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A Patient Wolf By Aline Riva
Paperback: $9.10
Prints in 3-5 business days
A haunting love story that begins in the trenches of World War One, when Captain 'Wolfie' Wolf sees the photograph of a woman who will alter the course of his destiny - but Beth Fisher, who has yet... More > to meet the dashing and mysterious Captain, has learned dark secrets from a hidden journal written by the Captain - and one day, those secrets will be uncovered... Beth falls deeply in love with Wolfie on his return from war, but the secrets hidden in the journal conceal a tale of madness and death in a dark past, and when she learns the injuries Wolfie suffered due to a shell explosion in the trenches may one day lead to his untimely death, she begins to wonder if their beautiful country home known as The Willows is cursed, because it seems there is always a shadow hanging over their lives one way or another, and the secrets locked within the journal have a great deal to do with it... A haunting tale of love and death and ghosts in post war England.< Less
Playing Dead By Aline Riva
Paperback: $7.85
Prints in 3-5 business days
Playing Dead is a new spin on the myth of the 27 Club... When Lucinda Drew is found dead following a fire, the world mourns the death of the young superstar - another to die too soon at the age of... More > twenty-seven. But Lucinda is not dead, her death has been faked, she has chosen to walk away from her old life and start again away from the pressures of fame. But what begins as a chance to start again quickly spirals into something terrifying when she learns what it means to 'play dead when Felix, formerly a rock star named Jude Finch, is assigned to help her adjust to her new life, acting as her 'shadow'. As Iris and Felix get closer, he reveals the truth about the organization, and she soon learns that no one can back out, as they will stop at nothing to keep the truth silenced. Then Felix breaks one of many rules set down by Heather, a constant visitor to their home, and he decides they must escape, risking being hunted down and killed in a world that already believes them both to be dead...< Less
Only for the Curious By Aline Riva
Paperback: $7.89
Prints in 3-5 business days
The year is 1964, Eve Black is taking a job as housekeeper in a big old house in rural England. The house is occupied by Faith Fletcher and her brother Adrian - a scientist who wears a mask to cover... More > terrible scars, the legacy of an accident on the race track several years before. Faith tells Eve that her brother spends most of his time alone, working in his lab in the attic - and then she leaves to go on a long holiday, leaving Eve to meet the mysterious Adrian Fletcher. When they meet, she finds he is a likeable man, at the same time mysterious in the way he insists on shutting himself away to work on his research. And then a visitor arrives, the strange Mr Toby Dudley, who is strange but in a way Eve can not quite work out...What unfolds is a tale of tragedy, madness and sacrifice as Eve slowly uncovers the strange truth, as her own curiosity leads her deeper into a mystery where she is the only one who can save the man she loves from all that threatens to destroy him...< Less
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Age Verification Required
Sleep Thief By Aline Riva
Paperback: $9.06
Prints in 3-5 business days
When journalist Carla Wells is asked to investigate Wes Deven, a man who claims to be able to enter into the nightmares of others and feed off their fear, leaving the dreamer exhausted, she believes... More > him to be a fraud - until Wes enters her own nightmare to prove his ability. But after meeting Doctor Julian Royce, the only specialist who can understand the reason for Wesley''s 'gift', Carla learns it is no gift at all, but caused by an abnormality in his brain that will eventually kill him unless a cure is found. After Dr Royce suggests that Wes works with the police, using his ability to enter nightmares to track down the serial killer known as White Van Man, Carla goes missing - abducted by a maniac and her only hope of reaching Wes will be to dream of her worst nightmares, because with time running out, only the man who slips into bad dreams to feed on fear can save her from becoming the serial killer's next victim...< Less
Hex and Fortune Investigate (Book One) By Aline Riva
Paperback: $10.10
Prints in 3-5 business days
Book One in a new series of adventures, telling the tale of psychic detective Aidan Hex and his partner Ivy Fortune, and their encounter with kind but lustful ghost Tripp - a Victorian spirit with... More > more than a few incubus tendencies. After fate throws Hex and Fortune together with Tripp, the three of them will form a team, investigating cases that will take them deeper and deeper into the mysterious, sometimes frightening, and sometimes humorous world of the paranormal. Book One sees Hex and Fortune, helped along by Tripp, encounter all manner of the unknown - including a murder victim, an evil lake spirit, a doppelganger and a phantom car driven by a demon - whilst Ivy falls in love with Hex, and Hex must come to terms with the fact that his new friend Tripp walked abroad on Halloween, and is the father of Ivy's unborn child. What follows will bond the three of them together as a family, as their investigations will lead to uncovering fascinating tales of the supernatural.< Less
Under the Cobblestones By Aline Riva
Paperback: $8.39
Prints in 3-5 business days
When Zack Stirling moves to a cottage in the country to escape a tragic past, after suffering nightmares about witchcraft, the devil and torture, he realises he is reliving a past life - and that he... More > was the warlock or 'cunning man' who used to live in the cottage. But his memories of life as warlock Thornton Ravencroft are missing one vital element - he does not know who murdered him, or where his bones are buried, and those bones must be found, because there is no other way to save the life of his best friend, who is the last in the line of the Brackenby family - a family that was cursed by Thornton's dying breath more than a century before. Can Zack find the bones and destroy the curse, or will his obsession with the occult take over his life, and draw him into a life where he will succumb to the allure of dark forces, to once more become the cunning man of old?< Less
The Body in the Wall By Aline Riva
Paperback: $8.15
Prints in 3-5 business days
When Rye Bailey, a seventh son of a seventh son gypsy with a psychic gift, moves to the former country home of his dead business partner, he begins to be haunted by terrifying visions of a bloody... More > murder - visions only he can see, along with mysterious writing that appears on mirrors bearing the message DEAD. As Rye struggles to deal with the possibility that his new home is haunted, he is also faced with old secrets from his past that also begin to haunt him in a very different way - then he is involved in an accident that leaves him with memory loss, and must struggle all over again to piece together the sinister cause of his visions - as well as uncovering a few shocking secrets about his own past in the process...< Less
Charlie Charlie By Aline Riva
Paperback: $10.97
Prints in 3-5 business days
When Jack and Amber buy their first home together. But Jack often leaves Amber alone in their big old house, and one day after browsing the web she finds the Charlie Charlie pencil game, and tries it... More > out with shattering consequences. After playing the game, Amber begins to witness horrifying visions about a murder that happened at the house, a murder no one seems to be able to recall. As events become more terrifying, Jack calls in a medium named Max Franklin. And while Jack is away, the task is left to Max and Amber to try and lay the ghosts of the house to rest. But unknown to Max, Amber is addicted to Charlie Charlie, and from the pencil game she quickly progresses to using a Ouija board. Then as Max and Amber grow closer and events at the house begin to turn so terrifying Amber fears for her sanity, a truth will be revealed that will lead to a shocking realisation for Max, a medium who claims to have seen it all and believes, until now, that the spirit world can no longer surprise him...< Less

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