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Murder of Crows By Heather Hamel
eBook (ePub): $2.99
Liam did not want to move – especially into an old, dilapidated farm house. But when Sarah, a fourteen year old ghost, asks him to help her solve her family’s murders, Liam is glad he... More > did. Especially if it means getting closer to the hottest girl in school. Solving a 150-year-old murder is harder than Liam thought, especially when all the evidence points to Sarah, who swears she didn’t do it. Will Liam solve the murder allowing Sarah to finally rest in peace or will he find out that he’s being haunted by a mentally unstable ax murderer?< Less
Acros Ruby Fields By Heather Hamel
eBook (ePub): $2.99
Meadow had no idea she was a changeling. Even though she hadn’t discovered her magical talents yet, was at least a foot taller than everyone she knew, and had nightmares where she saw yellowed... More > eyes and teeth almost every night, she just thought she was different. The meeting with the gypsy changed all that. Once she discovered the truth and the only way to leave the Fairy Realm before her upcoming sixteenth birthday was to be rescued by other humans, she found humans in need and bargained with them: she would help them if they would come safe her from being enslaved by Queen Tatiana. Will Meadow be able to help the humans? Will the humans keep their word and come safe her or will she become the queen’s next servant?< Less
Into Amethyst Mists By Heather Hamel
eBook (ePub): $2.99
The cryptozoological vortex is active again. Addeline, Fiona, and Ian return to visit Aunt Tabitha and Uncle Buster for the summer, along with Morgan and her cousin, Atticus. Then Tabitha disappears... More > - believed to be stolen by a rogue dragon. Uncle Buster must stay behind to guard the vortex entrance to prevent the rift between the worlds from growing. The must kids cross over into the fairy realm on their own to search for Tabitha, fighting their deepest fears along the way. Will they find Tabitha before it’s too late or will they be lost in the world of dragons, gypsies, and a misunderstood Minotaur?< Less
Kobi: Memoirs of a Mustang By Heather Hamel
eBook (ePub): $2.99
Most wild mustangs only want three things in life: food, water, and blend in with the herd. Kobi is not your average mustang. He is constantly in trouble for exploring canyons and running from... More > coyotes. His parents think he’s going to get himself killed long before he can start his own herd. He doesn’t listen or feel the need to prove anything to anyone. He is Kobi. When his entire herd is rounded up and sold off at auction Kobi finds himself thrown into a new world of humans and horse trailers. Figuring out his new life is one thing, proving that a wild caught mustang is as talented as a purebred horse is another. Will he overcome the prejudice in the show ring or will he prove that mustangs are nothing more than a rodeo spectacle?< Less
Sugar: My Journey Home By Heather Hamel
eBook (ePub): $1.99
Most horses would be content to be left out in the pasture to graze their days away with no work, no expectations, no responsibilities. Not Sugar. She’s a mare with a mission…she just... More > doesn’t know what it is yet. That is until she meets a woman who teaches her everything she needs to be the perfect horse for one little girl, completing Sugar’s journey home.< Less
Within Emerald Forests - Book 1 of the Cryptozoology Series By Heather Hamel
eBook (ePub): $2.99
When Ian’s parents dropped him and his two older sisters off for the summer with their eccentric aunt and uncle in Florida, he knew this was going to be his best summer ever. After all, how... More > many kids get to spend the summer miles from civilization and with an uncle who has a hook for a hand? Even after being told they were in some sort of a crypto-zoological vortex where hornless unicorns and goblins are considered normal, Ian wanders off into the woods after a fight with one of his sisters. Lost, sweaty, and shoeless Ian comes face-to-face with another legend: the Florida Skunk Ape. Will Ian find his way back or will the swamp become his new home?< Less
Destruction of Wild Cats By Heather Hamel
eBook (ePub): $2.99
Moving to St. Augustine, Ellie figured she had left all of the ghost hunting behind her. She was wrong. Things seem normal until Halloween night when she and her best friend, Liam, are stalked by... More > actual ghosts who were caught and murdered by Seminole Indians every night, forced to relive their actual death in 1840. Only successfully making it to their original destination will break the ghastly cycle. Transporting ghosts to their final resting place is not going to be easy, but thankfully in a town with a rich history like St. Augustine, the entire town can find a way to pitch into help, even if they don’t realize it.< Less
Beneath Diamond Waters By Heather Hamel
eBook (ePub): $2.99
Fiona isn’t crazy about spending summer vacation with an eccentric aunt and uncle she’s barely met, but at least her brother and sister are stuck in Florida with her. During a spider hunt... More > on her first night there, she’s told they are in a cryptozoological vortex complete with sprites, Bigfoot, and a hornless unicorn. Life becomes stranger when her younger brother, Ian, disappears and is believed to have been kidnapped by a swamp creature. Before she has a chance to help look for him, Fiona is stolen by a kelpie and taken underwater to the world of the mermaids. Kept as a playmate for the king’s youngest daughter, she transforms into a mermaid herself, just before she’s told she will be sacrificed to the giant sea creature, Lusca. Will Fiona survive the transformation, or more importantly, if she does can she battle Lusca and win?< Less
Under Sapphire Skies By Heather Hamel
eBook (ePub): $2.99
Addeline is horrified to hear her parents are going on a six week vacation to Peru without her. She and her two siblings will be left with an aunt and uncle they’ve never met in the wilds of... More > Florida. She quickly realizes her aunt and uncle are just as crazy as her parents have always said – they think they live in a crypto-zoological vortex with sprites, a hornless unicorn, and goblins who are trying to get the gold under their house. She doesn’t believe it until her younger brother, Ian, goes missing in the swamp, and she watches her sister, Fiona, get kidnapped and dragged underwater by a kelpie. Determined to reunite her family, but unsure of where to begin, she is approached by a talking Pixie Frog and Fairy Wren who offer their help. Before they can be of any use, the goblins attack, threatening to change all Addeline’s freshly made plans. Can Addeline defeat the goblins and rescue her siblings or will she become the vortex’s next victim?< Less

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