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The Arch Deceiver By G.C. Webb
Paperback: $7.06
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Car bombs shatter a neighbourhood in Ottawa. With Canada about to host a G8 Conference, the Prime Minster knows he must react fast. He orders Lt. Col. Ian Munro, a senior agent in CSIS and a reserve... More > army officer, to locate and neutralize the perpetrators. Munro forms a small, secretive unit. They soon uncover a global conspiracy: Irish Republican Army dissidents have linked up with a rogue Special Forces unit. Both seek vengeance and political power. Worried about a resurgence of the IRA, especially a splinter group led by a firebrand called the Hag, Britain sends an MI6 officer to Canada. Complicating Munro’s mission, the spy from the Secret Intelligence Service is a former lover. To add to his troubles, an enemy appears from his past, determined to destroy him.< Less
A Known Enemy By G.C. Webb
Paperback: $6.27
Prints in 3-5 business days
Stolen weaponry and targeted killings signal a return to violence in Ireland. Soon, intelligence intercepts confirm an IRA splinter group is plotting to take control of the country. Its commander... More > will then seek vengeance on Canada. A year earlier, its security forces destroyed her criminal empire. Ordered to stop the mobster/insurgent, Lt. Col. Ian Munro (The Arch Deceiver) takes the fight to her. In County Cork, the Irish Defence Forces and the Canadian colonel battle the militants. Upon return, Munro faces another challenge. A cabal of foreign agents is also seeking retribution. Munro and his off-the-books agency, The Insurgent Review Commission (IRC), are tasked to find them. Complicating the mission, the IRC must help protect an APEC summit taking place in Vancouver. From experience, Munro knows his enemy. He hopes for the best but expects the worst.< Less
A Clever Combatant By G.C. Webb
Paperback: $7.34
Prints in 3-5 business days
Signals intercepts are warning Canada’s security services of an imminent attack on the West Coast of the country. Quickly, Colonel Ian Munro (The Arch Deceiver) finds himself back in Vancouver... More > where his covert unit, the Insurgent Review Commission (IRC), and conventional agencies are tasked to stop it. Munro recruits a renowned investigator with extensive local experience to assist in the operation. A legend, Staff Sergeant Major Ian (Fergie) Ferguson brings his unabashed style of doing things to the IRC. Within days, a raid on an armoury fails. A reliable ‘street’ source reveals that international insurgents, reinforced by radicalized locals, are responsible. Using standard surveillance techniques, plus a few creative ones, Munro discovers their commander is a vengeance-driven, second generation fanatic. He also learns that Canada is not the only target: Colonel Munro is in the crosshairs as well.< Less

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