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Mysteriosophy By Steve Drury
Hardcover: $91.11
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Mysteriosophy (Volume 1) is a unique collection of routines, effects and essays by Steve Drury, for those already initiated into the realm of performance mentalism, bizarre magick, storytelling and... More > readings. Hardbound, with over 170 pages and 15 chapters, it features individual guest contributions by Ed Solomon, Banachek, Roni Shachnaey and Les Cross, plus an exclusively authorised essay on The Psycho-Geometrics® profiling system (by the creator Dr Susan Dellinger, Ph.D.) Foreword is by Ed Solomon. Author Steve Drury< Less
Key Mysteries By Steve Drury
Hardcover: $125.04
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Key Mysteries is a unique study into Keys in magick and mystery entertainment. Hardbound with 286 pages it features essays on the historical and symbolic concepts of keys in magic, plus feature... More > contributions by over 30 highly respected performers on presentation approaches and many routines - both seminal and new. Contributors include David Berglas, Eugene Burger, Bruce Bernstein, Kenton Knepper, Docc Hilford, Marc Salem, Jeff McBride, Roni Shachnaey, Christian Chelman, E.Raymond Carlyle, Professor BC, Robert E. Neale, Bob Fitch, Ed Solomon, Luca Volpe, Dale Hildebrandt, Lary Kuehn, Barrie Richardson, Paul Prater, Simon Drake, Daniele Nigris, Leslie Melville, Paul Voodini, Alan Jones, Jim Magus, Barry Cooper, Ariel Frailich, Master Payne and Mark Fishman Foreword is by Ed Solomon. Author / Editor Steve Drury< Less
The Art of Fortune Telling with Playing Cards By Steve Drury
Paperback: $25.68
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The Art of Fortune Telling with Playing Cards is a 192 page re-edited collection of ancient and traditional methods of cartomancy, as imparted in the late 1800's and now in the public domain. The... More > book includes numerous cartomancy Oracle systems, playing card significances, methods, perspectives, examples and advice. It is an excellent resource, suitable for beginner to advanced practitioner alike. The introduction also features details of a special accompanying playing card download.< Less
PSYCRECY I By Steve Drury
Hardcover: $155.83
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PSYCRECY 1 is a hardback, 320 page mysterium of essays, effects and routines taken from the first volume issues of PSYCRETS(British Society of Mystery Entertainers) quarterly printed membership... More > digest. It also features some previously unpublished and revised bonus material from members and friends of the Society. Featuring 38 contributions from the field of mentalism, bizarre magick and psychic entertainment, the contributors include Barrie Richardson, Marc Salem, Banachek, Roni Shachnaey, Lior Manor, Peter Turner, Pablo Amira, Michael Murray, Atlas Brookings, Anthony Blake (USA), Mauricio Jaramillo, Chris Rawlins, Steve Drury, Ben Cardall, Christian Chelman, Prof. BC, Todd Landman, Sheila Lyon, Enrique Enriquez, Perry Carpenter, Dee Christopher, Christopher Taylor, Cameron Murray, Rainer Mees & Thomas Heine, Stuart Palm, Bob Percy, Luca Volpe, Stephen Young, Walt Anthony, Jim Magus, Vito Gatullo, Rudolf Kunzli, Mitos Odnalor, Ray Doetjes, Christopher Faria, Lars Ruth, Alan Jones.< Less
Mystic By Steve Drury, Roni Shachnaey
Hardcover: $115.95
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Mystic encapsulates a lifetime of Roni's Shachnaey's mentalism and bizarre knowledge. Hardbound, with over 250 pages, it featuring 40+ effects and ideas from his professional repertoire plus his... More > personal approach to Numerology, Tarot and Palm readings. Foreword by Docc Hilford and personal notes from Todd Landman, Sheila Lyon, Lior Manor and Guy Bavli Authors, Roni Shachnaey & Steve Drury< Less