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Edge of Creation Guidebook By John Brodie
eBook (ePub): $5.99
This is the abridged version of The Edge of Creation featuring only the Guidebook portion. The longer version includes many "Designer of Reality" stories that elaborate on the concepts in... More > the Guidebook sections. In this Guidebook you will gain insights on taking direct control of your future. YOU are at The Edge of Creation Designing Your Reality. The Designer of Reality™ Adventure Program - This program offers ideas that can guide you on a path where each passing day you will find it easier to make your hopes and dreams come true. It is a path founded on finding fun and happiness in each day of your life adventure. It is a path of discovery and inspired action with a letting go of the desire to control outcomes. It is a path where current appearances of apparent reality will fall away and reveal a positive and ever evolving world. Best of all, your participation in this process will have a powerful effect in helping transform all of existence.< Less
The Edge of Creation By John Brodie
eBook (ePub): $10.99
Learning to allow all of our hopes, dreams and inspirations become a reality is the reason we are here. We chose to get into this game for fun and adventure. The Edge of Creation is a guidebook... More > with information drawn from many sources and stories that will hopefully provide insight and inspiration. We are at a transitional point in the story of our species. This story is designed to help people learn that they can control all that happens in their day to day life. If we gain the skill to manifest our heartfelt hopes and dreams we will greatly raise our personal satisfaction and enjoyment of life while positively influencing the entire planet. This book will encourage you to fear nothing. Don’t worry about anything and stay on a path filled with appreciation and fun. Anytime you are not enjoying yourself it is time to change the story. It is up to you to “imagineer” and have faith in the reality of a more loving, satisfying, abundant and compassionate world.< Less

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