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How to build a vertical garden for less than $10.00 By John M. Wansor
Paperback: $9.95
Prints in 3-5 business days
This vertical garden design is more space efficient than a horizontal garden. It does not restrict the grower to one soil type which allows for a greater variety of plants to be grown. Using planters... More > or containers of various sizes the grower saves on the cost of soil and water. The containers can be removed from the center trunk at any time during the growing cycle with out upsetting the plant. By using an A.B.C. rotation system the grower can harvest not every 90 days but every 30 days. The trunk can be fixed in one location or movable allowing the whole unit to be relocated for various reasons. It can be used indoors as well as out doors. The grower does not have to bend and stoop to work the garden in fact it can be done sitting in a chair while watching the television. It is good for people in wheel chairs as well.< Less
The Hollywood Drought Garden By John M. Wansor
Paperback: $15.97
Prints in 3-5 business days
The basic design is the same as the vertical garden which uses the new technology in automobile tire design. This design is structurally stronger than the normal steel belted radio tire. What makes... More > the Hollywood garden different is the glamor that the Hollywood stars bring to everything. Once the garden is built it can be painted or covered with just about any material imaginable. When the layout of hanging containers is finished just about anything that a person can hang on a wall can be hung from the truck of the garden. When the mover’s dolly or other type of wheels is added the entire garden can be moved indoors or outdoors easily. But it has to not only look good it has to look fantastic it has to look Hollywood and that is what this book is about, looking fantastic.< Less
The russian drought garden By John M. Wansor
eBook (PDF): $3.99
Это поднял сад сделаны из нового... More > стиля гоночных шин, которые вышли на рынок около десяти лет назад. Это новый проект, который может позволить людям расти небольшие сады с минимальным количеством почвы и воды. Он может быть использован как в помещении, так что позволяет людям в городских районах расти некоторые из их собственной еды.Использование изношенных шин составляет строительный материал бесплатно, который помогает бедным людям, но, как книга была написана для голливудских художников сад может быть очень красиво. This is a raised garden made out of the new style racing tires that have entered the market about ten years ago. It is a new design that can allow people to grow small gardens with a minimum amount of soil and water. It can be used indoors as well which allows people in urban areas to grow some of their own food. The use of used tires makes the building material free which helps poor people, yet as the book was written for Hollywood artists the garden can be very beautiful.< Less
The Russian Drought Garden By John M. Wansor
Paperback: $10.00
Prints in 3-5 business days
This is the English to ?Russian translation of the drought garden which is a raised garden using the new style racing tires as a trunk. The tires have only been on the market for ten years therefore... More > it is new to the world. This design can be used by many who do not have enough land for a garden. It can be used in a similar way as the 4 foot square raised garden while taking up less space, it can also me moved from one location to another even while the garden is growing. Это английский, чтобы? Русский перевод от засухи сад, который поднял сад с использованием новых стиль гоночные шины в багажнике. Шины были только на рынке в течение десяти лет, поэтому она является новой для мира. Эта конструкция может быть использован многими, кто не имеет достаточно земли для сада. Он может быть использован таким же образом, как квадрат 4 фута поднял сад, принимая меньше места, он также может я переехал из одного места в другое, даже в то время как сад растет.< Less

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