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The Unforgivable Error By Tabbie Browne
Paperback: $15.07
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The simple act of a boy scratching his arm develops into the savage fight between the angels and demon entities of different elements. Shane’s spirit is snatched at his passing leaving him a... More > vagrant in a world that is strange and unknown to him. He seeks revenge for his trauma, but he is shadowed by Fica, an air demon who craves possession of his soul. The years soon pass in the small village of his birth, where twin girls are having an unsettling effect on the locals and their pets. Light relief is provided by some of the local characters, but is soon overshadowed by the combat between Daku, a fire demon, and the angels of all elements. The lives of the two families are combined, and Daku and Fica are seeking to achieve glory in their own sphere, something which neither has the capability to do. Shane is under the guard of Billy, a very high level entity who explains many things beyond belief and engineers Shane’s return to Earth. If there is an Earth, for Daku’s aim is to completely destroy it.< Less
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The Paws Of Spiritual Justice By Tabbie Browne
Paperback: $7.29
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NOTE TO ANIMAL LOVERS. NO CAT IS HURT IN THIS STORY. The Paws, a very select band of cats, are totally on the spiritual plane, but of an extremely high level. They work mostly from afar, but can... More > leave impressions on people’s minds so that the subject or onlooker sees what the cats want them to believe. Although their work is very varied, this tale gives a tiny insight into the kind of tasks they undertake, but the darkest side of their work is known only to them. Their aim is to ensure justice is done especially when it has already been miscarried. So little is known about this unique group, it is often said that they are simply a myth. You be the judge, but will you be right?< Less
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NO - DON'T! By Tabbie Browne
Paperback: $13.61
Prints in 3-5 business days
This world and the next sounds as though there are only two forms of existence, but that is only the beginning. Milton Warner is not only a very gifted medium but his soul travels further than just... More > ‘the other side’. He has a challenge: To rid the earth and surrounding spiritual levels of the terrible evil which threatens to destroy everything. He realises there is a specific target, although with every possible answer there are numerous questions. The interaction between the different levels is important for the sake of their eternal existence but only a chosen group have been selected to fulfil the final task. Any previous theory about wormholes or time locks may leave you with a very different outlook on such things when you view them from another perspective. Each character is an individual in their own right, some with unique talents such as spirits Ariel and Fluke, or the spiky Jo, who is a bit wayward and colourful with her retorts. Warning: It may play with your mind.< Less
The Spiral By Tabbie Browne
Paperback: $9.49
Prints in 3-5 business days
Jenny has resumed her position in the upper spiral on Eden, her power fully restored and she is ready to do battle with her arch enemy Zargot. She is warned by her Father, the Almighty Power, to... More > fight using the power of love, not hatred. As the hybrids formed on earth are transported to the holding zone, one of Zargot’s lower spirals, Johhahn re-programmes six of the creatures which then take on an evil will of their own. Jenny succeeds in destroying most of them thus releasing the tortured souls. The earthly happenings are centred around Burford, a small Cotswold town, and the lives of Lizzie Stokes, her mother Beth, and their friends Robert and Madge Bradley and daughter Margaret. Members of another race living in earthly form are the Vexons, a breed driven only by sexual satisfaction and possession. These play an important part in the happenings around the central characters leading to terrifying and disastrous events.< Less
White Noise Is Heavenly Blue By Tabbie Browne
Paperback: $8.17
Prints in 3-5 business days
This gripping tale of the fight between good and evil holds many twists to the end. Jenny’s life may have started simply but after meeting Matthew she realises that ultimate existence requires... More > no bodily form as he draws together the concepts of space, religion, astronomy and reincarnation into one package. As her mind is guided, she realises she is something special in another world, her enemy being Zargot who is set upon her destruction. As Matthew tells her of the hybrids bred in secret by Zargs, Jenny recalls she has a score to settle. The creatures have been created from human eggs and Zarg sperm and must be traced. As her knowledge returns she uses her special powers to trap Zargot and summons allied forces to assist. By the close of this part of the story she may appear to have outwitted him but the hybrids remain undetected – waiting. It is never... The End.< Less
ABOVE THE CALL By Tabbie Browne
Paperback: $7.73
Prints in 3-5 business days
A MESSAGE TO ALL PET LOVERS. We guarantee that no animal was killed or hurt in any way during the writing of this story. Never underestimate the capability or power of dogs in the spirit... More > world. Tisun and his pack of ultra sensitive canines, answer above and beyond the call of duty to help those in need, whether in body or solely in spirit. But when they are faced with an evil that threatens to tear them apart, a little help is needed from a source beyond even their powers to rid them of the danger. You will also encounter the Ladydogs and characters which may or may not have a bearing on the outcome, but will you be able to decide who is good and who is not? One thing is certain – you will know you have had a different experience by the time you have finished reading. And you will want more.< Less
A Fair Collection By Tabbie Browne
Paperback: $6.60
Prints in 3-5 business days
Centred around stamp fairs in the seventies, this short novel follows a motley group of regular dealers, in particular Liz Niebur and her strange effect upon men and women. The characters are... More > introduced with an insight into their private lives, some spicier than others. Jan and Steve Masters are a happily married couple, until Liz uses her uncanny power over them. Giles Foreman is more interested in his next conquest than pay any attention to her. Events come to a head on the south coast tour, when Bert Dennis is taken ill. Steve Masters, now smitten with the enigmatic Liz, is enticed into her room while Jan is at the hospital with Bert and his wife. On a weekend fair trip at Bournemouth, and before Steve can realise that this is lust not love, one of them dies. But this is not the end. Liz’s powers will not be cheated by death< Less
CHOLER By Tabbie Browne
Paperback: $12.50
Prints in 3-5 business days
Vedron is back with a vengeance to possess Lizzie for eternity, but he is being closely watched. There are many forces at work in this final episode of the trilogy, some good, but some very... More > evil. Is Lizzie dead, a victim of his scheme? But when rogues fall out, plans have to be changed and can fall apart. He may have acquired skills to help him in his pursuit, including the use of the vortices around the earth, but the special good forces can outwit him. There is no telling how everything will end, and as usual, there will be no answers. You will be left asking more questions than before. “A thrilling climax to the trilogy, from the master of supernatural suspense. A must read.” Peter J Bennett, author “Tabbie’s original and unusual plots and storylines make for a really intriguing read.” Dave Andrews, Presenter, BBC Radio Leicester< Less

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