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Mindset Shift: Employee to Entrepreneur By Oh james
Paperback: $19.51
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This powerful practical and transformation guide book is to provide readers an invaluable insight and hindsight experience the author had undergone to be transformed from employee to entrepreneur.... More > This sound, solid and valid foundation have been embedded in his heart since his young age, which he has successfully use to correct his mind shift to accomplish what he ultimately longs for. You will definitely be able to pick up some invaluable lessons to avoid such painful experience and concentrate your efforts in building a long lasting and effective burning desire working towards your ultimate goal. Alternatively, it may also offer you an effective means to discover; align your inner voice and unleash your hidden potential. By doing so, you are doing yourself a well deserved favor in molding yourself to be transformed into an entrepreneur.< Less
Growing Your Wealth Exponentially By Oh james
eBook (ePub): $8.99
"Growing Your Wealth Exponentially" offers effective and good tips, steps and approaches to help readers to achieve a long lasting and effective desired effect of achieving abundance of... More > wealth, health and happiness. The readers will then do what they love and keep moving towards their new found purpose. By doing so, they will follow the flow and not fight against the tides of the waves. Less "Growing Your Wealth Exponentially" has shed some light as to how the author had utilise sound and solid workable principles to achieve his success despite all the odds. Thus, it is vitally important for everyone to equip himself with these skills, knowledge and mindsets of growing your wealth through these 5Ps magical formula. More importantly, the reader is able to cope well with those changes with ease. Thus, his contentment and inner peace will surpass all understanding which makes him lacks nothing.< Less
eBook (ePub): $9.99
The intention of this handy practical workbook is to show you how to achieve the miracle of looking beyond the financial statements. To reap this benefit, the reader first needs to have the overall... More > view of the big picture of the business. Then you follow by solid understanding of the financial statements to serve as a rock foundation before you dig deeper and further to get invaluable insight information. To predict the outcome with certainty, the readers need to have a good understanding of both qualitative and quantitative aspects of the organization to determine whether the company can deliver its performance/promises to meet the needs and demands of customers depending on the cap you wear.< Less
Financial Literacy and Wisdom for Financial Independence , Freedom and Richness By Oh james
eBook (ePub): $9.99
The intention of this financial literacy book is to equip readers with better skills to manage their financial matters better. To achieve such tangible results, readers will need to cultivate... More > responsible financial behaviour by unlearning, researching and repeating in mastering such skills. To acquire mental toughness is not optional. This is because your attitude will determine your altitude. With the above in mind, this book provides readers complete and comprehensive strategies so that readers can apply its concepts appropriately, effectively and wholly according to their situations without any shadow of doubt. In short, it is an effortless exercise. Amazing! Are you surprise? Mindful that deliberate practice will make permanent progress.< Less
Better Than The Best By Oh james
eBook (ePub): $8.99
Better Than The Best has its proven tips and recipe to help readers know more about themselves, dare to do the unthinkable and be versatile to the rapid changes as a result of environmental and... More > technological changes. Through "Better Than The Best", the author share his experience and hindsights on how he obtained his breakthrough results. Better Than The Best has helped to sharpen and strengthen readers' mind and boost up their confidence towards accomplishing a life of their choice and live life to the fullest will have access to many ideas, illustrations, insights and hindsights. It is required reading for anyone who wants to live life without any regret.< Less
Letting Go and Moving On By Oh james
eBook (ePub): $8.99
"Letting Go and Moving On" offers effective and excellent tips, steps and approaches to help readers to forgive anything which has no value to them especially to set aside hurts and pains.... More > Though it is very difficult, painful and hurtful to let go especially for those involved with a loss of the life of an innocent child, whom the author had been promised. "Letting Go and Moving On" has shed some light as to how the author could do all things through God who strengthen him. This ebook based on Philippians 4:13 shows how God gave him spiritual sight through this Scripture couple of years ago. It includes Scriptures that set us free to see others and ourselves as part of God's precious creation.< Less

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