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What Can $50 Buy? By A.J. Dowding
eBook (ePub): $0.00
Richard had an idea, an idea that was big with tinkly bells hanging off, simple but exciting. While his family slept, and they slept like railway sleepers, he crept out the front door, crept down the... More > stairs and crept through the security door and into the night. Richard heads to the city for a night adventure, along with some absurd encounters with Nagasaki impressionists and molten meat bouncers, Richard drinks and smokes his way through a secret night out in Brisbane. As enjoyable as it is, he finds he needs closure - he goes looking for a fitting way to end his night. What Can $50 Buy is a short story based loosely on the author's own experiences of a memorable secret night out back in the early 2000s.< Less
Lillie and Kasolulos By A.J. Dowding
eBook (ePub): $0.00
Lillie is a shy girl, an introverted thinker who enjoys her own version of reality. Recently she has formed a passionate infatuation with someone she sometimes sees around but has never met. She is... More > going through a period of emotional euphoria and torture - unique to her. She realises she must do something about this infatuation or risk being consumed by a kind of love-sick madness. Lillie and Kasolulos is a short story set in Brisbane and is an interpretation of unrequited love from an alternate perspective.< Less
The Empty Terrace By A.J. Dowding
eBook (ePub): $0.00
A graduated high school student struggles with the duality of his craving and repulsion of schoolies week, the alcohol and sleaze fuelled end-of-school celebrations on the Gold Coast. Though he at... More > first decides to not taint himself by refusing to go, eventually the pull of schoolies is too much and decisions must be made. The Empty Terrace is a stream-of-consciousness style short story based in Brisbane, Australia. It was originally written as an entry for the "One Book Many Brisbanes" writing competition. It is a look at the duality of a person's nature - the violent primitive animal versus the tame rational thinker.< Less
The Aerodrome By A.J. Dowding
eBook (ePub): $0.00
The first Sidney knew he might not make it out alive was a certain mission briefing in the winter of 1917. He had joined the Royal Flying Corps, done his training in England and been posted to the... More > Tiger's aerodrome in France 13 odd months before. At first, when he was fresh in the squadron, he had been immensely motivated and beaming with a raw and oblivious fight for the greater cause. In time though, through a series of experiences, he came to realise everyone was fighting their own war in their own way, often not even with the enemy. With that he found that his own feelings eroded and detached. But nevertheless, it wasn't until the winter of 1917 that he came across an utter and perfect hopelessness like no other. The Aerodrome is a slightly absurd look at life set in the First World War, it has a very real relation to the frustration and suppression some of us experience in the present.< Less
Cinema 2 By A.J. Dowding
eBook (ePub): $0.00
A young man, in an effort to dampen the effects of unrequited love, develops an obsession for the film Spirited Away. He falls into a gradual spiral of self destruction, during which he finds he is... More > prone to thoughts and acts of violence. His obsession takes him to extreme measures and any thoughts of consequences are nonexistent. Cinema 2, a short story set in Brisbane, is an imagination of what could happen when obsession is the only thing that alleviates the pain of unobtainable love.< Less
Ausboors By A.J. Dowding
eBook (ePub): $0.00
A nameless man who has reached his end with the short term tenants staying above his apartment lets his madness carry him into a murderous and grotesque act. His nature is ambiguous - a monster for... More > sure but also a polite everyday functioning adult. Despite his desire to be caught and exposed for his crimes, it doesn't work out exactly as he planned. Ausboors is an Edgar Allan Poe inspired short story set loosely in Brisbane, Australia.< Less

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