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Incarnate Journey By S.A. Thorup
eBook (PDF): $0.99
Sabra the incarnate led a life of peace in the newly opened Libera, raised her son into a righteous king and her daughter a loyal ambassador. She loved her husband Henry, even in his sickness. Life... More > was well and predictable. However, even this hero of Libera has her own demons to face. Henry's sickness reaches its peak, torturing his body to utter exhaustion and weakness, and Sabra must face his inevitable death. Unable to mentally face his leaving, Sabra begins to drown in a self-imposed madness. Family and friends cannot turn her from for one lupogryph, a Hakaan wizard named Ķiaser. When Sabra makes a choice to leave Zanoll, she, Kiaser, and other companions embark on a journey unlike any she has experienced. She deals with enemies hungry for her magic while battling the storm within her. Will Sabra turn back to the gods that gave her life and destiny, or will she break under the pressures within and be destroyed in more ways than one?< Less
Incarnate Dream By S.A. Thorup
eBook (PDF): $2.99
Sabra the Incarnate, servant of the goddess Luna, has formed a guild called the Hidden Moon, and as leader of the Hidden Moon, Sabra's duties are many. She receives a new calling when a fairy named... More > Deborah arrives at the temple and requests Sabra's training as a witch. Sabra takes Deborah under her wing, even though she's not sure she's ready to train a fairy apprentice. As Sabra and Deborah train, two Molouk soldiers suddenly appear on the night of Summer Solstice, one of them dying. The dying soldier gives Sabra a copper amulet. This amulet will take Sabra, Deborah, and other companions on a journey into the east and into a burning and tortured realm Sabra thought only existed in her dreams. When Sabra and her friends find themselves far from home, they are confronted with a being that wants the amulet to activate an ancient fairy machine. He is ruthless and nigh unstoppable, and is willing to destroy entire peoples to gain what he believes to be rightfully his: the entire rule of Adajerre.< Less
Lithia By S.A. Thorup
eBook (PDF): $2.99
Young Lithia McCail is the daughter of immigrant parents and leads a pleasant, simple life in the farming community of Northvale. She has few worries, and is only interested in being with her friends... More > and getting through the next school year. Everything changes when Miss Heronsword arrives in town. After Miss Heronsword chooses one of Lithia's friends to attend a prestigious school in the capitol, Lithia must make a choice whether or not to follow suit. Her choice ends up propelling her into a scandal involving a school's ambassadorial program, a vengeful business owner, and a blackmailed family whose only hope for freedom may lay with Lithia McCail. Lithia learns that if she tries to help this family, she will be putting her neck on the line not only for them, but for her country as well.< Less
Incarnate Memory By S.A. Thorup
eBook (PDF): $4.99
After spending five years in Adajerre on the gods' errand, Sabra turns her attention to the northern province of Urak, where she knows someone that might shed light on then slave trade in the White... More > Seas. After she is reunited with her friend Tarcua, she learns that youth from the Lunar Temple have been abducted, sharpening her determination to learn the truth. With the help of a former enemy, Sabra, Tarcua, and Deborah set out to find a fortress inhabited by a people who can give Sabra the answers she seeks. However, their knowledge will come at a brutal price that will test the limits of Sabra's strength and patience. And if that were not enough, Sabra's scars left by the Golden One have awoken into a terrible curse that induces her memories to become painful reality.< Less
Gift Search By S.A. Thorup
eBook (PDF): $3.99
After the defeat of the Black Dart Leader, most of the Black Darts have been captured, and the Draconites of Ramirra are able to prepare for a new Gift Search to replace Tasaru Enkar, who prepares to... More > rule Ramirra as queen, and the recently passed Valena Maurn. Gage Mon is an acolyte of the Ramirran Temple, and he believes his destiny is to become Curator of the Temple vault. His content life is turned upside-down when Aero Enkar, head of the Draconite clan, invites Gage to come with the Draconites to observe the Gift Search. After a Black Dart breaks into the vault and steals an evil relic, Gage decides he must join the Draconites on Gift Search to make up for it. They witness a new rising of the Black Darts in Zanoll and their continuing war that could end the Southern Isles as everyone knows it. The gods guide the Draconites, helping them find candidates that can take up the holy Gifts and strike a terrible blow to their enemies.< Less
Sunstone By S.A. Thorup
eBook (PDF): $3.99
A rumor travels upon the winds of the Southern Isles: a divine stone has appeared in Zanoll. The prospect of its power draws the attention of a demi-goddess, a pious clan of warriors, and a... More > malignant gang. Luna, benevolent demi-goddess, has long watched over the inhabitants of Libera. In a time past she lost the Sunstone under mysterious circumstances; now with the Sunstone's appearance in Zanoll, she turns her attention to prophecies of her incarnate and calls upon princess Sabra to rise up to her divine role in Libera and help Luna retrieve the Sunstone. The Draconite warriors are protectors of Ramirrra, and followers of the god Zarem and the demi-goddess Luna. When they learn of a stone of power's appearance, they go westward to bring it back to Ramirra for safe-keeping. Among them is the Draconite Tasaru Enkar, who discovers that the Black Darts, a gang with a bloody history, are out to get the stone. Her journey leads her to a priest with divine ties to the stone and a secret to her past.< Less

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