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The Tarot Major Arcana, Their Meaning Without Learn It to Memorize By Antares Stanislas
eBook (ePub): $12.35
Tarot the Major Arcana, their Meanings without Memorization. Is yet another book by the famous fortune teller and astrologer. This text is the first integral part of the complete book Tarot the... More > prediction of the future, dedicated, however, only to those who use the Major Arcana. The text maintains its professionalism in the concepts portrayed and proposes bringing readers to the world of Tarot with an easy to read book. The title is as always the original work of the author, because in his practice, he receives invitations from those who consult him and acquaintances to write works that will fill the gap for those who want to practice or to go into this field. The problem for many, which is not insignificant, is to remember the many meanings of the Tarot. The author has taken on the burden and honor of helping to fill this gap. This title on the Major Arcana is followed by the corresponding work on the Minor Arcana.< Less
The Tarot Minor Arcana. Learning the Cards Without Memorizing Their Meaning By Antares Stanislas
eBook (ePub): $12.34
Yet another work by Antares Stanislas,famous card reader and astrologer.The Tarot Minor Arcana: Learning the cards without memorizing their meaning. This book is the second integral part of the... More > complete text of "The Tarot,the prediction of the future,"and is appropriate for those who just want to complete the part concerning the Minor Arcana. The text maintains its professionalism in its discussion of the concepts and sets the goal of bringing its readers into the world of the Tarot through a book that is easy to read. As always,the title is original for the author’s works, because he,in his practice, receives invitations from his own clients and acquaintances to write works that fill the gap for those who want to practice or to go into this field. The problem with many,and by no means a secondary one,is that of memorizing the many meanings of the Tarot. The author has taken on the burden and the honor to help fill this gap.Following this book on the Minor Arcana is its correspondent volume on the Major.< Less
Combinations of the Tarot Major Arcana By Antares Stanislas
eBook (ePub): $14.70
This text and card-reading practice is aimed at beginners and professionals. With many matches with practical examples of all the major arcana, and in a language accessible to all, the author not... More > only explains the practical examples, but tells the reader the method that can be used to interpret several matches of the major arcana Tarot cards, and what can happen to a spread based on different arrangements of the cards, and whether they be right-side up or reversed. The matches are analyzed for all 22 major arcana. Antares Stanislas is a professional astrologer and card reader with more than 20 years experience.< Less
How to Read the Tarot Card Combinations. The Complete Guide By Antares Stanislas
eBook (ePub): $16.82
The author aims to provide new observations and food for thought regarding tarot card reading. This book blends in Volume 1 entitled "Combinations of the Tarot Major Arcana " and Volume... More > 2 entitled "Tarot Pairings Between Major and Minor Arcana". Each Major Arcana combination is examined for each upright and reversed tarot card drawn. Not only does the author provide his interpretation, but tries to convey a reading method. Author’s Biography Giampiero in art Antares Stanislas born in Rome in 1973, he practices astrology and card-reading for more than twenty years. He has written ten publications that have been translated in several languages. In the area, he publishes videos in YouTube and articles in his Facebook profile.< Less
Tarot Pairings Between Major and Minor Arcana By Antares Stanislas
eBook (ePub): $5.64
The author sets the goal of creating new observations and points of inflection inherent to the reading of the parings between Major and Minor arcana. This book is an integral part of the book... More > “Tarot pairings, a complete guide”. Here the major arcana are examined in pairs with the minor arcana, be it extracted in the right orientation or reversed. Antares Stanislas has been an astrologer and card reader for over 20 years.< Less
Horary Astrology By Antares Stanislas
eBook (ePub): $13.46
Horary astrology is a branch of astrology that responds to precise questions in a quick, simple, trustable manner. Horary astrology is becoming increasingly appreciated by those who are passionate... More > for the sector and causes curiosity in the lovers of card-reading because of the numerous questions that it can answer. The author makes the text very original, exposing his own believes and rules for reading with clarity and synthesis, mentioning only those that, in his experience, are valid, thereby making it easy the learning process for the reader, who very frequently gets confused among the various notions dictated in the manuals of more than three hundred pages. The text was written very carefully even in the aspect related to the people with very few bases of astrology. In 119 pages, the lector will learn the rules to practice with horary astrology and more than fifteen actual illustrative examples. Antares Stanislas he practices astrology for more than twenty years.< Less
Predictive Astrology a New Discovery in the Transits Reading By Antares Stanislas
eBook (ePub): $8.97
Antares Stanislas does not only give courses, astrology consultations and card readings, but also, in the past years, has dedicate himself to the investigation of new reading methods, which he has... More > wrote about in several publications. In this text, the author introduces his new investigation and the inherent discovery of predictive astrology. A new method of astrological analysis with the aim of adding this to the unequivocal method of traditional astrological prediction. The methodological aim of the author is to give another tool to astrologists to help them carry out their predictions correctly. The method is described in a simple manner and illustrated with 26 real graphs and requires the reader to have basic knowledge of astrology. Antares Stanislas is known for his many activities and articles on the web but also for his publications on the Tarot, Astrology, and predictions published in advance of the events that then occurred.< Less
Practical Cartomancy for All. Second Edition By Antares Stanislas
eBook (ePub): $12.44
This book was born as answer to those impassioned and beginners of cartomancy. They are not few those people that after having studied the meaning of the major and minor arcanes they don't succeed,... More > in the practice, to give a correct interpretative meaning to the combination of the tarots. This text picks up and illustrates the methods and the games of divination that I have successfully practiced over 20 years of experience. In this book there are 23 illustrated and explained examples of card spreads with my methods, real consultations and they all have been confirmed. This book cannot miss in the personal library of every passionate and/or beginner who wants to learn to interpret the cards, as well as of every experienced that wants to observe new interpretation techniques or to have new reflection points. Author: Antares Stanislas, card reader and astrologer.< Less
Practical Cartomancy for All. Third Edition Revised and Expanded By Antares Stanislas
eBook (ePub): $13.57
In this new and third edition, Antares Stanislas adds the method of the septenary, another method for card spreading and sequential extractions that substitutes the one that was illustrated and... More > explained in the second edition, the method of the reversed pyramid.This practical text for Tarot reading collects and illustrates the methods and divination games that the author has been successfully using for over twenty years. After some observations in the field, the author responds to particular questions, for example: the timing of the predictions, whether the cards have an upright and reversed positions, and some other trivia. He explains his three divination methods with the tarots and sets his sights into transmitting the method through a simple language and with 24 examples that illustrate the tarots spreads, and actual consultations that were later confirmed. *Pages: around 168; third edition. Antares Stanislas is an astrologer and researcher from over 20 years.< Less
Tarot the Prediction of the Future By Antares Stanislas
eBook (ePub): $17.95
This ebook (paper book pages 223) contains the full version of two successful books: “Tarot Major Arcana their Meaning Without Learn it to Memorize” and “ The Tarot Minor Arcana... More > Learning the Cards Without Memorizing their Meaning ”. Readers wishing to learn with the major arcana and minor will avoid to have two separate books. Giampiero Tirelli (author), Artist’s Name Antares Stanislas is known for his many activities and articles on the web but also for his publications on the Tarot, Astrology, and predictions published in advance of the events that then occurred. Such as are documented in Facebook posts or Youtube videos, and reported on social profiles on Facebook. Antares Stanislas has been an astrologer, card reader and researcher for over 20 years.< Less

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