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Rosslyn Chapel Mysteries By Lesley Crossingham
eBook (ePub): $1.87
(1 Ratings)
Rosslyn Chapel in Scotland has been the subject of speculation for centuries. Discover and uncover the hidden mysteries in this well researched book.
The Eternal Promise By Lesley Crossingham
eBook (ePub): $14.09
(1 Ratings)
The ancient wisdom and the eternal love of two soul-mates - Jesus and Mary Magdalene is written here in Mary's words. Follow their journey from the temples of Ancient Egypt where they pledged to... More > anchor a clear path to the eternal love, through to their final expression of eternal truth in ancient Jerusalem. This story is based on the wisdom and teachings of Gnostic Gospels, so long repressed by the church. This knowledge is also the wisdom of the Cathars, who were put to the sword on the orders of the Pope. The Gnostic Jesus and Mary offered the world a new vision and a new hope. First published as Amma'na'tha, (the mother returns) this book has been revised and offered as an e-Book for the first time. For a limited time, receive a free copy of the original with every purchase of this electronic book. Please contact Lesley directly through her website.< Less
Sacred Circle Workbook By Lesley Crossingham
Paperback: $19.47
Prints in 3-5 business days
(1 Ratings)
Learn how to make your very own medicine wheel, medicine bags, smudge materials, sacred healing feathers and so much more in this very practical Shaman Workbook. This book follows on from the... More > Shaman's Door Trilogy which recounts the true story of one young woman's journey into the shamanistic pathway offered by traditional Native American Indian people in southern Alberta in Canada, during the 1980s. The wisdom she learned there is now offered to all who wish to walk the pathway of Earth Medicine in their day to day lives. Learn how to make your own medicine bags, grow and create your own smudge sticks, dream pillows and so much more in this very practical book. This book comes complete with diagrams, and listings of all the sacred stones of the Medicine Wheel, as well as practical instructions you can follow to make your own shaman pathway one of great joy and spiritual growth.< Less
The Goddess Codes By Lesley Crossingham
Paperback: $15.56
Prints in 3-5 business days
(1 Ratings)
The Goddess Codes are a resonation that awakens divine transformation. Only when we enter the inner sacred space of the heart will the gifts of the Goddess be revealed. Her pathway is one of pure... More > love for the self and for all creation. This book follows and compliments Amma Na Tha, a book Lesley channeled many years ago. It is the personal story of two soul-mates, Jesus and Mary Magdalene. However it became clear that the book itself, and the very powerful story, had a transformative affect on all who read it. Lesley went in search of these mysteries in Jerusalem, Southern France and in Canada and then realized she had been walking the Goddess pathway all along. So have you. As you read this book you will uncover your own Goddess pathway as well as gaining a deeper understanding on how the Goddess lives in your life. It is your divine nature and the secret Codes of love and spiritual unity lie within your heart.< Less
Living Luminosity By Lesley Crossingham
Paperback: $15.59
Prints in 3-5 business days
Living Luminosity is a book that will change your life and awaken your soul! Author, Lesley Crossingham reveals the secrets of spiritual mastery she gleaned from the Mystery Schools in every corner... More > of the world. These are the secret keys kept by the ancient ones and they are revealed in this amazing and life-changing book. The real you, the eternal you, is a luminous gift that we slowly uncover, nurture and celebrate over the years of our lives. We are all meant to blossom and shine our own eternal light of the soul out into the world, and then the universe. This book reveals the ancient teachings that will complete your life. This books consists of four book: The Book of Dragons, the Book of Mirrors, The Book of Isis and the Book of Stars. Each book offers incredible wisdom. This groundbreaking book will change your life, if you apply the wisdom and live your own truth fully.< Less
The Empath Codex Veritas By Lesley Crossingham
Paperback: $15.94
Prints in 3-5 business days
Are you an Empath? There is a wave of psychically aware sensitive people incarnating into the world, heralding a huge shift and transformation of the world. However, until your psychic powers are... More > fully awakened they can be a curse rather than a blessing. At the same time, we are seeing huge numbers of people abusing drugs, suffering from mental illnesses, including depression and an enormous wave of suicide -- Is this a coincidence? This book offers the reader rare insights into the wisdom of the ancient Mystery Schools and their secret information. This is the knowledge held dear by the Illuminati and other corporate entities to enslave humanity. Discover the eternal truth of your spiritual nature and how to liberate your soul from the hell-world of the Astral into the eternal world of pure bliss! In this ground-breaking book, you will discover your inner powers and how to awaken them. You will discover why the world has been embroiled in a spiritual war and why this is all coming to a head right now!< Less
LightBody - Visions of the Human Aura By Lesley Crossingham
Paperback: $15.96
Prints in 3-5 business days
Seeing the human aura is as natural as breathing, yet many of us have forgotten how to do this. With more than forty years as a working clairvoyant, this author offers her insights into how to see,... More > feel and understand the human aura in practical and simple terms. In this book you will learn how to train your eyes to actually see the aura, as well as understand the colours, the chakras energies and the spirit guides who are part of the human aura around every person. This is a practical "how to" guide for every person, from any walk of life. It is not "religious" and is therefore not a spiritual teaching as such, it does pertain to spirituality because the human aura is a vital and very important part of the eternal soul.< Less
Starseed - The Magdalene Papers By Lesley Crossingham
Paperback: $15.82
Prints in 3-5 business days
This book follows on from Amma Na Tha. It is a channeled book inspired and guided by the Great Mary Magdalene. She uncovers the pathway of the Empath and Starseed beings who have incarnated on this... More > planet to assist in the ascension of all its inhabitants from the malaise of materialism to the full awakening of spiritual power. Starseed Beings have their origins on other worlds, where their spiritual energies were nurtured by love and constant support. They come to this world to awaken these powers for themselves, and for others around them who are under the spell of materialism and the false doctrines that tell people that they will be happy when they achieve material wealth and success. Happiness only occurs when a spiritual being is fully conscious of their true and eternal self.< Less
Heaven's Sake By Lesley Crossingham
eBook (ePub): $0.00
(1 Ratings)
Psychics promise a heavenly paradise but what if that is not true? Author Lesley Crossingham explores this tricky dilemma and offers her insights, and the wisdom of Kyle Griffith's War in Heaven to... More > explore the truth. This is a controversial book and only for those who genuinely want to discover the truth, and not be mislead by phony "celebrity" psychics.< Less
StarSeed - The Holy Grail By Lesley Crossingham
Paperback: $15.66
Prints in 3-5 business days
This world was created millions of years ago and many spiritual visitors from other worlds have incarnated to assist the awakening. These Beings are the StarSeeds who come to this world to heal and... More > awaken. They left special star-seed wisdom known as The legendary Holy Grail. The grail is not a physical cup, but a spiritual wisdom cup, a goal for the seeker.. and the StarSeeds left clues hidden in ancient legends and sacred scripture. This book uncovers and highlights the ancient wisdom and offers it in modern terminology for those who wish to complete their life-purpose at this time. This book follows Amma Na Tha, and the First StarSeed Book. Both were channeled from Mary Magdalene.< Less

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