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The African Worry and Hope By Kelly NGYAH
eBook (ePub): $6.99
The African worry is full of losses, sorrow and pain accrued since the colonial era which today has inflicted much agony and psychological trauma in the minds of its leaders and its common citizens.... More > Since life in Africa is consumed in an atmosphere of fear and insecurity, its people’s desperation has thus been transformed towards political and economic crime for individual security and egoistic prosperity. This does not reflect the culture of family that governs the African people in their strong holds or values for peaceful growth. Where has such African community spirit values evaporated to? Can we get them back? We herein try to reexamine the impacts of former imperial colonial oppressive administration on conquered indigenous territories during the colonial period and how the indigenous elites’ post-independence political philosophies became corrupted within modern governance perspectives. It also previews regional commitments of development partners to revive hope in Africa.< Less
Individuality and Criminality: Conflict Driving Elements By Kelly NGYAH
eBook (ePub): $7.99
Since medieval era, literal criticisms on individuality concepts and theoretical posits on individualism have been exquisitely intricate on human derogatory natures by reflecting individuality... More > prospects within modern criminality perspectives and their abominable characters in the face of moral values. In modern times, dictums on individual liberties and freedoms towards the new millennium human development prospectus have rendered the medieval concepts practically defective. As such, modern variance in conceptive thoughts and practical human habits has made it difficult to enforce strong communitarian and solidarity goals, therefore, inducing severe conflict driving links within the individualism concept. Through diagrammatic analyses, the phenomenal elements that make the precepts of individuality along individualism harness qualifications which are liable to promote and sustain conflicts as well as prevent and mitigate them and other human development prospects are presented.< Less
The Virtual Spectrum of Tyranny and Peace By Kelly NGYAH
eBook (ePub): $7.77
It is usually observed that regimes change from an autocratic to a seeming democratic rule, institute instability. In effect, it is at times comparatively assessed that, a country under an autocratic... More > ruler or a tyrant seems to be more stable and virtually peaceful than that which is going through a transitional democracy phase. However, though tyrants and autocrats possess the conditioned suppressive power to induce and maintain a country atmosphere which is free of major violent conflicts, the real question is, can such a stable framework be sustained when they leave power? The concepts of authoritarian regimes and the extent to which the virtual peaceful apprehension could become disastrous for a country’s long term peace and stability is herein examined. In addition, emphasis is laid on the types of tyranny rules and the ways through which tyrants or autocrats would manipulate their subjects to show them allegiance.< Less
Corruption: Things Falling Apart By Kelly NGYAH
eBook (ePub): $6.50
Like sweetened candies that slowly and unnoticeably foster caries, so is the corruption phenomenon within a society. Assessed biblically, circularly and through other legal perspectives corruption... More > seems to be an ethically derogatory issue which influences the human being towards an assured regression process. It entails most human societal actions that degenerate societal morals and peace are rooted in the premise of one corrupt act or the other. Given that all human beings are born corrupt, is it possible for us to deny our true selves in order to adapt to morally modest societal standards? The study previews the contemporary view of corruption and personifies the phenomenon into a motherhood structure that lives to assure human perdition. It examines the negative impacts of political and economic corruption on poverty, education, human health, and development. It also views the phenomenon as a practical societal evil to institutionally eliminate or live with as a necessary evil.< Less
Mutuality and Reciprocity for Peaceful Objectivism By Kelly NGYAH
eBook (ePub): $5.99
Through a series of arguements on conceptions of consciousness, perceptions and inductive logic, the value of objectivism is placed side-by-side notions of reason as an absolute which sees man as a... More > heroic being with his own happiness as the moral purpose of his life and with productive achievement as his noblest activity. It further induces that man has free will—the ability to think or not to think, to use reason or not to use it, to go by facts or to go by feelings and thus survive by observing reality, identifying the nature of things, discovering causal relationships, and making the logical connections necessary to produce the things he needs in order to live. Such strict objectivist thoughts stales the comprehensive human solidarity building values which are mutuality and reciprocity which if interweaved appropriately, they’ll portray the best alternative for conflict prevention and peacebuilding prospects.< Less
Relating Human Development With Conflict and Peace By Kelly NGYAH
eBook (ePub): $6.99
Several parameters have been employed to assess conflict driving elements within the society, however because the rate of civil strives continue to rise across the globe there is more and more need... More > to build and examine more options towards this battle. One of the most sensitive areas to actually scrutinize is that of the human development approaches because it takes mostly the contented and enlightened citizenry to cultivate and maintain a true culture of peace within the society. Through consistent reflections on the global human development report which the major purpose may only well suit policy adjustments measures, the importance and probable usages of other human development measurement units such as the Human Development Index (HDI), the Inequality-adjusted Human Development Index (IHDI), the Gender Inequality Index GII and the Multidimensional Poverty Index (MPI) for handling conflict analysis, prevention, mitigation and probable resolution motives is introduced in this study.< Less
The Rural Widow's Survival, Independence and Empowerment By Kelly NGYAH
eBook (ePub): $4.99
Reflecting global development and gender equality needs for women’s empowerment at all levels, customary practices in localities still remain a major hurdle. Meanwhile public authorities stay... More > adamant to effect significant changes in the domain especially with respect to women who lost their husbands, time is evolved enough for these victimized widows to emancipate and rise to defend their rights for both socioeconomic and political empowerment within their community setups. To address the poor and degradable nature of the rural widow’s status facing barbaric widowhood rites practices, this practical manual explains the what, who, why, where and when measures for the community widow towards ascertaining a self-sustaining and rights-based community support opportunities for her empowerment. It also targets effective structural changes upon widows’ traditional personalities through widowhood advocacy group activities and networks to ensure accountability measures on perpetrators< Less
The Magic of Uplifting: Rich Internal Flames By Kelly NGYAH
eBook (ePub): $7.77
Time passes yet, every one of us is still searching for that insight that makes us complete both in the material and spiritual world without success. Why do we feel disappointed, lay blames and... More > curses against our true nature of incertitude? Are there really any uncertainties in life that one cannot handle? Every individual is born with innate human abilities and potentials to develop manage and maintain self within both spiritual and material realms. How can we get to this authentically ordained human position? This book examines the concept of uplifting within religious scriptural apprehensions and other physical interaction energies and argues that it only suffices to find inspirational happiness and hope in one’s life to gain uplifting which may lead to true spiritual and material prosperity. Thus, giving us directions to learn to sow the true seed to internal peace, love and prosperity and gain the light to prosper with the internal flames of authentic contentment.< Less

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