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The Magic Tree By Dr. Cristina Guarneri
Paperback: $12.00
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The Magic Tree is a story about a Velveteen Bunny named Bernadette. Bernadette finds a beautiful maple tree while walking through the forest. It is when the seasons change from fall to Winter that... More > Bernadette fears losing her beautiful maple tree. Bernadette looks for every way to save her maple tree from the cold winter. It is through her experiences that Bernadette learns the special gift of her Magic Tree. Everything is possible, as long as there is hot chocolate and lots of marshmallows. This book was written for every child, big or small, young or old. Remember, what matters most in life is what’s in our hearts.< Less
El Shaddai By Dr. Cristina Guarneri
Hardcover: List Price: $27.00 $16.20 | You Save: 40%
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At just nine years two young brothers would watch as their lives would change forever. They would never forget what they say that day. In just a short time, everything that they knew would soon... More > disappear, but in its place some greater would be found. They would soon come to understand that living relied on faith and hope, as they began to understand that living meant escaping in order to in order to stay alive. It would mean more than a long train ride for a new beginning. It would mean much more than that to reach their final destination to a life far away from it all.< Less
Purple Ribbons By Dr. Cristina Guarneri
Paperback: List Price: $20.50 $10.25 | You Save: 50%
Prints in 3-5 business days
Bernadette Bunny has a GREAT Dad! It is through him that Bennie understands the real journey of sharing and helping others when her father has to leave for his job working in the military. Bennie... More > learns how important his work is and how it is okay to give of yourself and to others. ...< Less
House of Deception By Dr. Cristina Guarneri
eBook (ePub): $2.00
It was half-past nine o’clock and the time seemed to slip away from Jackson Zane, Governor of Lenox. Being the highest-ranking person in the state wasn’t easy. There would always be a... More > price to pay for his work as governor. There would always be someone who would want a payback, people like Wyatt Derwin, his chief of staff, and the people. There was a lot at stake for Jackson, as a sudden knock on the door would lead him into another world, as he was interrupted by the feeling of an unfamiliar shadow standing over him. Maybe an angel, or perhaps an enemy, but there was no one there. Could it have been his imagination haunting him? Jackson looked slowly and carefully around the room, filled with pages of tattered books. It was all unfamiliar to Jackson, as the mysteries of Room 232 and his life seemed to now hold his fate in the most prominent court trial otherwise known as the house of deception.< Less
Twitterocracy By Dr. Cristina Guarneri
Hardcover: List Price: $25.00 $17.50 | You Save: 30%
Prints in 3-5 business days
In 1860, Abraham Lincoln won the presidency ended up with a cabinet filled with people he had run against. Lincoln looked for ways to engage with the people. Lincoln's way of leadership provides... More > insight as to what made him be the president he became, and also what brought his administration to come to respect him over time. There are twenty different leadership lessons for government, according to the practices of Abraham Lincoln. These practices are what lead him to becoming known as a people's president. Twitterocracy, the balance between democracy and social media, shows a new way of leadership. Being a modern-day Lincoln isn't an easy sell for many who hold government positions. However, it has been the use of social media that has brought about a new level of change in how politicians govern, along with how they increase communication and trust. Regaining such trust among political leadership will take much time for political leadership to make a difference in the lives of the people.< Less
Solemn Vow By Dr. Cristina Guarneri
Hardcover: List Price: $29.60 $17.76 | You Save: 40%
Prints in 3-5 business days
Often times it is so difficult that it becomes a ‘do or die’ game. Running for office and staying there becomes personal. So much so, that it isn’t uncommon to be courted by higher... More > ranking members of political parties. This is how fair warning for repercussions occurs. This is what often times happens behind the scenes of the political machine. It is the give and take methodology to holding public office. However, the message may seem simple, a politician either does what they are told, or risks losing it all. For many in politics, it becomes difficult to maintain a “no strings attached” philosophy to governing when being a member of the political machine. Breaking away is risky. Although it is the political reformer who is able to break the ties that binds politicians. These are the politicians, the modern day Abraham Lincolns that are able to hold to an oath. For the very few in public office that follow this way of thinking, this is what is known as the solemn vow.< Less
Veil of Secrecy By Dr. Cristina Guarneri
Hardcover: List Price: $24.00 $18.00 | You Save: 25%
Prints in 3-5 business days
The stories of the media were seen in the headlines of every major and small town newspaper throughout the United States. Riots and protests filled the city streets, as a mass destruction of hate... More > filled the air. It was hard for the people to ignore the separation of a nation that once united them as an American people. With such an increase in separation, it is the basic principles created by our Founding Fathers of democracy and freedom that are needed. It is through democracy and freedom that are fundamentally needed in order for a nation to live without being hidden under an unveiled secrecy whereby the secrecy is developed by government and often unseen since it is created without the knowledge of the people. As time moves on, this is what may become known as the new American Dream, the veil of secrecy.< Less
House of Lies By Dr. Cristina Guarneri
Hardcover: List Price: $26.00 $15.60 | You Save: 40%
Prints in 3-5 business days
Political lies have not only an ethical nature, but it also damages the democratic health of both the people and the politician that represents them. In order for politics to be able to represent the... More > people, it must have the ability to instill confidence in the people. We see that just the opposite is occurring. We call such inner workings a formula to the political salesman or the House of Lies. It is honesty, loyalty, integrity, maintaining excellent behavior, austerity, and the ability to provide service as the basic virtues needed when running for public office. For without it, politics and their representatives can no longer exercise equality, tolerance, and a willingness to have dialogue and to stand out greatly among a people.< Less
Twitterocracy - Democracy through Social Media By Dr. Cristina Guarneri
Hardcover: List Price: $25.28 $17.70 | You Save: 30%
Prints in 3-5 business days
Looking back on history, for many who had lived in the 1700s, the signing of the Declaration of Independence was an important event in American history. It is symbolic through a commitment toward... More > life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, along with how that pursuit to happiness includes our ability to be a part of the social media era as it exists today. This is especially true when looking at privacy, speech rights, and the use of social media. The way that our forefathers communicated wasn’t so different than what we see today. Instead, it’s the delivery that has changed. This includes the use of social media is changing the way we communicate, but more importantly, the way public officials are communicating and sending a message to the people they serve, as more than twenty different social media and leadership lessons for government can be found through the work of Abraham Lincoln.< Less
White Paper By Dr. Cristina Guarneri
Hardcover: List Price: $27.92 $19.54 | You Save: 30%
Prints in 3-5 business days
In 2017, a new race would emerge for both Democrats and Republicans alike. With a governor that has already exhausted his terms, it will be crucial to find a candidate with fresh ideas and the... More > ability to improve the welfare of the people, it takes political reform. With the projection of some longtime politicians to run for public office over the next few years, it becomes even more imminent to find political reformers. There are many key Democrats and Republican candidates running who are looking to win. However. one fact remains, many have tried a run for public office and yet have failed to preserve democracy, the never-ending Civil War of corruption known as White Paper.< Less

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