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The Tale of Fenny Fox: The Mental Ninja Emerges By Edward P. Buchanan, MD & Matthew A. Buchanan
eBook (ePub): $8.99
Fenny Fox is different than the other foxes he goes to school with. Like many of us, he feels anxious and self-conscious because of these differences. Hector, the black cat, helps Fenny realize that... More > it is his differences that make him who he is, a special and unique fox. Whether it’s our physical appearance, our personality, or our background, we are all different. But, it is the differences between us that help us understand who we are and eventually that we are all connected to one another. Join Fenny and Hector as they better understand how their differences make them special. The Third Book in the Mental Ninja Series< Less
Pit Bully: The Mental Ninja Awakens By Edward P. Buchanan, MD & Matthew A. Buchanan
eBook (PDF): $8.99
Getting bullied or teased is an unpleasant and anxiety provoking encounter experienced by children and adults alike. Whereas there is no way to truly prevent bullying throughout life, being in... More > control of one’s reaction to being bullied is the best way to minimize the effect it has and prevent further episodes from happening. Parents can play a critical role in preparing and empowering their children to cope with bullying or teasing. In our story Hector, the black cat, is able to help Pit Bull Paulie and his friends by controlling his emotions and using compassion to solve their problem. Hector has utilized a very powerful tool on his journey to becoming a “Mental Ninja!”< Less

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