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God and the Law By Jean-Nil Chabot
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A doctoral thesis on the preamble of the Canadian Constitution stating that this nation "is founded on principles that recognize the supremacy of God and the rule of law".
Libre d'être esclave By Jean-Nil Chabot
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Nous sommes en Norvège du 18ème siècle où vit Ingeborg Størssøne, une fille de six-sept ans, rebelle et volontaire. Contre le désir de ses parents,... More > elle quitte le foyer paternel pour la ville de Trøndhjem où elle aboutit dans la prostitution. La famille Størssøne envoie son aîné à la recherche la jeune fille afin de la ramener au domaine familial d’Aasenhjem. Henrik, sabote son mission à cause de son impulsivité et finit par se retrouver devant le tribunal. Toutefois, Ingeborg est secouru par un inconnu. Même si l’étranger est huguenot, il est pris pour un prêtre catholique et sa vie prend un tournant tragique. Le rachat d’Ingeborg est un témoignage en faveur de la tolérance. De plus, le récit reconnaît le pouvoir de la grâce rédemptrice.< Less
Monnaie juste - juste de l'argent By Jean-Nil Chabot
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Pour être juste le système financier doit rendre possible ce qui est physiquement réalisable et désirable. Ce principe est un bien que la société... More > désire et vers lequel elle tend tout en cherchant à le connaître explicitement en lui donnant une formulation pratique au moyen de la science des mathématiques, des statistiques, et de la comptabilité.< Less
Just Money By Jean-Nil Chabot
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In order to be just, money has to be just money, nothing more… not an instrument of power, nor a means of getting rich by pure speculation, without producing anything nor rendering any... More > service. The only role that justifies money, is the distribution of wealth. It can do so, because it has the power to move things - a power which is based on faith, or trust. Because we believe and trust that it can do so, money is able to transfer merchandise and provide services as they are needed. If we stop believing it has such a power, money becomes nothing more than an abstract number on a piece of paper, metal, book or computer. The faith we put in money, however, can go too far, This happens when we begin to believe that money is the real wealth rather than only its servant. Then, it becomes an instrument of tyranny rather than an instrument of service. Just money is just money, a servant, nothing more.< Less
Katri Chabot By Jean-Nil Chabot
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"Katri" was thus called by her Illinois mother who had difficulty pronouncing Catherine’s French name. Her widowed father, a former coureur de bois, wanted his seven year old daughter... More > and his son, "Piyao" to be raised in a French environment. Finding that Kaskaskia’s environment would not offer a promising future for his two children, Pierre Chabot decided to make the long journey from river to lake and from lake to river as far as the Island of Orleans, from which he had been away for 30 years. There, he hoped to entrust his two orphans to anyone of his family who would agree to take charge of them. Finally, it was Uncle Antoine, the first pastor of Sainte-Anne-de-Beaupré, who took charge of the children.< Less
Michaël Lesage By Jean-Nil Chabot
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Ce roman place l'idée de l'onction royale dans un contexte de “réality fictive”. Il suggère certains bienfaits que le sacre ou l'onction d'un représentant de... More > la nation pourrait apporter à la société séculière et il propose, en plus de cette idée, d'autres initiatives qui pourraient contribuer à l'avenir d'un monde meilleur. L'auteur reconnaît que son roman est didactique.< Less
The Anointed One By Jean-Nil Chabot
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This novel introduces the idea of royal anointing in a context of "fictitious reality". It suggests that anointing a representative of the people at the head of the nation could not only be... More > compatible, but could also beneficial to the secular society. The novel also proposes, in addition to this idea, other initiatives that could contribute to a better world. The author acknowledges that his novel is didactic.< Less
Creation, Evolution and Natural Law By Jean-Nil Chabot
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Experimental science stops at the door of metaphysics and metaphysics at the door of faith. It seems that within the realm of reason alone, a gap exists between metaphysics and experimental science,... More > that the philosophy of nature has not yet been able to fill. Since these two sciences have not developed in conjunction with each other they have offered no explanation regarding the passage from Being to beings - from the One to the multiple – from Eternity to time and from time to Eternity. The bridging these gnostic gaps can hardly be completed without the help of divine revelation. What follows is an attempt to offer a resolution to this problem proceed to its effect on natural law.< Less
Grethe of Aasenhjem By Jean-Nil Chabot
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“I am free to be a slave!” Grethe, taking upon herself the challenge a sixteen year old is able to assume, responds to the warning of her father who has just told her that her absolute... More > desire for freedom will enslave her. For more than a year, now, her father has very seldom spoken to her.< Less
From St Nil to Québec City By Jean-Nil Chabot
Paperback: $17.63
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The life of Michaël Ancor, a teacher on the eve of his retirement, is transformed when the government of his province decides to close his village. And that is not all, since following... More > providential events, he finds himself assigned to an extraordinary function which links him at once to the State and the Church.< Less

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