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C++ Programming Professional Made Easy! By Sam Key
Hardcover: $34.30
Prints in 3-5 business days
C++ Programming Professional Made Easy: Expert C++ Programming Language Success in a Day for Any Computer User! Want to take your programming to the next level! Sam Key right back at providing his... More > expert book from his great foundation food of c programming Did you love his first technical book? Well now you can take it up one notch! Know the basics and you want to get right into Variables and Operators? Discouraged to learn all the User Inputs Lets master Flow Controls! Grab your copy today and let's dive right in! PURCHASE NOW YOUR COPY!< Less
Fortran Programming success in a day By Sam Key
Hardcover: $32.74
Prints in 3-5 business days
FORTRAN Programming success in a day:Beginners guide to fast, easy and efficient learning of FORTRAN programming What is Fortran? How can you become proficient in Fortran Programming? The perfect... More > starter book for anyone trying to learn this specific type of programming! Want to learn quick data types? Need examples on data types How about variables? Or needing to know how to manipulate variables with Fortran Programming? Every type of Intrinsic Functions in Fortran right here! Finally lets dive into Conditional statements and put in terms you or anyone with no background in programming can understand!< Less
Excel Shortcuts By Sam Key
Hardcover: $32.27
Prints in 3-5 business days
Excel Shortcuts: The 100 Top Best Powerful Excel Keyboard Shortcuts in 1 Day! Do you know the power of Microsoft's Excel? Are you able to use Excel to its fullest potential? Do you want to learn... More > Excel fast, quick and easy? Want to skip all the formal training? Can't afford a college class or university class on Excel? Don't have the time? Just want to get started? Want all the formula's? Shortcuts that make using Excel easy? All you have to do is click BUY and your ready to start learning and using excel right away!< Less
Python Programming Professional Made Easy By Sam Key
Hardcover: $31.88
Prints in 3-5 business days
Python Programming Professional Made Easy 2nd Edition! Sam Key back at it again with his upgraded version of Python Going from beginner to professional? Want to skip the learning curve? Need the... More > jargon removed so you can understand in your terms? From various programming languages to statements and Basic Operators Everything you need to know with functions and flow controls! Don't waste anytime and jump on board of Python! Start your programming right now!< Less
Microsoft Excel By Sam Key
Hardcover: $33.45
Prints in 3-5 business days
Microsoft Excel By: The simplest and quickest guide to operating Excel's complex system! Need to learn Excel quick and easy? Want to know the power of Excel spreadsheets? Tips and secrets revealed... More > of the Microsoft giants program! Shortcuts, quick entries and anything else to make Excel an easy application Want to skip an entire semester or program learning excel? Everything from navigation, performing commands to formatting! Want a better understanding of excels power and functionality of formulas?How about charts or complex spreadsheets? One CLICK and that all gets answered so PURCHASE NOW!< Less
Android Programming in a Day! By Sam Key
Hardcover: $33.59
Prints in 3-5 business days
Android Always had a great idea for an app? Don't think you could ever do one yourself and the cost is too much to put your idea to market! Intimidated with all the technical jargon that comes... More > with programming that is keeping you from developing an app? You do not need to stay out of android programming anymore! This book is for anyone who wants and needs to learn to develop and Android App Develop an app right from the start! Easy, fast and no technical jargon! Book is written for dummies! Walk you through from start to finish covering the following< Less
C Programming Success in a Day! By Sam Key
Hardcover: $34.70
Prints in 3-5 business days
Are you aware that C Programming is one of the most popular and most commonly used programming languages today? Did you know many expert developers have started with learning C in order to become... More > knowledgeable in computer programming? Were you aware that grade schools and high schools have begun implementing C Programming in their curriculum's? Are you wanting a simple way to understand a step by step action to learning C Programming? While skipping all the technical jargon so many learners fear in programming? If you are having doubts learning the language, do not! C is actually easy to learn. Compared to C++, C is much simpler! You do not need to spend years to become a master of this language.< Less
Prolog Programming Success In A Day By Sam Key
Hardcover: $32.19
Prints in 3-5 business days
Prolog Programming at its best! Discover A Book That Tells You What You Should Do and How! Instead of jumping right into the instructions, this book will provide you first with all the necessary... More > concepts that you need to learn in order to make the learning process a whole lot easier. This way, you’re sure not to get lost in confusion once you get to the more complex lessons provided in the latter chapters. Graphs and flowcharts, as well as sample codes, are provided for a more visual approach on your learning You will also learn the designs and forms of Parallel, and what’s more convenient than getting to know both sides! Want to know More? Buy Now!< Less
Python Programming In A Day By Sam Key
Hardcover: $33.68
Prints in 3-5 business days
Python Programming In A Day 2nd Edition: Beginners Power Guide To Learning Python Programming From Scratch What exactly is python programming and is it really that complex? How is Python made so... More > easy so the jargon is gone and you can have success programming within a day? Want to know all about interactive mode with mathematical operations? Variables? Strings? Mr. Key is going above and beyond with data types, programming modes and conditional statements Always wanted a step by step guide to begin a program building from start to finish? Look no further! Its time for you to take advantage of this easy programming guide so you can have immediate success in Python Programming! But Now!< Less
Rails Programming Professional Made Easy By Sam Key
Hardcover: $32.97
Prints in 3-5 business days
Rails Programming Professional Made Easy: Expert Rails Programming Success In A Day For Any Computer User! Want to become an expert in rails programming but find all the technical jargon... More > challenging? Need a reference guide that walks you through step by step and skips all the challenging technical intimidating data In a hurry and need to learn fast? Want to know where to start to begin creating your first project? Step by step details on creating all steps of articles, data and forms! Take the correct step and hit click download now to begin your success in learning Rails in a single day! Purchase now!< Less

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