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Ten Songs Collection Used Chinese Ancient Poetry as Lyrics By Johnson K. Gao
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There are ten songs composed by the author and he used Chinese ancient poems as lyrics. Those poems were written by famous Chinese poets like Confucius, Li Bai, Cao Zhi, Zhang Ji, Wang An-shi, Liu... More > Yu-xi, Su Dong-po, etc. Besides, there are also two Chinese ancient style poems produced by the author.< Less
Birthday Songs 21 By Johnson K. Gao
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The “Happy Birthday to You” song had got its fame since 1893. It was estimated that the song is the highest-earning single song in history, with estimated earnings since its creation of... More > US $ 50 million. However, it lacks of specificity to show respect to old people, such that grandma or grandpa, or, to give special love and good wish to the kid or the honey. In Chinese, when people want to express congratulation to aged people, heor she will commonly use the words “福如東海! 壽比南山!” (The fortune is as large as the East Sea! The longevity is as eternal as the southern (Himalayan) Mountain!). That might be more favorable to Chinese tradition and happier to elders. So, I composed a "Happy Birthday to Grandma" and a “Happy Birthday Song to the Baby (Honey)", which I selected and put it to the first place of the song book. I hope that my songs may find their popularity in the future.< Less
E = 7B2^44 Gao’s Equation in relation to three tides of global immigration and strategic longevity By Johnson K. Gao
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The author indicates that the Earth has a weight of about 6 x 10^24 kg. The world population is about 7 x 10^9. Suppose that the averaging weight per man is 50 kg, the total weight of human being is... More > approximately about 3.5 x 10^11 kg. The result of the double increment of 2^44 obtained is 17.59 x 10^12. Now, let us use 3.5 x 10^11 kg multiply by 17.59 x 10^12. It produces 6.15 x 10^24 kg, which is a little bit heavier than the weight of the Earth (6x10^24 kg). When the human being’s weight is heavier than the Earth, which means the Earth will turn into a giant meatball constituted with fresh human bodies. How could the human being continue to live without any materials to support their life? If the population doubling time is 35 years, then the Doomsday could be in A. D. 3552. Because the farm land is limited and the ocean is about 7/10 of the Earth's surface, there will be tree global immigration tides towards rich countries, the deserts and the ocean before the Doomsday. The industry must match with it.< Less
Mountain Saint and Water Dragon: A memorial posy of my shabby dwarf house By Johnson K. Gao
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It is an English translation of an ancient Chinese poem “Lou Shi Ming” by Liu Yu-xi (A. D. 772~842) in Tang Dynasty, which means a memorial posy of a shabby chamber. The first two lines... More > of that poem consist of only eight Chinese characters, with the meaning in English as: "A mountain does not necessary to be high, as long as there lives a saint, it will get good fame. A water body does not necessary to be deep, as long as there exists a dragon, it will demonstrate vital spirit.” He submitted his English translation version to the “Best Poets 2016”, which will be published soon. Further more, due to the reason that ancient Chinese could be rather difficult to understand by western people, or, even modern Chinese people, in order to let more people world widely to know that ancient poem, he used Google translation site and converted his English version and vernacular Chinese language version into German, Japanese, French, Russian, Spanish six languages.< Less
Sapiensish: Developing a common language for whole human being (Homo sapiens) by simplification of modern English By Johnson K. Gao
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Language is a tool to deliver one individual’s thought or idea or feeling to other individuals through certain kinds of medium, such that sound, image, gesture, touching, motion or even... More > chemicals. In human being the speaking with tongue and mouth and written words or signs by hand are two main forms of language. However, broadly to say, languages also include ultra sonic wave transmission in dolphin, birds’ singing, crickets’ wings vibration, bees’ flying pattern, ants’ chemical markers on their trails, blind man finger-touching books, music sheets and performance with instruments – the music language, flag language, light-signal language, telegraphic code, computer language, etc. The criteria to judge the quality of human languages shall be evaluated by its speeding in speech, area-using efficacy in calligraphy, accuracy in meaning expression, easy understanding, and logic consistency, plus acoustic beauty and visual enjoyment. This is a try to develop Sapiensish as a common human language.< Less
The Outline of the World Leaders Education Institute By Johnson K. Gao
Paperback: $6.40
Prints in 3-5 business days
The human being, Homo sapiens, was originated about 300,000 years ago. According to Johnson K. Gao’s equation: E = 7B2^44, the weight of human being’s population could be heavier than... More > the weight of the Earth in A. D. 3552 and the body of whole human being could cover the total land of the Earth in about 500~700 years. That will bring the human being to the critical point of existence. While the presidents/kings/queens currently lead their nations are not qualified to lead the future world, because of a simple reason that they are patriotists, and the patriotism only considers the national benefit higher than the whole mankind’s benefit. Thus, we must educate future world leaders based on the Homo sapiensism, in order to prolong the human being’s longevity strategically. The establishment of the World Leaders Education Institute is for that purpose.< Less

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