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Seven Faces of Love By Dr. Clarice R. Barett Msc.D
eBook (PDF): $19.98
Does High Monogamy Exist? Is There True Love? “Yes!” The author would like to express what is involved in a, “High Monogamy Love” A relationship for eternity: to sum it... More > all up in this introduction perspective. To be a Soul Mate or to reach High Monogamy, it is diffidently a team effort, on both sides of a relationship. It has to be of the up most important priority on both sides, in other words it’s the main focus; to grow together as individuals for one pursuit, “True Love” full contentment. A higher level of spiritual consciousness, both one with God! Please, follow me to get the true perspective of what I am talking about.< Less
Number Magick By Dr. Clarice R. Barett Msc.D
eBook (PDF): $5.99
Match Your Vibrational Life Path Number to the Casino Number that can Increase your chances to win, while in Las Vegas, Nevada For Just $5.99 Increase Your Odds to Win! This Article is Offered By: A... More > Top World Mystic, With Over 30 Years’ Experience Dr. Clarice R. Barrett, Msc. D.< Less
The Power of Love By Dr. Clarice R. Barett Msc.D
eBook (PDF): $12.98
The tone of this book is on love concepts. It covers marriage and relationships that involve the word “LOVE” in order to understand your mate and yourself. You’ll find that either... More > party possesses several, or just one, of these character concepts. Are you a logical lover, possessive lover, romantic lover, unselfish lover, best friend lover, game playing lover, or are you soul mates? Since the Author is a professional Astrologer, she has also, for your convenience, combined the seven behavioral concepts with the 12 zodiac signs in chapter nine and 10, which she calls your biological DNA and your celestial DNA. If you have been looking for answers, Dr.Clarice has them listed in this book. She has been a Mystic for 34 years, married 46 years, and has helped many clients through their marriage and relationship problems. This book is a collection of her many years in the field with clients.< Less
True Mysteries Revealed Blue Ray By Dr. Clarice R. Barett Msc.D
eBook (PDF): $5.99
The Blue Ray Beings! Including Indigo and Crystal Children How does it connect, to the Code of the Blue Nile? What is the purpose of these Spiritual Beings? Another level of critical mass has... More > been reached with Galactic Source frequency and its connection that opens various vortexes into the planetary grid structure itself. The Grand 26,000 year cycle, also known in Ancient times as the “The Gate Way of The Gods”. The reference to this time period has numerous terms, and is connected to The Great Pyramid Area, where all knowledge was laid in stone. This influence started when Israel became a nation again in 1947 to 1948.< Less
The Mysteries of the Great Pyramids By Dr. Clarice R. Barett Msc.D
eBook (PDF): $19.98
According to secret doctrine, the great pyramid is the first and true temple of the “mysteries”. It was a structure erected to house those sacred truths that are the definite foundation... More > to sciences, physics and spiritual truth. It is the perfect emblem of both the physical and spiritual wisdom, which states, “As Above, so As Below”. I will explain the involvement of the Illuminati, UFO’s, and Aliens, their connections to biblical history, and will include the agenda for the One World Order.< Less
The Rising Phoenix By Dr. Clarice R. Barett Msc.D
eBook (PDF): $19.98
It Will Surpass Dubai as a World Trade Center! How UFO’s and Aliens are Involved! How the World Leaders are involved! It’s Connection to Ancient Babylon! Rising from the Ashes,... More > “The Phoenix,”Mystery Babylon.”< Less
The Stones of Fire By Dr. Clarice R. Barett Msc.D
eBook (PDF): $19.98
Within These Pages You’ll Discover the Foundation of Man’s History, From Ancient and Biblical Texts! Receive Answers to: What are the UFOs, and Who are the Aliens? Who Rules the World... More > Today? What is Their Connection to the Beginning of Time? Why is the Upcoming Stargate so Important? What is the Outcome for the People of Planet Earth? “The Great Deception!"< Less
God’s Story Written in the Constellations By Dr. Clarice R. Barett Msc.D
eBook (PDF): $19.98
Ancient Hebrew Astrology and Numerology, (Esoteric) the first language of man was ancient Hebrew that was written, also known as “Shekinah” Language of Light. God wrote the whole history... More > of man in the Stars of The Constellations. The Greek interpretation is wrong; by apply different Gods to the planets! Even though, the New Testament was a Greek Translation. This is why you will see some words from the New Testament that is Greek in this book. The Old Testament was written from Hebrew, while the New Testament was written from Greek translation.< Less
The Ancient Blueprint By Dr. Clarice R. Barett Msc.D
eBook (PDF): $19.98
Only through our knowing these spiritual and energetic patterns can we achieve our full potential: to become conscious, responsible creator beings in the world. In recent times, the term we use to... More > describe these core spiritual, energetic, and physical blueprint patterns is Sacred Geometry.< Less
The Language of Light Ancient Secrets Revealed By Dr. Clarice R. Barett Msc.D
eBook (PDF): $19.98
Language of Light the Emerald tables also known as the 10 commandments and the Keys of Enoch and Solomon, “the lost Enochian knowledge reveals the mother tongue as a “Language of... More > Light.” Known to the ancients as Hiburu, today as ancient Hebrew, it is the primal seed language, introduced at the beginning of this time cycle. Modern research confirms, the most ancient form of Hebrew to be a natural language, the alphabetic forms emerging from the phosphine flare patterns of the brain.< Less

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Hardcover: $31.49
Vein Book Vein Book By Eric Dohner
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