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Democracy and Conflicts: Could Democracy Be a Conflict Catalyst? By Kelly NGYAH
eBook (ePub): $6.99
By certain rules and perspectives of democracy assessed on scholarly or practical methodologies, it induces an incessant influx of contradictory and realist applications that, in part, create... More > tensions within the society, and in part, build conflict prevention and mitigation probabilities. From some legal perspectives of democratic constitutionalism and liberal individualistic contractual freedoms instituted within the Cairo 1997 universal declaration on democracy, a fresh analysis and view of democracy as a conflict catalyst factor in the society is deduced. Within same parameters, democracy becomes a medium for fostering social and distributive justice meanwhile preventing very bitter strives. The concept of democracy from its historical roots to its modern development perspectives is herein presented and liberal constitutionalist and representative democratic notions used to examine the problematic of democracy as a conflict catalyst factor as well as, a conflict preventer ideal.< Less
Church and State On Corruption By Kelly NGYAH
eBook (ePub): $6.90
History portrays the Church and State as sisters in combating the phenomenon of corruption within separate agendas but political philosophies deny their Unitarian focus while extremist religious... More > theology forbids their missionary similitude. However, the Church and State have an obligatory responsibility as partners to eradicate chronic societal ills―both from religious and circular perspectives. As a religious body, the church sees corruption in ‘sin’. As a circular concept, corruption is an unethical egoistic opportunity and a societal development ill. Reflecting on the works of both institutions, the conceptual values that instigate either liberal or religious citizen-ships in the fight against corrupt practices is addressed. Since corruption is an age-longed phenomenon in existence before the Church and State and seemingly heavier to be handled singly, there is therefore significant need to combine efforts and fully dedicated wills of both institutions in the legendary combat.< Less
Accountability and Transparency for Peaceful Development By Kelly NGYAH
eBook (ePub): $6.99
As decades go by, countless philosophers, activists and other category of thinkers have sorted to understand diverse perspectives and approaches for achieving sustainable peace and growth mechanisms.... More > Within this diversity, many approach the problematic from ‘roots to cause effects’, and from investigative results on outcomes of post conflict situations towards renegotiating instances that would have prevented such devastating results. The author presents new knowledge that eludes both approaches and dives directly to the ethical realities within human proclivity perspectives. He also maximises the opportunistic impacts of societal accountability and transparency in relation to some human socio-interactive and cultural inclination values, within which, moral and mutuality ethics become the most cherished societal medal for a unified mission of growth and peaceful solidarity. In brief, here is a pragmatic methodology that uses notions accountability and transparency for peaceful growth.< Less
Nations and Community Solidarity By Kelly NGYAH
eBook (ePub): $5.99
Notions of community within national and international spheres form major discussion postulates on achieving mutually comprehensive relationships between human groupings in a liberalist world.... More > However, the mutuality nuance within communitarianism by same liberalist conceptions is formed through the formation of separate small community solidarity focuses. When liberalist precepts as those of the human rights allow huge allowances for human freedom and choices over certain community binding rules, the problematic lies with respect to the possibility of achieving a major solidarity focus within a larger community perception of ‘the nation’ that has several other smaller communities within its territorial boundaries. The author sees the nation-State as a mother territorial phenomenon with the responsibility to maintain peace and solidarity among the countless smaller groupings under her. Trying to resolve one’s issue may ignite conflict with another so, how can she ensure this duty?< Less
Facing Urban Terrorism: Root Causes With Boko Haram By Kelly NGYAH
eBook (ePub): $7.99
Understood that World Wars I & II, and the other major natural disasters around the globe made frightening human death tolls, the phenomenon of terrorism finally surfaces and soaks the world anew... More > in dread and increased need for security measures over populations everywhere. While major terrorist networks such as Al Qaeda and Taliban continue to impose terror across the globe, West and Central Africa falls into the hands of another terrorist sect called Boko Haram which though smaller, has succeeded in sending across a strong message to world leaders that, ‘size is not the issue’ but it’s how negligence on their part may make a tiny pin pierce deep in the skin and probably crumble the whole system. This study principally reflects to some root causes of terrorism instituted within certain United Nations Resolutions through transnational and organized crimes. It also emphasizes on societal psycho-behaviourial patterns towards rehabilitating youths in responsible urban communities.< Less
