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Corrupted By Sydney Alyk Walker
Paperback: $18.46
Prints in 3-5 business days
Injured in a foreign land, Zephyr is at the mercy of a strange woman and her little sister, who offer to help only if he can guarantee a mortal's safety. Alone, he can only agree to do the... More > impossible. Meanwhile, Hope is missing and strange forces seem to be at work; calling themselves Virgo and Capricorn, the duo seem to be working behind the scenes, but to do what? When Hope awakens, things will quickly go wrong: the gods, unsurprisingly, pose a threat; and the Apostles begin to wonder if they truly saved Enesia, or if they simply condemned it. Left with a god to find and a mortal girl to protect, the duo teams up with Lia in order to try and find answers to their questions. Unfortunately, the line between sanity and madness is quickly blurring, and things are no longer the way they were. The rules are changing. It's hard to think you saved a planet when all the evidence screams that you destroyed it.< Less
Shadows of Light By Sydney Alyk Walker
Paperback: $18.20
Prints in 3-5 business days
Hope wakes up in a world forever frozen in snow and ice, unable to release the anger and hatred from the betrayal he's suffered. Quickly allying himself with an exile named Esther, the Enesian... More > battles the voices in his head while trying to reunite with Lia and Zephyr, with the promise of a battle to be fought with the latter. However, Zephyr has vanished. Hope can't sense him and refuses to even think about the other Enesian, so they instead focus on finding the Apostle of Embers, and once they do, the corruption Hope suffers gives way to someone no one but the Ancients planned: Theon, whose only desire is to finally have his revenge. Meanwhile, Capricorn and Virgo are alert for what they call the first turning point of the Guardians, and at the price of risking exposure, are ready to intervene. Even at the cost of their promised destiny. Yet it may already be too late.< Less
Forsaken By Sydney Alyk Walker
Paperback: $18.08
Prints in 3-5 business days
The Warning signs had always been there: the gods' callousness to them, the strange markings appearing on their wrists; and the way Chaos referred to them as the Children of the Stars, including... More > himself. Virgo's message seemed to be an ominous reminder of a destiny that would make them pay the price for all those deaths. Nothing is going right on Earth: the five of them find the Apostle of Space accidentally blowing up a bridge. They don't stick around to find out if the cops will buy that story. Alex is a wanted criminal. Hope's seal spreads quickly, and brings up the question of what Virgo Primus are planning, and how the rest of them fit in. Couple out of control powers of Light with overwhelming powers of Space itself, and the Apostles have plenty of problems to deal with. The worst is, unfortunately, yet to come. The plan has changed, and now there's no way to tell who the enemy really is. Chaos seeks revenge, and the Apostles are ready to help him get it; one way or another, there will be blood.< Less
Flight By Sydney Alyk Walker
Paperback: $18.00
Prints in 3-5 business days
Thirteen stars have been chosen and marked, and tragedy awaits them. Each have different upbringings, different pasts and circumstances, but one thing unites them: their destiny. Left with... More > post-traumatic amnesia and only able to remember his father, Hope Sundast meets and grows close to Zephyr Fairchild, eventually learning that he must kill the god of Time, and do it before it's too late. Factor in near-uncontrollable powers of Light, Hope slowly becomes the antithesis of his name as he falls into madness. Then, when the odds are stacked against him, everything goes wrong and nothing will be the same. With all that in mind, he has to follow the council of the one voice in his head that still speaks sanity: They are all lying.< Less
The Prodigy By Sydney Alyk Walker
Paperback: $17.40
Prints in 3-5 business days
Fifty years have passed since the Guides have last been in battle and the threat to the planets have been, for the most part, taken care of. After all those years, Virgo and Capricorn begin the... More > second phase of their plan: revenge. If the Guides had trouble controlling their powers, then the Prodigies can barely grasp theirs. A trail of death and pain is their legacy as the nine scramble to control their new abilities granted to them by their ancestors before the Dark Matter finds them first. As they run short on time, a truth makes itself known and refuses to be ignored: They were betrayed, but nothing is quite the way it seems to be for them. Their destiny is so much bigger than any of them realise, a select portion of the truth revealed to them, and there is a higher power orchestrating their plight. As they prepare for battle and flee the danger of Perfidus and his army of Forsaken, all their plans will change when the hunt begins, and they are the hunted.< Less
Unravel By Sydney Alyk Walker
Paperback: $13.82
Prints in 3-5 business days
Through a narrator that divulges neither name nor gender, a story unfolds that is founded in a sobering truth: a story doesn't need magic or heroes to be important. The narrator takes the reader on a... More > journey through their memories, telling the truth that they were never able to speak in order to protect themselves. All set in a college counsellor's office, the narrator describes what it's like growing up with an alcoholic mother, being outcast by your peers, the confusion of gender identity, and the effect it all has on who they are today. Unravel is the story of a young adult trying to make sense of their own mind and who is trying to find a reason to keep living even though their mind begs for death; bringing to light the fact that there's nothing poetic about suicide and that this story could be about anyone. Even you.< Less

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