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Hotel Rooms (and Their Deleterious Effects) By Zoe X. Rider
eBook (ePub): $2.99
Keith and Alex are hired axes for musician Damon Chase’s latest tour. At hotel stops, they’re roommates. Out in public, they’re terrible flirts—with each other. But late at... More > night, after the shows are over, Alex brings chicks back to the room, and Keith, suffering from sexual malaise brought on by the crazy-easy access of chicks on this tour, plays video games on his laptop and tunes out the noises going on three feet away from him. Alex wants Keith to join in—he even sends a girl over to his bed. Alex just can’t conjure the interest. Until, in the dark early morning, someone slips under the sheets with him. And it isn’t one of the chicks. "Hotel Rooms (and Their Deleterious Effects)" is a 15,000-word erotica story about two questionably straight guys.< Less
Whiskey & Bedposts By Zoe X. Rider
eBook (ePub): $3.99
Buzzed, bored, and more than a little sexually frustrated, best friends Matt and Bryce get curious: what if gay guys are on to something? Their experiment goes fantastically wrong, proving... More > they’re just a couple of straight guys after all. Failure never sits well with Matt, though, and he’s not convinced you have to be gay to make gay sex work. He hits up Google for research, buys some decent whiskey to smooth the road, and stows a pack of Durex in his nightstand. Now all he has to do is get Bryce over to his place and convince him to try again. When Bryce offers his own suggestion, however, it blows Matt’s careful planning to shreds. This steamy bromance features two straight guys, a couple of neckties, sturdy bedposts, some mismatched extension cords, and almost an entire bottle of lube. (Part one of a three-part series / 23k words)< Less
Down a Notch By Zoe X. Rider
eBook (ePub): $2.99
Guitarist Nicky Hazard has a drinking problem, an aggression problem, and, when he wakes up in his hotel room in the middle of his band’s latest tour, a serious dick problem. The problem is he... More > can’t get to his dick, thanks to the metal tube locked around it. With no recollection as to how or when this thing got put on him, he goes banging on his bandmates’ doors, demanding answers, but no one has any. When he receives an enigmatic invitation to the presidential suite at the hotel across the street, he hobbles over, the steel cuff digging into his groin with every step. His intention is to pound on whoever opens the door until they relinquish the key, and he doesn’t care how many teeth he has to break against his knuckles to make that happen. But when he gets there, things don’t go at all the way he’s planned. “Down a Notch” is a 14,500-word gay (m/m) erotic story featuring chastity, bondage, extortion, oral training, domination, submission, keyholding, self-control, and more.< Less

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