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The Bladetongue By H.G. Potter
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Epic fragments from the early days of Whitehawk: "We are a band of unemployed war-veterans, fallen out of favor with the king and exiled. Tonight we had gathered for last draughts of ale in the... More > Golden Mermaid, but then the withered old gelf, his mind a ceaseless maze, found us something. So we all agreed to it. The promise of heaping treasure was too sweet. We spoke our death-oaths around the oak table loaded with blazing quox candles and gleaming weapons. Tomorrow we strike upon the sea to seize the easy loot of an old wizard in his tower. Aye, that may be all well and good, but when it comes to such an enterprise don't expect that things will go as planned. We must go armed to the teeth with famous bronze and life-rending steel, and enter into places that its better never to go...and not only that, but even if we make it up into that tower, what if the centuries-old Archmage wakes up?"< Less
Never Leave Your Monastery By H.G. Potter
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LETTER FOUND IN LIBRARY: "Valraphs" we are called, but we are men: The blood of a forgotten race courses through our veins. We are mountaineers, oathbound and clad in chainmail. Our... More > mission? Traverse the dangerous outlands and scale sheer walls: the impregnable Arc du Baffay. The master there is ancient and magical, a Balecrown. The creature has been disguising himself as "Professor Naza" a diplomatic and humble philosopher, his clever writings celebrated and cherished in every kingdom of Whitehawk. With the help of God we will expose his deceit. To do the job we have recruited a wizard. But the prophecy warns that only a Christian monk can finish it. So we got ourselves one of those as well, a lad whose wanderlust got the better of him. He tip-toed away from his monastery intent on fame and fortune: Jacob Magister. He will get fame, oh yes, not with a quarterstaff, rather his monkish mind. The problem is he doesnt want to go. But if you come, he might well. So...will you throw in with us?"< Less
The Fall of Nystol and other Tales By H.G. Potter
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Six epic stories from the lands of Whitehawk: THE NOMADS OF SARDU: a monk dares travel across forbidden lands to obtain a forbidden book...2) THE DEMON PROOF: a retired philosopher receives an... More > unexpected guest who is being hunted by the mind of darkness...3) DIALOGUE WITH A STRANGER: two would-be-hell-raiders get themselves involved in a secret society that is far deeper than they can fathom...4) THE TOWER WYRDD: a company of soldiers is led by a mad dwarf into the underworld with the promise of sacking Nystol, the wizardic academy of many towers...5) THE LAST DAYS OF THE MAGI: a condemned prisoner recounts how the most powerful academy of magic was compromised and finally betrayed by insane ideologies. 6) THE FALL OF NYSTOL: an eyewitness account of the barbarian sack of Nystol...< Less

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B Inspired B Inspired By Brandon Warren
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19-20: MS V3.0 19-20: MS V3.0 By Liza Cowan
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Mariposa Mariposa By Joseph Huerta
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