Widows and Widowhood: From Rites to Rights By Kelly NGYAH
eBook (ePub): $3.99
The phenomenon of barbaric widowhood rites practices within traditional communities has severely retarded gender equality development perspectives between men and women within such societies. A widow... More > suffers much from psychological and physical damages in health and well-being because of the unfortunate loss of her husband and this severely deter the expected development potentials of most local women within concerned localities. In order to address the issues at stake, the author highlights exemplary cases of cruel practices and reflects their negation to principles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights; the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Against Women; and their rights to violence-free development. Also pressing on the obligations of public authorities and the civil society towards protecting widows' and their orphan children, the book serves as an important rights based resource to widows empowerment and freedom towards their inherent human dignity.< Less
Secrets of Family Happiness and Joy By Kelly NGYAH
eBook (PDF): $7.77
The family is a divine human institution cherished by God and man but the banality with which the world holds it today in respect of excessive human freedoms becomes very worrisome. The inestimable... More > value of marriage and family as the primary factor for enhancing solidarity and mutuality existence on earth is gradually losing its potency within the ever growing civil liberties and rights. People no longer see this union as important and worse to it; extremist cultural and religious faith-based institutions continue to play the separatist roles in denying interfaith marriage unions. There are most often ignored issues to consider towards building the required liveliness and warmth in a prospective family union. While introducing measures to consider before interfaith unions, sensitive and unhealthy issues that transpire and trigger frustrations between family members and other external forces are addressed towards building couples’ psychology and attitude for aptness in making unions.< Less
Community Role In Peace and Development By Kelly NGYAH
eBook (ePub): $7.77
It is obvious that recent global and local development talks and agendas have mostly centred on community perspectives. Whether based on the United Nations priority working policies against or,... More > national and local level discriminatory and marginalisation manoeuvres, the notion of ‘Community’ stays preponderant in both legalist and political growth contours. Issues of feasible community conflict moments via major war-torn zones to modern technologically built communities (online communities) are now our days a major call for concern towards conflict management objectives. This study material brings you closest to the application of community concepts in addressing the conflict moments. As well, as assessed global trends on conflicts remain high and though several writers and development agencies attempt purporting numerous solutions, herein another is a new/innovative model for analysing conflict catalysts and qualifications within community perspectives towards resolution measures< Less
Recalculations On Peace and Emerging Nations By Kelly NGYAH
eBook (ePub): $7.99
The distinction between countries in terms of developed and developing nations is now limited against the global assessments for country growth or progress rates. Another measure of fast responding... More > national economies which are neither between the mentioned extremes is that of emerging nations. From the historical analyses on the political, socioeconomic and cultural development of the emerging nations, a distinct value of peace growth is noticed thus leading them to act or be regarded as ideal national examples for others to follow. Their peaceful development support for other non-developed regional countries is also one of their remarkable characteristics. Through cited examples, this study shows how the emerging nations’ regional development strategies and polices could be useful for building global peace. It as well identifies the visionary world order institution of the BRICS bank that can serve in building development which is free from Western influence in certain regions.< Less
Probable Hurdles In the Cameroon 2035 Dream By Kelly NGYAH
eBook (ePub): $7.99
Based on countless struggles and sporadic civil strives across the world, most especially within the heart of North Africa such as the 2011 Arab spring, numerous analysts and conflict foreseers have... More > studied and proven track records of a series of identical elements that sum-up to topple regimes and autocratic governments. Because of the need to prevent the eventual occurrence of major conflicts within countries that demonstrate similar country assessment risks for uprisings as previous case studies, this study elaborates some major reasons why effective preventive measures should be made in the case of a country still existing in a virtual peaceful state. Also, since Cameroon has developed a very huge and ambitious development 2035 vision towards becoming an emerging nation, the need and ways to protect the huge institutional and infrastructural investments in order to maintain the vision in case of a major civil instability, strive or uprising is herein highlighted.< Less

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