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Ninja Hands of Death By Ashida Kim
eBook (PDF): $15.95
“Kata Dan’te, the Dance of the Deadly Hands, is without doubt, the most savage and terrifying self-defense form known to man. It is composed of twenty-seven of the deadliest poison hand... More > techniques ever devised, each one of which is guaranteed to kill, cripple or maim any attacker. Kata Dan’te is not for the squeamish nor the weak at heart. The effective execution time of this practice form is five seconds.” This is Kinji-Te, the Forbidden Fist of the Ninja. It is called that because there are those in the martial arts community who do not think these ancient secrets should be shared with the Gwai Lo, the “round eyes from the West.” Earlier attempts to publish this material were met with stiff opposition and resistance by legitimate publishing firms because the techniques were considered too brutal and horrifying, the descriptions of injuries inflicted too gruesome and shocking for the general public. Train yourself and be your own Master!< Less
Ninja Hidden Dagger By Ashida Kim
eBook (PDF): $19.95
This book originally appeared as part of "Ninja-Cloak and Dagger" first released in 1986. It has been completely rewritten and reproduced from original photographs so that no claim of... More > copyright infringement can be made by the former publisher who claims it went out of print in 1990. And, who have relinquished all rights on all books published by them to the Author, Ashida Kim. The Ninja Dagger, Secret Sword, or Hidden Blade is only one weapon in the legendary Ninja arsenal. The Cloak of Invisibility is another. Throughout the turbulent history of feudal Japan, no single breed of men spawned more sheer terror than the mysterious Ninja. They were invisible assassins, masterminds in the ways of espionage, ghost soldiers, warrior mystics against whom no defense was possible. Revealed here are the secret methods used to hide their sword from an opponent, make it appear and slash him, then have it vanish again to look innocent. Against such deceit and trickery, no amount of fighting skill is sufficient.< Less

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