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Transnational Marketing Journal, Vol. 3, No.2, October 2015 By Transnational Press London
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Transnational Marketing Journal Volume 3 - Number 2 October 2015 CONTENT: Determinants and consequences of price-leadership strategy: Evidence from Chinese manufacturer exporters by Xuenan Ju, Yuan... More > Cheng, Zuohao Hu, Mengyuan Lv, Xi Chen Small and medium sized enterprise marketing to foreign consumers in Seoul, South Korea by David A. English Mapping studies on consumer boycotting in international marketing by Omar Al Serhan & Elias Boukrami< Less
Remittances Review - Vol. 2 No. 1 - May 2017 By Transnational Press London
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New issue of Remittances Review journal Vol 2, No 1 (2017) - Table of Contents Editorial: Advancing Scholarship on Remittances - Jeffrey H.... More > Cohen Socially Embedded Character of Informal Channels of Remittances: ‘Omalayisha’ in the South Africa/Zimbabwe Remittance Corridor - Vusilizwe Thebe, Sara Mutyatyu Monetary and non-monetary remittances of Egyptians abroad - Ayman Zohry Do remittances supplement South Asian development? - Ahsan Ullah Cost of Sending Remittances from the UK in the Aftermath of the Financial Crisis - Ibrahim Sirkeci, Andrej Přívara Book Review - Bharati Basu< Less
Remittances Review - Vol. 2 No. 2 - October 2017 By Transnational Press London
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Editorial Ibrahim Sirkeci More than a criminal tool: the Hawala system’s role as a critical remittance channel for low-income Pakistani migrants in Dubai Froilan T. Malit, Mouawiya... More > Al Awad, George Naufal The use of virtual currencies in small-value cross-border remittances and its implication Gongpil Choi, Meeyoung Park, NaEun Park Hometown associations, urban-to-rural collective remittances and rural development in Turkey Ayşegül Kayaoğlu Emigration, remittances and emerging family structure: findings from a household survey in eight selected villages in Eastern Uttar Pradesh, India Imtiyaz Ali, Ram B Bhagat, Sabiha Mahboob< Less
Transnational Marketing Journal, Vol. 3, No.1, May 2015 By Transnational Press London
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CONTENT Positioning Generation Y for effective mobile communication: The case of three cities in India Varsha Jain & Saunya Pant The classification of customer- and brand-oriented... More > marketing capabilities Katharina Buttenberg An investigative analysis of the factors influencing degree of involvement in a foreign market Maktoba Omar & Collins Osei The influence of country personality dimensions on intensions to recommend visiting: The preponderance of assiduousness and wickedness Carlos Manuel Súcia Búrcio, Rui Manuel Vinhas Da Silva, Maria de Fátima Salgueiro< Less
Transnational Marketing Journal, Vol. 2, No.2, October 2014 By Transnational Press London
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CONTENT: Is familiarity a moderator of brand/country alliances in consumer choice? Tore Kristensen, Gorm Gabrielsen & Eugene D. Jaffe The influence of country of origin on Chinese food... More > consumers Keith Walley, Paul Custance, Tan Feng, Xu Yang, Li Cheng, & Sandra Turner Case Study: Brand “Moscow” in a global perspective Marina Ochkovskaya, Valentina Gerasimenko & Maria Rybalko Book Review: The Quintessence of Marketing: What You Really Need to Know to Manage Your Marketing Activities by Bickhoff, N., Hollensen, S., & Opresnik, M.< Less
Remittances Review - Vol. 1 No. 1 - October 2016 By Transnational Press London
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REMITTANCES REVIEW | ISSN: 2059-6588 | e-ISSN: 2059-6596 Volume 1 | Number 1 | October 2016 Editorial: Ibrahim Sirkeci Remittances and their social meaning in Tajikistan Natalia Zotova... More > and Jeffrey H. Cohen Role of financial sector in the remittances-growth nexus in Fiji Hong Chen and T.K. Jayaraman Migration, trade and remittances: low- and high-skilled workers Philip L. Martin Remittances and the promise of financial democracy: critical reflections from the US-Mexico case Matt Bakker State healthcare and the impact of remittances on turnout in Mexico Ana Isabel Lopez Garcia The global picture of migrants who send remittances Anita Pugliese, Julie Ray, Neli Esipova Book Reviews< Less
Transnational Marketing Journal, Vol. 5, No.1, May 2017 By Transnational Press London
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TRANSNATIONAL MARKETING JOURNAL ISSN: 2041-4684 Volume 5, No 1, May 2017 e-ISSN: 2041-4692 Editorial Ibrahim... More > Sirkeci Development of Customer-Orientation, Brand-Orientation and Business Performance within the First Ten Years of the Firm Katharina Buttenberg Transnational Consumers of Turkish Television Drama Series Deniz Özalpman Language Preferences of Foreign Consumers in High and Low Involvement Service Encounters David A. English Change of Attitude, Technology and Practice: Identifying the Change for Increased Value Creation with Customer Co-creation PDF Open Access Soumi Paul, Paola Peretti, Saroj Kumar Datta< Less
Transnational Marketing Journal, Vol. 2, No.1, May 2014 By Transnational Press London
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CONTENT: The Incubator concept as an entry mode option for Danish SME’s by Anna Marie Dyhr Ulrich & Svend Hollensen | Experiencing the experience: an examination of the significance of... More > impact factors during the three stages of transnational gastronomic tourism by Helena A. Williams, Robert L. Williams, & Maktoba Omar | Sustainable distribution in emerging markets – African perspective by Subrat Sarangi, Sanjay Patro, and Ravi Shekhar Kumar< Less
Kurdish Studies, Volume 2, Issue 2 - October 2014 By Transnational Press London
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Kurdish Studies seeks to advance knowledge and contribute to the debates in Kurdish Studies. Kurdish Studies is an interdisciplinary and peer-reviewed journal dedicated to publishing high quality... More > research and scholarship. The Kurdish Studies journal is initiated by members of the Kurdish Studies Network (KSN) and supported by a large group of academics from different disciplines. The journal aims to revitalise and reorient research, scholarship and debates in the field of Kurdish studies in a multidisciplinary fashion covering a wide range of topics including, but not limited to, economics, history, society, gender, minorities, politics, health, law, environment, language, media, culture, arts, and education.< Less
Kurdish Studies, Volume 3, Issue 2 - October 2015 By Transnational Press London
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Editorial Martin van Bruinessen (In)visible spaces and tactics of transnational engagement: A multi-dimensional approach to the Kurdish diaspora Bahar Baser, Ann-Catrin Emanuelsson, Mari... More > Toivanen Radical political participation and the internal Kurdish diaspora in Turkey Francis Patrick O’Connor The imaginary Kurdish museum: Ordinary Kurds, narrative nationalisms and collective memory Vera Eccarius-Kelly Filming family and negotiating return in making Haraka Baraka: Movement is a blessing Lana Askari Reflections on the Kurdish diaspora: An interview with Dr Kendal Nezan Mari Toivanen Book Reviews< Less

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