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Sophia By CBA
eBook (PDF): $1.76
2 young military officers sneak out despite the warnings to go have an encounter in a near by pond, there activities are soon interrupted by one of the local creatures, a giant wood fairy who has... More > little interest in humans other then being food and play things. this is my second vore manga and shows another one of my characters doing what they do best. eating the humans that keep on insisting on venturing into there territory. the over all quality is much better then my first but don't expect anything professional grade, I make these here and there to test out new things and to help push me to improve. your support is greatly appreciated and one of the driving forces that pushes me to improve and try more things ^_^< Less
Akurei By CBA
eBook (PDF): $1.01
(1 Ratings)
my first attempt at selling a vore ebook,it follows a Succubi named Akurei as she starts her day with a little snack, 3 humans who where sent to her from the human world for punishment. it may look... More > a little blurry, just zoom out a little so the page fits on the screen and it shouldn't be to big a problem.< Less