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Edge of Space: The Story of Area 51, U-2, A-12 and SR-71 By Edwin Jones
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At the height of the cold war the need for intelligence pushed the boundaries of technology and innovation. This lead to not only the creation of some legendary spy planes such as the U-2, A-12 and... More > SR-71 but also a secret facility in which to test these aircraft away from prying eyes. This facility is known to the world as Area 51. America risked political embarrassment to send aircraft over Russia, Cuba and later North Vietnam to gather critical intelligence. Losing a U-2 piloted by Garry Powers over the Soviet Union on 1 May 1960 to a SAM. The aircraft developed in the 1950s and early 1960s aided not only the space race but pushed aviation technology to boundaries that in respects to this day have not been surpassed. Leap into the cockpit of a U-2 and feel what it was like to pilot a U-2 on the edge of space, before following the successor to the U-2 - the A-12 and SR-71. Even though the U-2 has outlived both of them and is still operational today even in the high tech world of satellites and drones.< Less

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Left to Die Left to Die By Wes Rand
Paperback: $12.99