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On the Freedom of a Christian By Martin Luther
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Perhaps no work of Martin Luther so captures the revolutionary zeal and theological boldness of his vision. By studying the “On the Freedom of a Christian” you have arrived at the very... More > origin of the Reformation. Although the concept of "justification by faith alone" is well-founded in Scripture, it met with the utter rejection and resistance of the Renaissance Catholic Church. This should have come as no surprise, since Renaissance Catholicism had turned selling salvation to believers in exchange for money and services into an extremely profitable business. “On the Freedom of a Christian” is the second of the three landmark essays that made the case for Reformation in 1520. Reaching across half a millennium Luther teaches us in his own words why salvation is freely available to all believers, in exchange only for their faithful belief in God. Find out for yourself why the Renaissance Catholic Church found it impossible to defend their exploitative practices against Luther’s argument.< Less
On Worldly Authority - To What Extent It Should Be Obeyed By Martin Luther & Michael Grzonka
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The spiritual awakening of the German Reformation raised the bar for what Protestants expected from their rulers. With another Presidential election campaign on the way, today’s believers also... More > want to know: What is a politician’s “job description”? What is a ruler or politician to do if he were himself a Christian, and willing to rule his land in a god-pleasing way? Luther elaborated on the subject of proper rule in a series of sermons preached in Wittenberg in October 1522. He later condensed these sermons into the treatise presented in this study guide. Grounding his logic in scripture alone, Luther wrote to be easily understood by the common man. Luther’s fresh and engaging writing style has lost nothing of its clarity and vigor, and it is still just as easily understood by today's readers. This Study Guide makes it easy to study Luther’s tract in a group setting. It features nine Lessons with Review and Study Questions, and a section with Leader’s Notes. Order your review copy today!< Less
On The Good Works By Martin Luther & Michael Grzonka
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Lutherans teach that salvation is a free, unearned gift from God, bestowed on humans if only they believe in Him. This was earth-shattering, radical news at a time, and for many it still is today!... More > The Catholic establishment abhorred Luther's teaching of salvation without any “good works”. If people do not work to earn salvation, so they assured, this would promote idleness and cause all kinds of societal ills. Criticism grew quickly. In 1520 Luther responds: Good works are still done by believers. But these Good Works follow salvation and do not cause it. Good Works, Luther assured, are happily done by the already-rescued soul in gratitude – not to earn its salvation. The entire concept of “vocation”, of one’s profession, of one’s “job” as a calling from God, originates here. Writing to be easily understood by the common man, Luther's fresh and engaging style has lost nothing of its clarity and vigor: we “moderns” readily understand it. And his message is as relevant as ever.< Less

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