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The Journey of Gamel and Lidya By Michelle Warren
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In the Heartland of Altenhine, Gamel and Lidya climb up Raven Hill to watch the red sun rising on the Blue Lake and the surrounding majestic mountains of the North and South. The twins have been... More > hiding, but now, in their new adulthood, they must face a terrifying secret in their palatial home below: a strange power ruling through ther father, the King, and weighing heavily on their older brother Friedrich, the next in line for the Throne. Is the hidden threat the evil spirit Soutar, of whom the kings wrote? Or is it merely their fear taking a hold? The ancient writings speak of a more powerful spirit, Atua: Lidya trusts in him, but Gamel cannot. The valley whispers of One across the Sea, in the nation of Yerim – a new man, who has risen up with special powers. A difficult journey is ahead of them, a battle that will set them riding toward Yerim. Will they make it across the Sea, to this foreign land? Will the promised One finally silence their struggles?< Less
A New Kind of Zeal 2: The Price of Redemption By Michelle Warren
Paperback: $15.00
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Three months have passed since Tristan Blake confronted Joshua Davidson outside the Beehive. Governor General Anita Mayes is in direct control of New Zealand, sending the shamed PM James Connor to... More > the back benches of the New Conservative Party. Rachel Connor is working at Hardwater Hospital, while John Robertson is spending more time in the Cathedral. Bishop Mark Blake has been laid off for improper conduct, but the Archbishop has chosen to reinstate him. Alex Kensington remains hidden. He is the key: the mastermind behind Joshua’s demise. But the driving force behind Alex is the spirit of his father: a man who will never be appeased until he achieves, through Alex, total control of New Zealand. Rau Petera has good news to bring, but Aotearoa is uneasy: independence has been taken under siege. A new election must take place, but Alex’s father Kensington is moving into position. Who will rule New Zealand? What forces, in the struggle for independence, will win? Sequel to 'A New Kind of Zeal'.< Less
A New Kind of Zeal 3: The Crux of Salvation By Michelle Warren
Paperback: $19.90
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Two and a half years have passed since Kensington confronted his son Alex in Saint Peter’s Cathedral, Wellington, New Zealand. Alex has been studying at Victoria University, while the Prime... More > Minister James Connor continues to lead the nation from the Beehive. Rachel Connor has been training to become a Physician, while her husband, John Robertson, remains in the Cathedral with Bishop Mark Blake. Tristan Blake has been watching Alex. Tristan sees the legacy of Alex’s past: a past Alex seems to be trying to hide. What might become of him? Rau Petera remains on the shores of Oriental Bay, offering good news: but Tristan is watching. The nation has suffered an upheaval, and has settled in a kind of peace – but Tristan is uneasy. Trouble is brewing overseas; trouble within. Kensington is taking a greater hold. Powers are rising: the world is at risk of war. What fate will beset the nation? What forces, in the midst of the growing darkness, will win?< Less
A New Kind of Zeal By Michelle Warren
Paperback: List Price: $12.12 $7.27 | You Save: 40%
Prints in 3-5 business days
On a hot humid day, Tristan Blake is trying to hitch a ride past Kerikeri. It is summer in New Zealand, 2030: the temperature is rising, and Tristan is looking to get away from it all, after retiring... More > from Peace-making army duty in the Middle East. An old red Holden Ute pulls up on the side of the road, and a Maori priest, Rau Petera, invites Tristan on a ride to Ninety Mile Beach. Keen to fish, Tristan agrees: but there on the expansive sand, trying to escape the rising tide, Rau and Tristan stumble across Joshua Davidson, from Kaitaia. Rau follows Joshua into the rising sea, and Joshua catches Rau a record snapper with no bait. Now Rau and Tristan find themselves driving Joshua on a once-in-a-lifetime road-trip down the centre of the North Island toward the Beehive in Wellington. Joshua is reminding Rau of someone: he is finding a new kind of faith. But Tristan is being thrown into increasing confusion and dismay, when he finally realizes what he must do to end the growing threat of Joshua.< Less

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