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How to Become a Minister In Jordan By Sa'eda Kilani
eBook (PDF): $14.50
This book, which analyses ministers CVs and the use of wasta and connections in senior positions during last decade (2006-2016), reveals that a quarter of the 301 ministers were appointed to... More > ministries that do not match their qualifications and/ or educational background. Only 22 women ministers were appointed in Jordan among the 301 ministers, making a meager 7% rate. Despite the low number, women ministers in Jordan have been subjected to unmerited and scathing campaigns targeting their capabilities, qualifications, self-confidence and credibility. The book looks into blatant appointments of relatives, friends, colleagues, acquaintances and immediate family members to senior positions within the kingdom. It is with hope that this attempt will prompt serious action into eliminating posts by birth and setting new clear-cut rules and legislation for high-level appointments based purely on merit- not wasta and nepotism.< Less
Wasta - The Declared Secret By Sa'eda Kilani
eBook (PDF): $9.99
This book constituted the basis for a successful campaign that resulted in the promulgation of a law that incriminates Wasta in Jordan. It was the first time that such a pilot study along with... More > concerted effort by sincere activists and experts genuinely led to highly significant impact in Jordan and probably Arab countries too. Wasta, the use of connections for personal gain, is a deep-rooted practice in Arab countries considered as an inevitable step to go through in life. It was not until this book and the poll that preceded it, that Jordanians started considering Wasta as one form of corruption. The opinion poll on Wasta, which revealed that 87 percent of Jordanians viewed Wasta as one form of corruption while 90 percent asserted they would use it nevertheless, drew strong reactions from the society, at the public and the official levels. It led to a series of activities, media campaigns and conferences that finally led to the enactment of a law that incriminates Wasta seekers and users.< Less
Against Corruption By Sa'eda Kilani
eBook (ePub): $5.99
There is hesitance when it comes to fighting corruption in Arab countries. While governments compete to sign international agreements and promulgate laws to curb corruption, they are in denial when... More > it comes to implementing them. Civil society organisations, despite the harsh restrictions they suffer from, are attempting to play a pivotal role in enhancing transparency and exposing corrupt practices in Arab countries.< Less
Jordan Press Association - The Unwritten History By Sa'eda Kilani
eBook (ePub): $8.99
This book reveals and analyses the complex relationship between the Jordan Press Association with its Journalists members on one hand and the Jordanian government on the other. It exposes everyday... More > struggle of writers in the kingdom between their aspirations for a free press and their commitment to social and political norms.< Less