own or other employee's work up to the level of the employee's technical competence. Topic 1 – Quality Management: Topic 2 – Quality Inspection: Topic 3 – Quality Improvement: Topic 4 – Defect Detection: Topic 5 – Risk Assessment:< Less
MSAENV272B Participate in environmentally sustainable work practices By Warren Blackadder
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This competency covers the outcomes required to effectively measure current resource use and carry out improvements including those reducing negative environmental impacts of work practices. This... More > competency applies to operators/team members who are required to follow procedures so as to work in an environmentally sustainable manner. This ensures regulatory compliance and also aims at minimising environmental risks and maximises the environmental performance of the process and the organisation. Topic 1 Work Practice & Minimisation of Waste Topic 2 Efficient Use of Energy and Resources Topic 3 Resource & Waste Management Topic 4 Managing Hazardous Chemicals Topic 5 Reduce Emissions & Water Use< Less
MEM30031A Introduction to AutoCAD By Warren Blackadder
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The unit of competency covers the skills and knowledge required to apply functions of computer-aided design (CAD) software programs that are typically used in the production of detail drawings and... More > covers competent use of a CAD program to perform basic drawing tasks used in the development of detail drawings. Drawings may include plans, diagrams, charts, circuits, systems or schematics. Topics: 1 Types of CAD Software: 2 Template Drawings and Options: 3 Text Styles: 4 Dimension Styles: 5 Blocks, WBlocks, X-Refs & Insert: 6 Define & Insert Attributes: 7 Extract Attributes: 8 Polylines, Splines & Donuts: 9 Multi View Drawings: 10 Isometric Drawings: 11 Dimensioning Isometric Drawings: 12 Advanced Dimensioning Techniques: 186 Pages A CD containing drawing templates is available for $10 plus postage by contacting BlackLine Design at< Less

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