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White Viper By Terence Strong
eBook (ePub): $8.32
He was on the Z-file, the last resort. Infiltrator, investigator and sometime executioner. A freelance to be used when all else fails. Uniquely qualified to operate in dangerous territory where even... More > government agencies fear to tread - against state tyranny, terrorism and narcotics traffickers. Reaching out beyond the arm of international law to dispense justice, however rough. Working for various human rights organisations, the DEA and several intelligence agencies. And for the anonymous organisation to which he has made a very personal pledge. A man driven by a hatred of intimidation and an unquenchable thirst for revenge. Pursued by dark demons from his past. So when vast quantities of White Viper - an exceptionally pure and branded cocaine - threaten to flood Britain, Europe and the USA, he is the natural choice to head-up a covert search-and-destroy operation. One that is to plunge him into the deadliest, most harrowing and unnerving mission of his life.< Less
That Last Mountain By Terence Strong
eBook (ePub): $8.27
He is a sergeant-major in the SAS. His task is to snatch a defecting Russian 'Star Wars' scientist from Stockholm. She is the she-wolf. Leader of a crack Spetsnaz pack. Her task is to get the... More > scientist back. Dead or alive. Their paths have crossed before. Now the score has to be settled. In between is the scientist, ruthlessly manipulated by both sides, torn between loyalty to his country and the love of a woman. THAT LAST MOUNTAIN is a story of sweeping passion and betrayal, of endurance and breath-taking action in the Scandinavian mountains - the toughest terrain on earth. 'Genuinely exciting' Sunday Telegraph 'An expert miasma of treachery and suspicion building to a thrilling climax' Observer< Less
The Tick Tock Man By Terence Strong
eBook (ePub): $8.37
He has the most dangerous job in the world: defusing terrorist bombs. A job that demands nerves of steel and courage to match. But his skill is being tested to the limit by a new IRA bombing... More > campaign. It's different from the others, each device more deadly and cunning than the last, each more difficult for him to neutralise. It's almost as if someone is testing him, trying to find his limits - a long-dead adversary reaching out for him from beyond the grave. Time and luck are running out. From Belfast to London, he is pitched into a very personal battle - a fight where just one small mistake will be his last. From the author of WHISPER WHO DARES, THE FIFTH HOSTAGE and SOME UNHOLY WAR, this is a terrifying, brilliantly researched journey into the dark, claustrophobic world of the professional bomb-disposal man. 'Breathless entertainment' The Guardian< Less
Wheels of Fire By Terence Strong
eBook (ePub): $6.48
A former SAS soldier is summoned to war-torn Bosnia to replace a negotiator in the struggling Royal Wessex battalion. His mission: to keep the wheels of the UN relief convoys running at all... More > costs. But his Company commander isn’t up to the job and his oppo in liaison is running his own agenda for MI6. The uneasy Muslim-Croat alliance is breaking down with the arrival of fundamentalist fighters from Afghanistan…Then there are mercenaries for hire and the CIA stirring the pot for its own ends. Only the arrival of the winter snow brings a welcome lull to the mayhem. But it brings another problem. It’s vital that one huge aid convoy runs the gauntlet of fighting along the icy mountain roads to break the siege of Sarajevo before Christmas. Defying all odds, the twin air-horns of a hundred trucks blast defiantly as their giant wheels begin to roll on a journey to hell and back…< Less
Deadwater Deep By Terence Strong
eBook (ePub): $7.78
Britain hands over Hong Kong to Beijing and a new government comes to power in London. At the same time an American intelligence plan is revealed: to overcome Communist China’s hundred-year... More > strategy for world domination with its rapid growth in military and economic might. But does the plan’s success depend too much on John Dancer, a laconic CIA officer who has seen too much and been in China just too long? And what part for lovely Lily Cheung, shy and badly haunted by her past? Beside the human element of risk, there is the problem of using cutting-edge naval technology in Project Deadwater. It pushes joint Anglo-American stealth submarine design to its limits, demanding total dedication from the SEAL and SBS team it will put ashore – regardless of the odds. The most audacious power-broking game ever played in history has to be sanction at the highest possible level. But no one has yet told the President of the United States…< Less
President Down By Terence Strong
eBook (ePub): $6.68
