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Twice Upon a Time By Frank Hawthorne
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Some twenty-eight years ago, I was involved in a serious road accident with my small service van. Fortunately, I came out of it quite unscathed. However, during the following one and a half years or... More > so, I experienced a most intense and strange adventure; so strange that I now look back on it and wonder if it really happened. Perhaps you can decide. Most, if not all, science fiction stories depict very typical human circumstances fantasised by moving them to an imaginary different planet or time or both and prognosticating human technology. “Twice Upon a Time” does this also but there is a question as to whether it is fantasised. Fact can indeed be much stranger than fiction and you are about to take your mind into entirely new realms of thought experience; so strange that they can only be conveyed by written and word of mouth and not by any other media.< Less
Omnipotent Challenge By Frank Hawthorne
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This is a treatment of the greatest questions we can ask written by a layperson for lay-reading. Accordingly, this book is neither qualified nor intended as an instrument for academic study. At the... More > same time, some degree of general, background, scientific understanding is necessary in order to frame the questions and, indeed, it is only the scientific platform now available to us that makes it possible, for the first time, for us to really address the questions. If you flick through the pages here, don’t be put off by the seeming unfamiliar and complex looking diagrams, chemical formulae and the like. In the text, all of this has been reduced to an easy and, hopefully, interesting lay-person’s understanding. Should you decide to read the book, I am confident you will come out of it with an added shade of colour to your perception of both yourself and the world in which we live. That, in turn, will justify my effort and intent to make our world a little better.< Less

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