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TOUCHED BY A WHISPER By Ginger Reid-Parker & D.H Reid
eBook (PDF): $5.00
In the 16th century, an archeologist discovers an ancient tomb in Damascus. Artifacts are removed that are protected over the centuries by angels. Over the centuries, the artifacts are kept safe... More > until the new millenium, With an international gang of terrorists, forgers, and murderer's representing her family, it draws a young couple into the scheme of an evil woman that will stop at nothing to obtain the ancient relics. The woman is so devious, evil, arrogant, and controlling, it leads to a fitting conclusion, where reality is distorted, fiction is perceived as reality, and no one can be trusted. Join Lynn, Dave, Bertha, Pauline, and others on an action-filled ride into the supernatural, the occult, a coven of Satan-worshippers, and they ask themselves if they will survive the grasp of evil, or if they will be destroyed trying to end the reign of an evil woman.< Less
eBook (PDF): $5.00
After hearing that her mother is aborting her sister, a young woman is run down in front of an abortion clinic, trying to stop it from happening. Lying in a coma, she visits the sister in heaven and... More > shares her life. When she recovers enough to go home, she is confined to a wheelchair, but she learns many things about abortion and the evils associated with it. Unknown to her, a cult is operating in the area and a man is raping and murdering those around her. On Halloween, he is disguised as death and kidnaps her friend Melissa, which sets up an evil triangle of mystery, a fight to survive, and a families struggle to overcome evil and embrace righteousness. Using hyponosis and drugs, every member of the family will be drawn into the web of intrigue and suspense and things will start happening that aren't as they appear.< Less
THE DARKNESS OF THE SHADOWS By D. H Reid & Ginger Reid-Parker
eBook (PDF): $5.00
A telegram sends five people on a vacation they will never forget. Arriving at their destination, they decide to spend the night in a mysterious, old mansion during a raging thunderstorm. Little do... More > they realize that a mysterious stranger is about to enter their lives. He tells them about a strange virus that has overtaken the occupants of the town and top-secret experiments that were conducted away from the prying eyes of the world. For the next four days, the small group tries their best to keep themselves alive. They not only uncover the secret that surrounds the old mansion, but they also discover a plot that is so diabolical that it could see extra-terrestrials destroy the world and everyone living on it. Join the small group as they work against time to expose the truth about the government and military leaders, before the government hides their secrets again forever from the prying eyes of the world.< Less
The Spirits Danced at Midnight By Ginger Reid-Parker & D.H Reid
eBook (PDF): $5.00
Five people are given a once-in-a-lifetime vacation on a remote island. After they arrive, they are presented with an interesting proposition. They will be given an opportunity to participate in a... More > game. If they are successful and win, they reap the benefits and they are allowed to leave the island alive. If they lose, they willingly give their souls to the owner of the island for the rest of eternity. Unknown to them, their host is the leader of a cult that has existed for centuries. Investigating the island for clues that will solve the mystery of the island and win the game, the group accidentally releases the spirits of the cult members from their eternal bondage. Now facing unknown dangers, the group will have to use their talents, faith, trust for each other and knowledge to defeat their host and live. Will they succeed or perish forever in the attempt.< Less
Fantasies and Dreams By D. H Reid & Ginger Reid-Parker
Paperback: $22.95
Prints in 3-5 business days
In the book called Fantasies and Dreams, stories of enchantment for young minds comes to life. Children enjoy hearing about being a princess in an ivory tower, meeting their prince that saves them... More > from giants and wizards, which is based on their imaginations. The greatest nation in the world is called the imagination and it is there that many of their dreams come to life. In this compilation of bedtime stories, the children learn important lessons on faith, being true to themselves, virtue, honesty, and protecting the world where we live. They learn that their parents will watch over them always and keep them from harm, they are there to teach them each day, and if they use common sense, it enables them to reach their full potential in life. These stories are written for children to explore their own dreams and fantasies, so they grow and prosper in wisdom.< Less

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