Former intelligence officer and one-time instructor at the British Army School of Sniping, Phil Mason is struggling to make ends meet as a private investigator when he’s contacted by his former... More > MI5 liaison officer. But in the murky intelligence world of smoke and mirrors, nothing is necessarily what it seems. Hampered political back-stabbing, what begins as a routine surveillance operation escalates into a full-blown international crisis. As Mason and his team get drawn into the dangerous underground networks, lives are put at risk – and suddenly it all feels very up-close and personal. In a desperate race against time to uncover the identity and a major threat posed by the terrorist killers, Mason has to come to terms with the unthinkable: there must be a traitor within Britain’s security forces. As time is running out fast, Mason must hastily re-hone his old counter-sniper skills as he returns to the business he swore he had left behind forever. The killing game.< Less
Some Unholy War By Terence Strong
eBook (ePub): $6.68
Dave Aston is a dead man walking. He had been a soldier, a member of the British SAS. He'd ridden an adrenalin wave, invincible. Black Ops in Iraq and Afghanistan. Until that final mission into... More > bandit country. Unauthorised, so no back up. That was when his luck ran out . . . Everything is lost: his marriage, his home and his self-respect. Down and out, with a broken body and a damaged soul, on the cold streets of his homeland. There he discovers that the astonishing circle of deceit is complete. With new friends amongst the down-and-outs, he discovers a trail of drug-dealing, murder and intrigue that winds all the way back to the Taliban badlands of Afghanistan. But is he just too far down to fight back against a new evil force at work in his own back yard? Can he possibly find the strength and courage to avenge his friends and save himself? Tense and exhilarating with characters that get into your head and under your skin, Some Unholy War is a riveting story from a master of the modern thriller.< Less
The Fifth Hostage By Terence Strong
eBook (ePub): $6.76
He is a journalist who knows too much. She is his lover, a Norwegian press photographer who shares his deadly secret. They are held in revolution-torn Iran, and President Khomeini wants them to talk.... More > Britain is determined they should not... Their fate lies in the hands of an SAS team that must disappear into the hostile turmoil of Iran in a desperate rescue bid against the clock. A gruelling ordeal that calls for ingenuity, sacrifice and courage in a dangerous and desolate terrain - cut off from the outside world. This is a story of passions and loyalties tested to destruction as the sweeping shadow of fanaticism and terror darkens the land. "A nail biter climax" NEWCASTLE JOURNAL "No one can cram in the action like Strong" GLASGOW EVENING NEWS< Less
Cold Monday By Terence Strong
eBook (ePub): $7.69
Haunted by the brutal murder of his wife in Bosnia, an ex-SAS soldier promises to track down the culprits and avenge her killing. Just when his life is going into meltdown, a former colleague tells... More > him one of the killers is in London – and there’s already a contract out for the man’s assassination. What he cannot know is the elaborate game of bluff and counter-bluff being played out in Europe for the biggest stakes imaginable. There are high-ranking officials and politicians who have a vested interest in his failure and disappearance. So begins his dangerous journey into the dark heart of modern Europe, where he finds himself in deadly conflict with the new mafias and the unaccountable security apparatus of an emerging super-state. At the centre of everything is a secret act of national betrayal that is as shocking as it is unexpected. All that is required to bring it to fruition is to silence one man. Unluckily for those architects of treason, that man is in no mood to compromise.< Less
Rogue Element By Terence Strong
eBook (ePub): $7.69
For 20 dangerous years he has worked undercover for Britain’s Security Service. Then MI5 makes one demand too many, an act of personal betrayal. When he refuses, he sees his world collapse and... More > finds himself accused of a high-profile murder he did not commit. Yet the evidence against him is overwhelming. Only his former comrade-in-arms believes his innocence. The SAS tracker funds himself on the trail of the most deadly adversary of all - a rogue element within the secret state. With a crusading defence lawyer, as renowned for her fiery temperament as her good looks, he takes on the police, government and legal system in a harrowing attempt to prove his friend’s innocence. Yet before justice can run its course, they will unearth dark secrets and a prophecy that is moving inexorably to its devastating fulfilment.< Less

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