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Through the wolf's eyes - Attraverso gli occhi del lupo (English) By Adler James Stark
eBook (PDF): $17.34
The first book of a wonderful trilogy about a werewolf and the curse hanging over him! A complicated love story full of suspense and action, in this Dark fantasy book! PLOT OF TRILOGY Frequently man... More > does not judge by reason, but by virtue of the strength of their own prejudices. For this is believed that many of the animals are simply dangerous beasts. The wolf is no exception. Indeed, for man is considered almost a natural enemy. But things will soon be seen in a different perspective when one of these beasts, because of an ancient curse, will take place among men. In a succession of adrenaline circumstances that will test values ideally considered proper and exclusive to the human race, will be a comparison epic and spectacular, with a final absolute must. (Many readers found them alredy an "horror / dark fantasy" cult!) YOU BUY, KNOWING THAT To keep the price down, this ebook hasn't been translated by an expert: the translation could be inaccurate! There are no refunds!< Less
On the edge of the road By Adler James Stark
eBook (PDF): $35.87
PLOT A young high school student, at the end of his studies, would like to give a definitive turn to his existence. Bored by everyday life and frustrated by the death of his grandfather, to whom he... More > was very attached, he tries to escape from the asphyxiating routine that haunts him every day of his life. He will decide to go far, far away, hitchhiking on the roadside. On the path that separates him from his current so repetitive life, and his alleged unreachable goal, however, awaits him an unimaginable danger. Will he be able to recognize him and get away from trouble? Or will he succumb to it by regretting his old existence? On the edge of the road is a story of life, and at the same time of non-life. It is the story of a journey, and at the same time it is a novel of horror. It can give inspiration to the reader to draw conclusions about their existence, or to constitute only a leisure reading. Ultimately, from any perspective you see it, it is a novel to read ... that you read!< Less
The dawn of the Vampire (Vampire's Love Book 2) By Adler James Stark
eBook (PDF): $31.65
PLOT The memories return to repopulate his mind but, despite this, Felicia is confused because nothing is more like it was: pain, death, love ... everything has acquired a completely new and... More > unexpected meaning. So, in addition to dealing with the emotions related to this awakening, or as they say among the vampires of this "Alba" of his, he will have to find the strength to get up and look for something that goes beyond the imaginable ... and he will discover part of the tumultuous story of its creator ...< Less
The rising of the Vampire (Vampire's Love 3) By Adler James Stark
eBook (PDF): $32.05
PLOT For four centuries he was the most heinous killer of vampires. He was the ruthless monster who chose to kill for selfishness. Now he is back to carry out his last murder ... and he will not... More > stop in front of anything or anyone. Thus, defying all logic, Felicia, in addition to definitely having to conquer her love, will have to accept her essence, being completely reborn in her new being, and at the same time facing a new implacable enemy. But not everything will go as planned ... by Adler James Stark< Less
Altea (Vampire's Love 4) By Adler James Stark
eBook (PDF): $32.05
PLOT Altea is a young cheerful girl, smiling, cheerful and with many dreams to realize for the head. Almost unexpectedly a tragedy will upset her and, in a succession of circumstances, will show... More > her a cruel, wicked, insensitive world that she thought could not exist for her ... He will have to adapt and fight if he wants to survive!< Less
Gioco di coppia 1/3 (Overture) By Adler James Stark
eBook (PDF): $30.23
Un invito ad una festa di un caro amico, fa sì marito e moglie possano confrontarsi su alcuni fondamentali aspetti della loro relazione.
Gioco di coppia 2/3 (Intermezzo) By Adler James Stark
eBook (PDF): $30.59
Un invito ad una festa di un caro amico, fa sì che marito e moglie possano confrontarsi su alcuni fondamentali aspetti della loro relazione.
Gioco di coppia 3/3 (Finale, con brio) By Adler James Stark
eBook (PDF): $30.23
Un invito ad una festa di un caro amico, fa sì che marito e moglie possano confrontarsi su alcuni fondamentali aspetti della loro relazione.
Il risveglio del Vampiro - Amore Vampiro Vol.3 By Adler James Stark
eBook (PDF): $20.63
Per quattro secoli é stato il più efferato assassino di vampiri. È stato il mostro spietato che per egoismo ha scelto di uccidere. Ora é tornato per compiere il suo ultimo... More > omicidio ... e non si fermerà di fronte a niente e a nessuno. Così, sfidando ogni logica, Felicia oltre a dover conquistare definitivamente il suo amore, dovrà accettare la sua essenza, rinascendo completamente nel suo nuovo essere, ed affrontando nel contempo un nuovo implacabile nemico. Ma non tutto andrà come previsto...< Less
Vittima perfetta By Adler James Stark
eBook (PDF): $20.35
Il dottor Paul Blanchard e l’agente Vern Strafford, sono decisi a fare qualsiasi cosa pur di assicurare il sequestratore alle autorità. Rebecca, l’unica vittima riuscita a scappare... More > dal suo aguzzino, potrebbe rivelare importanti informazioni sull’identità del misterioso assalitore. Purtroppo si é rifugiata in se stessa, preferendo non comunicare a nessuno dei dettagli importanti che potrebbero condurre alla cattura del rapitore seriale e solo Jacqueline potrebbe convincerla a raccontare tutto.< Less

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