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Quick Guide: Ishmael By College Guide World
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“Ishmael” by Daniel Quinn was first published in 1992. It is a philosophical novel that deeply examines mythology, the effect of mythology on ethics, and how mythology is related to... More > sustainability. The author has used the Socratic method of dialogue in the novel. The dialogue is basically focused on deconstructing the notion that humans are the highest form of biological evolution. According to the central concept of the novel, human supremacy is a cultural myth. The author tries to establish that mankind is enacting that cultural myth with dangerous consequences. Quick Guide: Ishmael Copyright Chapter One: Introduction Chapter Two: Major Themes Chapter Three: Characters Chapter Four: Complete Summary Chapter Five: Critical Analysis< Less
Quick Guide: The Italian By College Guide World
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“The Italian” By Ann Radcliffe is subtitled “The Confessional of the Black Penitents.” It was first published in 1797. It is a gothic novel, the last one that Ann Radcliffe... More > published during her lifetime. Her other novel “Gaston de Blondeville” was published posthumously in 1846. The major themes of “The Italian” are love, devotion, and persecution by the Holy Inquisition. The story has a dark, mysterious, and somber tone. The novel also deals with the contemporary issues. It was the time of the French Revolution. The issues at that time were religion, aristocracy, and nationality. Quick Guide: The Italian Copyright Chapter One: Introduction Chapter Two: Characters Chapter Three: Plot Summary Chapter Four: Setting and Places Chapter Five: Critical Analysis< Less

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