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Real Fiction By Terence Park
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Real Fiction shines a light on a murky world of crime and business, where detectives pit their brains against each other, criminals try to beat the system and no-one is entirely good or evil. Jonny... More > Muse is an OpEd. In Alibi He gets involved in a suicide and his life is changed. In Tornado Alley, fresh from New York, he chases tornadoes and gets an introduction to Indian culture. Ray wakes up in Korlam Heath, beaten and battered. Who’s Ray? That’s me. I live in New Goodshaw, capital of New England and biggest city in world. When I find who left me like that I’m gonna beat the crap outta them. Read my story in Goodshaw City Blues. Lellegheny is febrile with rumours of a local legend, the Ridge Runner and Mr Dimling has decided to go missing. A job for Bernie Doarn, private investigator, in Harjazes At the time of the Crusades, corsairs prowled the Mediterranean. A storm near Malta upturns the lives of three friends in Xewkija, The Central Sea and Adriana.< Less
Unfinished Tales By Terence Park
Paperback: List Price: $17.10 $10.26 | You Save: 40%
Prints in 3-5 business days
Five tales, eight stories. A journalist leaves the Big Apple to go tornado chasing in Indian country; An America where law enforcement is as feared as the mob; A private investigator checks out the... More > legend of the Ridge Runner; A corsair threat to the Kingdom of Sicily; The slaughter of three Roman Legions at Teutoberger Wald has repercussions as far afield as Alexandria.< Less
Brant By Terence Park
Paperback: List Price: $10.51 $6.31 | You Save: 40%
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A sketch for a fantasy (mythic, heroic) As a youth, Brant flees his homeland which has been conquered by the augeruch. He vows to one day return and free those he knows. That is some way off. He... More > hires himself out to trader caravans and learns the trade of a mercenary, travelling the Northland steppes, the far off Khaif empire and beyond, even to the fabled city of Hrim The realm of Tyrikhon has fallen on hard times. Princess Aralie is to be bartered by her uncle, who rules in place of her assassinated father. She is kept prisoner in the town of Orby. Not far away bands of mercenaries gather, waiting for an opportunity. Things are looking bleak. Through the nearby forest a lone wanderer approaches....< Less
Lory Gato, Interstellar Gourmet By Terence Park
Paperback: List Price: $10.55 $6.33 | You Save: 40%
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A sketch for a Space Opera. Lory Gato is a commissioning agent for CEAD, Core-Earth Azimuth Developments. What that involves is a stressful life, hopping from star to star seeking out ever more... More > piquant tastes. Why? because the teeming billions of Earth can't afford the fare to the exotic pleasure palaces of the galaxy. His mission? to boldly seek out places where no human tongue has tasted or nose has sniffed before. No matter how repulsive or quixotic those alien luxuries might be, he's got to test them and send some back home. Yep, not what your average Joe does, but it has to be done. Genial, fun-loving star-traveller Lory comes to T'negi 36. Does he bite off more than he can chew when he meets lovely xeno-archaeologist, jih Le'acia?< Less
The Slow Holocaust By Terence Park
Paperback: List Price: $13.47 $8.08 | You Save: 40%
Prints in 3-5 business days
(1 Ratings)
Writing Day: a wannabe librarian is on the run —from the last library on Earth. The Slow Holocaust: once again millions of Britons are out of work. The Wrong Lane: it’s the individual... More > versus society, but who wins? Undercroft: a crotchety scribe downs his quills.< Less
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A Guide to First Contact By Terence Park
Paperback: $29.07
Prints in 3-5 business days
Fact and fiction are blurred in this epic of a post apocalypse America. Triste is a mercenary. The ruins of New York are shunned with good reason; it's the haunt of perdokhi, sub-human brutes. They... More > breed fast and they are mutating, and New York is a hotspot for new and dangerous breeds - which is handy for, say, a covert alien base, and Redmann. Redmann live unmolested amongst the perdokhi, but how? Shoe is a Redmann but wants to escape. It will be risky - she's not like normal humans but she has a plan. Triste is tracking down a long lost gene lab. She falls in with him. He uses drugs to stay alive, soon he'll return to civilisation – but he doesn't know who or what she is A relationship develops. They find records that tie into events before the collapse of the West. Shoe isn't as defenceless as she seems. Time is running out. Kindle:< Less
A Guide to First Contact By Terence Park
Hardcover: $38.54
Prints in 3-5 business days
…is a literary experiment. It deconstructs a number of seemingly unrelated narratives from the future, present and past, fitting them together so that they drip feed through the larger design... More > that links them together. Gradually a grand mosaic is built up revealing the links between the protagonist and the various other entities populating this work and the machinations of, both human and alien take shape. The protagonist remains an enigma. Long, long ago during the Late Pleistocene, creatures from outer space - Star Beings - prepare the next phase in the development of life on Earth. In the present day an American mission is planned to a near earth object, meanwhile a research program into pre-historic races gets underway. The apocalypse has been and gone. A mercenary works the ruins of American cities, searching for loot... and answers.< Less
Lucky and other stories By Terence Park
Paperback: List Price: $14.59 $10.94 | You Save: 25%
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What if you're not like anybody else? What if you can't be? What does it mean to be human? The odds are stacked against the lost and alone. Lucky is alien. Yep she really is an alien, and this... More > edition collects the first four episodes in her tale. Long, long ago, there was war in the heart of the galaxy. The core stars were ripped apart by the fury of that conflict. Lucky is a survivor from it. Her ship charts a careful course, ploughing its lonely furrow between the stars, always away from what she once knew. She'd stop running but it's now all she knows. Eventually she comes upon a back-water of the Milky Way, known locally as Orion’s Belt. Also in this collection, four short stories: After School – civilisation is collapsing, even in the UK. Writing Day – a tale of the last library on Earth. Flower to Tree – all SF nightmares have a beginning. Joe and the Xenophids – humanity are next up on the extinction list. Some explicit content.< Less
The Tau Device By Terence Park
Paperback: List Price: $26.29 $15.77 | You Save: 40%
Prints in 3-5 business days
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Lory Gato enjoys the privileged life, of an interstellar gourmet He gets sent to T'negi 36 where humans have a small presence. As new kids on the galactic block, humanity get the scraps —... More > T'negi 36 is nearly airless and it'll be a long time before it's fit to live on. The few bars on T'negi 36 are closed because of problems with humans. He arranges, anyway, to meet a t'negi xeno-archaeologist, Liasse, who is researching a long dead civilisation. She believes whatever destroyed it is still a threat. Lory has a run in with Earthers - humans who believe their manifest destiny is to (somehow) overthrow alien civilisations, steal alien terraforming technology, and colonize. The technology that powers interstellar civilisation suddenly fails... then it turns out that the Earthers have powerful allies. Lory and Liasse are thrown together in a desperate bid to survive.< Less

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