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Youtube War: Fighting in a World of Cameras in Every Cell Phone and Photoshop on Every Computer [Enlarged Edition] By Cori E. Dauber & Strategic Studies Institute
Paperback: $20.97
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Terrorist attacks today are often media events in a second sense: information and communication technologies have developed to such a point that these groups can film, edit, and upload their own... More > attacks within minutes of staging them, whether the Western media are present or not. In this radically new information environment, the enemy no longer depends on traditional media. This is the “YouTube War.” This monograph methodically lays out the nature of this new environment in terms of its implications for a war against media-savvy insurgents, and then considers possible courses of action for the Army and the U.S. military as they seek to respond to an enemy that has proven enormously adaptive to this new environment and the new type of warfare it enables.< Less
State-Building Challenges in a Post-Revolution Libya (Enlarged Edition) By Mohammed El-Katiri & Strategic Studies Institute
Paperback: $17.95
Prints in 3-5 business days
Following the overthrow of Muammar Qadhafi, Libya’s National Transitional Council inherited a difficult and volatile domestic situation. The new leadership faces serious challenges in all areas... More > of statehood. Libya’s key geostrategic position, and role in hydrocarbon production and exportation, means that the internal developments there are crucial not only to the Libyan people, but also to neighboring countries both in North Africa and across the Mediterranean in southern Europe. Therefore, mitigation or prevention of conditions that could lead to Libya becoming a failing or failed state is of vital importance. A review of the major challenges to the new Libyan regime, including the continuing role of tribalism and the difficulty posed by the new government’s lack of monopoly on ensuring security in Tripoli and beyond are discussed. Key issues of concern to foreign partners when engaging with the new Libyan leadership are highlighted, and a number of policy recommendations are made.< Less
Defining Command, Leadership, and Management Success Factors within Stability Operations (PKSOI Paper) [Enlarged Edition] By Dave Fielder et al.
Paperback: $17.99
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This monograph addresses the topic of Command, Leadership, and Management (CLM) success attributes in stability operations and is intended to reach a wide audience of actors including military and... More > civilian deliverers of effect at the strategic, operational, and tactical levels of operations. It integrates disparate and wide-ranging definitions into a framework to study stability operations. Using this framework, the United Kingdom, the United States, the United Nations, the European Union, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, and the International Committee of the Red Cross are analyzed. Three case studies from the Balkans, Iraq, and Afghanistan are provided. The author provides a model for future research.< Less
Military Modernization and the Russian Ground Forces [Enlarged Edition] By Rod Thornton et al.
Paperback: $17.51
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Russia’s political leaders are currently pushing a state- and society-wide process of modernization. The Russian military, a deeply conservative institution, is being asked to accept... More > fundamental changes that threaten the very livelihoods of those being asked to implement them. New structures can be created and new equipment and technologies procured, but the crucial element is the degree to which such changes are accepted by the human element. This is often the most difficult aspect in any process of organizational change. It is no wonder that the military modernization process is progressing slowly in Russia. The Russian ground forces will not be very different in the next few years than they are now. Time and future investment will eventually produce the more refined army that a host of Russian politicians have wished to see. But it will take time and investment.< Less

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Genius Matters Genius Matters By Angela Maiers
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