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Short Codes By Solomon Okpa
eBook (ePub): $2.50
The Short Codes will thrill you from the very instant you insert yourself into the content, the bliss and a feeling of inner passion for all that is lost, would be your most remarkable gain from the... More > book. You would encounter how some people have struggled to death and how others without recourse to their fellow men would do anything to enrich themselves, as evident in The Evil of Crude Oil. You would certainly not forget the journey it took a father to locate a child lost from birth, how through hatred and a simple gift, a life destined for a catastrophic end, became one worthy of emulation. More Precious than Gold would touch all parts of your life.< Less
What the Rich Do Not Know By Solomon Okpa
eBook (ePub): $2.00
This book is of ancient origin, yet the content fits well with events of recent times. Get into the book and meet the Narrator, one of the richest men that ever walked this earth. He took so much... More > risk and death-sacrifice to put together this work. This ancient sacrifice brings to the fore the secrets of rich people and as you journey through this book; you would encounter eleven top secrets of the rich. This journey would eventually unveil another line of secrets hidden to the rich. This journey is one you must embark on, but be warned the moment you start reading, you may find it difficult to stop not until you get to the end, which is getting to know “What the Rich Do Not Know”.< Less
Enjoy Your Wife, Enjoy Your Husband By Solomon Okpa
eBook (ePub): $5.00
Marriage is to be enjoyed and not endured - this describes the totality of this book. The perceived fact that a lot of couples are distracted and tend to focus their attention on another woman or man... More > outside is the bane of marriage. The author makes it clear that: “That man outside is not better than your husband, neither is the woman outside sweeter than your wife.” You would realize from the book that you are not to endure life, but to enjoy life. One of such free gift of enjoyment is your spouse. The sad truth is that the majority of married men and women are enduring their marriages rather than enjoying it. Why? Their eyes are outside looking at the unmarried, married, young and old men and women who belong to another person. If you think that is all, you would be shocked to find more reasons inside this book and when you do, you would learn how to value your spouse more than ever, protect your spouse and above all enjoy your spouse.< Less
What the Rich Does Not Know By Solomon Okpa
eBook (ePub): $2.00
Cracking an acient tale and secrets about wealth, its creation and hidden secrets about rich people describes this book. You would learn about wealth, wealth preservation and the other side of wealth.
Business Killers By Solomon Okpa
eBook (ePub): $3.50
This book in your hand came out of a continuous battle with Business Killers, who would not want their secrets revealed. The reason is that businesses all over the world, including yours are under... More > their attack. You would journey through the secret actions of these killers; the course of a supposedly thriving business against the rocks and death, even though, this path seemed hidden to the owners and patron. You must learn the proper steps to start a business, preserve the business, detect, avoid and combat Business Killers, before it is too late. What, or who are these killers? The answers are concealed in the secret pages of this book. The author made it clear that, his business, “is to expose these killers to you, while your business, is to discover them and prepare for battle, to defend your business”. “Business Killers are around you, in you and you must eradicate them before they kill you and your business.”< Less

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